Yvonne Nelson calls John Dumelo a fool over Instagram post

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson calls John Dumelo a fool following a post the actor shared on social media.
Dumelo on Friday took to his Instagram to share a meme which is fast going viral on the internet.
Yvonne Nelson calls John Dumelo a fool over Instagram post lailasnews
Yvonne Nelson calls John Dumelo a fool over Instagram post

Written on the meme was the inscription:
“I miss the married women in the Bible who used to give their maids to their husbands as side-chicks. The current ones don’t read their Bibles. Only jealousy and selfishness nkoaaaaaaa.
However, Yvonne Nelson who is known to be a good friend of Dumelo did not see it as such. Even if she saw it as a joke, she definitely did find it amusing.
And she did not mince words as she came to comment “FOOOOOOOOOOL” on Dumelo’s post.
Yvonne’s comment sparked a barrage of criticisms from some Dumelo fans who thought she went too far.
But Dumelo himself seemed not to take Yvonne’s comment as an insult as he replied her with a laughter emoji.
Interestingly, Dumelo’s wife, Gifty, saw the husband’s post and had this reply for him:
“Dear lover, I’m going to pretend not to see this…but if you insist, you can have both maids. They are more sophisticated than the ones in the Bible.”


  1. She lacks manner otherwise she wouldn’t have gone to such extend, l applaud the Domela for not reacting so negative. And also see how constructive his wife was in her reply such is maturity

  2. Let him go and live in the bible and marry the likes of rachel and leah….seriously i agree with yvone, fooooooooool, foolish thoughts.

  3. This is foolishness.john wouldn’t have post such on Instagram media.tihs not a good practice of advise to ladys

  4. If you want to know how people see or respect you, hit them a little and watch out for their reaction. I believe John played that game.

  5. These people are so amusing most times, funny things are all shared online. Any this doesn’t call for malice but for understanding of this modern world.

  6. This does not looks like a beef between the two of them….besides it just a self expression.

  7. This is hilarious, and so funny I just hope parties involved do see it as joke they took it. Not to bring out something huge out of it.

  8. Why are celebrties fighting their selves on social media. If the have differences why can’t they just settle offline

  9. Nelson lacks manner otherwise she wouldn’t have gone to such extend, l really applaud the Domela for not reacting so negative that’s how a wise one suppose to behave. And also see how constructive his wife was in her reply such is maturity Well done to Nelson once again


  10. As man you always think the other way round I like the way he handle his friend for the wife she sounds jokes.

  11. Hahahaha..John’s post is actually funny..normal level when guys say something funny and he’s given an insulted name..she was just joking.

  12. This is all comedy ,they are actor and actress they are just entertaining us ,but to be realistic what pained this Nelson to that extend .why would you be taking paracetamol for someone headache after all his wife didn’t complain

  13. Since they are good friends,I don’t see any wrong in she calling him a fool bcos I guess its a joke

  14. Funny. I couldnt stop laughing. It is Dumelo,s oppinion. And if Nelson calls him a fool in instagram i dont see it as any body,s business. Dumelo didnt see it as anything. So why are we over stressing it?

  15. I think she’s right in calling him a fool because what he posted is a slap in the face for his wife. So he wants to have a side chicks and preferably his housemaid.

  16. Anyway Instagram is a social media so anybody have the right to type and send anything of your choice

  17. For all I know, john and Yvonne are very good pals even before john got married, I am guessing they play too much and she didn’t mean it that and even john understands that, I wonder why the fans are meddling in their affairs, even his wife is not bothered.

  18. He said he miss, how would you miss something that you were not a part, I don’t know if he is seriots, but I want to believe he is joking.

  19. I don’t like reacting to some of this celebrity post on social media some of them deliberately post abuse coment in other to get fans attention.

  20. Her language may be an awful and awkward one but I agree with her. John funny enough is indirectly telling the present generation to emulate that which he pointed out from the scripture.

  21. Not cool of her but I sense something behind the curtain, we need to get to the root of this and know who is at fault either dumelo or her

  22. How many side chicks did Eve give to Adam? John go back and read Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees on divorce.

  23. I think Nelson’s reply is just like she is joking with Dumelo as it was claimed that they are good friends, Weldone Dumelo the sharp guy

  24. Yvonne why insult the man wife is not complaining nawaoo or are you guys doing something funny that warrant you react this way.

  25. What a joke its kinda expensive though bit the level of their friendship has gone beyond that if it were to be some Nigeria mentality they will take it to serious,thumbs up john dumelo and Yvonne Nelson

  26. He said it with all jokes but it didn’t speak well of him as a married man… Jux imagine how the wife would av felt when she saw it…. Men be careful with your choice of words oooo

  27. I’m sure Yvonne calling John a fool is all joke because I know you two are best of friends.. Meanwhile men and polygamy.. If You think those women in the Bible were not jealous and selfish then go and reread your Bible. The reason God decided to bless Leah and her offsprings; that is the ishmaelites (they are among the richest in the world) was because Sarah thought God has finally blessed her with a son and she decided to throw them away and deny them their rights in Abraham’s wealth.. So Mr John think twice before comparing..

