Zambia radio station to stop playing music from South Africa

Zambia radio station has reportedly announced it will no longer play South Africa songs henceforth.

With the increasing tension following the Xenophobic attacks by citizens of South Africa against citizens of other African countries and their businesses, HOT FM Zambia will no longer play music from South Africa.

Zambia radio station to stop playing music from South Africa

Zambian-born singer, B’Flow disclosed that Hot FM Zambia will no longer play South African music, he also stated  via his social media page that South Africans are teaching other African countries to be hostile. He also fears that the violence which South Africans instigated might spread to other African countries.

He wrote;

Hot FM Zambia will not play music from South Africa until further notice. I hope every African radio station can take a leaf and emulate Hot FM Zambia’s commendable move. #StopXenophobia

When will South AFRICANS learn the meaning of AFRICANS? The inhumane treatment and continued attacks on Africans by Africans must come to an end. Who has bewitched you that you should harbor so much resentment towards your own kind? Quit feeling like you are more special than …other Africans. You are welcomed in other African nations where you live, set up businesses and work peacefully without being harassed by anyone yet you want to ill-treat fellow Africans who are working hard in your country. As indigenous people, if you choose not to do certain jobs because they are too ‘low’ for your standards, why do you hate those who accept to do them? We cannot continue like this. How would you feel if other Africans closed down all your businesses in their countries and asked your people to leave? We are one. Don’t allow the western-influenced borders to deceive you to think that we are not one. The more you attack others, the more you sow a seed of hatred and hostility on the continent. Do not provoke us to lose the love and respect we’ve had for you. Africa is a community of people who live and work together. We are all about unity and coexistence. So think twice before you hate or attack your brother. We appeal to the South African government to intervene and bring to an end the brutality that its people continue to exhibit. One Africa forever! #peace

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