Zayn Malik reveals he is no longer practicing Islam

Zayn Malik has in a new interview confirmed that he has stopped identifying as Muslim because he no longer ‘believes any of it.’

His declaration has caused a firestorm and earned him attacks from Muslims.

Zayn Malik reveals he is no longer practicing Islam lailasnews

The former One Direction band member granted an interview to British Vogue where he said he never talked about his religious beliefs but added, “I’m not professed to be a Muslim”. He was then asked if he would call himself a Muslim now and he says thoughtfully, “No, I wouldn’t”.

The Pillowtalk hitmaker said although he had a ‘spiritual belief’ of a god, that he did not endorse Islam religious practices such as daily prayer and eating halal meat. He said:

‘I don’t believe you need to eat a certain meat that’s been prayed over a certain way, I don’t believe you need to read a prayer in a certain language five times a day.

‘I don’t believe any of it. I just believe if you’re a good person everything is going to go right for you.’

Zayn says he appreciates the fact that he went to Mosque and learned about Islam and that there are beautiful parts of the faith but he chooses not to identify with it any more.

Zayn Malik reveals he is no longer practicing Islam lailasnews 1

The news was met with shock in his home city, Bradford, not because he no longer identifies as a Muslim but because he had the courage to admit it. Some are saying that it’s hardly a surprise given Zayn’s penchant for smoking, drinking and showing off tattoos but others have reacted with frightening fury.

Zayn Malik reveals he is no longer practicing Islam lailasnews 2

A lot of followers are calling for him to be unfollowed. And some have done and threatened even worse, to the extent of being vile and abusive.

There are people saying he needs more prayers and guidance at this turbulent time, that he’s obviously lost.


  1. Why are they threatening him. He owns the seat of decision in his life. He can decide anything that pertains to him including the religion to follow. Please, allow the guy to breathe for finding light.

  2. Why the threaten and the abusive words, at least he has chosen whats best for him, he decided not to involve himself in Islamic religion anymore and you ought to leave him on his own

  3. Why is him been attacked by Muslims, religion is a matter of choice so if he decides that he no longer wants to be Muslim I think his decision should be respected for that and not been accused or attack

  4. Zayn, you came to this world alone and you are going back to your creator alone so be yourself and follow ur conscious. Religion is only an identity given to us by ethnic or the family we are all given birth too but it’s our choice to follow our hearts and follow the path that convince us best

  5. chai, i dont know who this guy is but he will sure receive more bashing from more muslims all over the world. you know this people we are dealing will always make you believe they’re peaceful but once you do anything that faults their religion, they dont mind wasting you and claim they do it for the sake of God. and yes, thats how bad it is. everyone should have the right to choose whatever they feel like believing in. i bet he will be getting death threats and also his family too will be getting threats as well. thats how far they are willing to go

  6. He’s wrong for this, normally he can practice any religion of his choice but to abusive one religion it’s very bad

  7. He is very bold to renounce being a Moslem openly oh. I fear for his life though. Moslems unlike Christians are very tough on their faith.

  8. We have the right of religion so if he has chosen not to be a Muslim anymore it is his choice and no one has the right to threaten him for that.

  9. It’s his life and his choice, I believe he knows what he wants and he has every right to take his own personal decisions. Those Muslims criticizing him are wrong.

  10. Hmmmm… If you want to change religion, change it quietly. Not by insulting or abusing the religion. It’s unethical.

  11. Personally I don’t see any insults here. I just see his points as to why he is no longer interested. No need for threats.

  12. He has made his choice, I don’t think people should say bad things because of the decision he has made….. I believe what people believe works for them, whether Christianity or Muslim, everyone has the right to choose their own way of worship, just do what is right. I don’t think eating a particular meat that is being prayed for makes any sense. My brother, it’s your decision, if that’s what gives you inner peace, do it

  13. Why are they threatening him? Why are they abusing him? For me he said the right thing. If you believe in God it will make you live a godly life. Everything will be right for you simple.

  14. he has the freedom to religion nobody that from his right so he can choose whether to become a Muslim or Christian

  15. Reason best known to you but what’s with the threat he has the final say to things I don’t see why this should possess threat

  16. Why are they threatening him, every body his right to belong to any religion , he has made his choice that someone just Have to be good

  17. For me bro you made a right choice and you’ll make the best choice if you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour.

  18. It’s very for an individual to decide on its own when he/she reach some stage, they should leave him alone o, he hasthe right to decide

  19. I said it before that the worst bondage on this earth is religion, how could you threatening a man up to the age to make choice of his life?

  20. It’s his choice, nobody have the right to call him out for it. He’s man enough to make decisions for himself

  21. Reading his speech I believe the guy know exactly what he wants In life and what gives him joy. He is not just comfortable with certain things they do. And am happy for his boldness to admit he is off the religion. Handsome man you are bro

  22. It is in man’s nature to seek for a higher being. He will still need to find God some how. But most importantly he needs protection cuz the Muslim folks don’t take kindly to this kind of attitude.

  23. its in the nature of man to seek for a higher being. He will still need to find God some how. But most importantly he needs protection, cuz Muslim folk don’t take kindly to this kind of attitude.

  24. Human being have choice to chose from good and bad, so this choice should help him identified which religion take him to heaven.

  25. Muslims leave Zayn Malik alone it’s not by force to continue to be a Muslim. There’s freedom of religion

  26. Why are they threatening him? Everyone has a choice of religion in his life. No one is born to inherit a particular religion from his parents. Let the guy be please.

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