Zainab Aliyu released: Are some Nigerians more important than others? CAN

Zainab Aliyu released: The Christian Association of Nigeria, Northern State chapter, has reacted to the release of Zainab Aliyu, the Nigerian lady who was wrongly detained in Saudi Arabia for trafficking Tramadol.

In a statement released by its public relations officer, Rev. Joseph Hayab, the Christian body while celebrating Zainab’s release, expressed concerns over the continued detention of Leah Sharibu.

Zainab Aliyu released Are some Nigerians more important than others CAN lailasnews 2
Zainab Aliyu released Are some Nigerians more important than others CAN

Reverend Hayab in the statement, said he is forced to ask if some Nigerians are more important than others since the Federal government was fast in ensuring the safe return of Zainab.

The statement in part reads

CAN Northern states rejoices with the parents of Zainab Aliyu and the government of our country for securing her release after she was arrested and detained in Saudi Arabia for allegations of drug trafficking.

It is sad that many innocent Nigerians are suffering for a crime they know nothing about. This prompt effort by government is commendable and should be sustained for all and in the future, because this is what we want to see from our leaders in this country.

But as we rejoice about this development, we are also compelled to ask this important question: Are all Nigerians equal or some are more equal than others?

We are aware that many innocent citizens of our country have been arrested, some killed and others are still in detention; but we have not heard any directives from Mr. President to his Attorney General to take action about them with this kind of urgency.

If we want our citizens to be proud of their government and country, then we need to show equal concern about what happens to everyone in this country. We cannot also celebrate the release of Zainab and forget Leah Sharibu who did not commit any crime but has been in captivity for over a year now.

We, therefore, appeal to President Buhari to direct his security agencies to double their efforts and get Leah released and reunited with her parents. Leah, too, wants to enjoy the protection of her leaders”.


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    • Comment*people should always reason beyond their nose before talking.How can u compare d two situation as the same?Are u fair in this comparison?

  1. You point it rights, I hope Mr president work tirelessly on how to released the innocent Leah,she a Nigerian

  2. Comment*Their case is different Zainab was detained by another country’s govt while liah saribu is under Boko Haram terrorist detention
    you should have remember that Hawa liman as a Muslim was killed while liah saribu as a Christian still alive which we have hope that one day she will unit with her family

  3. We quite know that some, Nigerian are more important than others inspite of that, we will continue to appeal to our Govt to treat everyone fairly

  4. Comment*But the context is not the same .Leah is in d hands of unknown criminals while Zainab was imprisoned by Govt of another country which is reachable and lawyers were sent to do d Job

  5. Comment*where is Leah now? no body would tell you where she is now, but Zainab was detained by Saudi government on the accusation of drug trafficking, which after their wide investigation they observed was not true.

  6. We should please be objective and sincere when approaching issues without religion, ethnic and political sentiment.
    Nigeria is our country we should try to sincerely tolerate each other religion, ethnic and political affiliation, until then we shall be able to see the good performance of our leaders.
    I agree with some of the above response and I understand the difference s of the two girls esues,.
    I pray and trust the government are try their best to everyone in Nigeria save and happy with his family

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