Zidane opens up on how he succeeded at Madrid

The success Zinedine Zidane enjoyed while he was Real Madrid coach is huge that we might not see any success as close to that in recent time

Zidane won an extraordinary treble of UEFA Champions League titles consecutively, in addition to winning the La Liga in the 2016/17 campaign, Madrid’s second league title since 2008.

He is no doubt, one of the big things Santiago Bernabeu has ever known, making him one of the most successful coaches in the club’s history, a feat he achieved in just three years with the Los Blancos.

Speaking on his achievement at Madrid, the Frenchman told UEFA’s official website, that he was always winning matches, no matter how difficult the games were.

“I have always prepared for all matches with the same level of application,” Zidane said.

He noted that he recognized Madrid as a top club and to keep the status, much was needed to be done and that was his philosophy.

He added: “When you’re working with talented and experienced players, the most important thing is to keep them calm.

“That’s what I needed when I was a player, so that’s the approach that I try to adopt.”

Zidane is one of the players that have succeeded both as a Madrid player and manager.

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