  28. I think the guy is been funny with that post, but the lady went to far, because that reply is on public. I did not see maturity there.

  29. All this Ghanaian actors and their palava. Yvonne Nelson mind your business and stop insulting people anyhow.

  30. It is a joke anyway but we should learn to respect others even if we are so close to them. People are watching and any mistakes they will turn it upside down for u.

  31. Very funny…I don’t think she mean any offence. The guy didn’t find it offensive either… But when people starts making it trending like they are now, itd cause more harm than good

  32. Dumelo was actually right….recent ladies and wife are so troublesome and dont want any peace for their hubby…from monitoring and checking of mobile to nagging…gosh it irritates me am facing same issue with my wife am talking from experience…even when we have better problem to tackle she is there been concern about meaningless things and thats why most marriages dont work recent times…our parents was never like this…respect of the hubby was the oder of the day but recent ladies no way…always creating issues where there is none…

  33. Yvonne Nelson to take it too far, clearly everyone see that this is a joke you shouldn’t have comment such thing.

  34. I can smell trouble in the air he might be joking with the statement but definitely his pals are seeing it as expensive

  35. Personally, I think the lady too meant no harm, after all I call my friends mumu on facebook, celebrity lives sha

  36. That was either a joke or a weird post from Dumelo.. but Nelson went to far and thanks to his maturity by sending a laughing emoji.

  37. for saying this u need to be checkmate if u are married ur wife should check u maybe u are sleeping with her maid

  38. That’s a rather an uncultured way of responding to his post. You can as well read and not make a comment rather than this.

  39. This is part of the jealousy he is talking about, had it been both of them are married and he said that then he is wrong, but in this case he did nothing bad.

  40. I don’t know much about Ghanaian actors/actress though but for him to alter such statement something must have been wrong

  41. Is not an insult, maybe that’s how they joke with each other. So nobody should condemn her.

  42. Its all memes we all know Dumelo and Yvonne are both friends. But maybe Dumelo should go back to the olden days.

  43. Since they’re friends there’s no point for the fans to elongate the matter. His wife is not even annoyed.

  44. What is the business of the fans na. The duo are close and the ‘fool’ comment might not have passed as an insult but as a fun to them both. But what prompted him to share such.

  45. It sounds funny, a little joke sometimes wont hurt why all the critiques. Thank GOD he didn’t even feel offended by her words.

  46. No matter anything John did, Nyvonne has no right to insult his personality. That shows how mannerless she is.

  47. Sure John was ,only joking, and Yvonne only played along but trust fans, they’re always jobless that’s why I give them a second name scatter

  48. Hahahaha…. This guys decide to act a live drama on Instagram. But John Demelo’s post is one of those post when you get bored

  49. Im sure he meant it as a joke and the way her reacted to her post was in a funny manner which meant that he did not take offence with what she said. Even his wife also took it as a joke

    • In a true sense, ladies are jealous, intensely sometimes which cause problems. But that doesn’t call for having a side chick. You get married to satisfy your need of having side chicks.

  50. Hhhh he has the freedom to express himself the way he like. So whether he is fool or not it doesn’t matter

  51. Honestly this seems to be funny, even the post made by Yvonne seems to be a joke but that of his wife I don’t think is a joke

  52. I think Yvonne is really joking of course she can’t just call her fellow celebrity a FOOL, sometimes they say things but they should be mindful of the things they say or do because some of these celebrities are married and their wives might not really find those word funny the way you who said finds it

  53. They are just making fools of their self I have better things to do other than one useless Instagram post

  54. It’s definitely not a joke from John. Honestly he is dam serious about it. Well Nelson went too far, anyway is John that ignored her insane insults.

  55. This guy na real fool hilariously……I should have been wise enough to know that those stuff happened in the old testament.

  56. If u think that one wife is not enough for u
    Then go ahead and marry as many as u want
    On who will the cost be upon
    Gbagam na u ooo
    Don’t forget u are to a king
    John Dumelo

  57. The truth is that there is more to what dumelo posted. There must have been an issue between them. She can’t just reply his post with that word

  58. I don’t think this is an issue its just the truth and what he read in the bible. Nelson was not wrong too because it is only the two of them that understand the height of their friendship.

  59. Smile i love their sense of humour there.
    All i see here is nothing but joke, but i can see some peeps already taking it personal

  60. To me this is not an issue I think John Dumelo just decided to share his thought based on what he read from the Bible but for Nelson to reply in that way it shows that she was not expecting those statement from Dumelo..anyway I think they know how to settle their differences

  61. This is good news,this is amazing, he is now tired of his marriage so fast,this is what girls do that’s why he is tired

  62. Yvonne Nelson might not mean it seriously but the other Way round, that’s what maturity means. I like Dumelo’s wife with the reply she also gave. If it was some other celebrity, they’ll take it serious and Boom… it becomes an argument

  63. Was he calling Yvonne into the matter? She just want to drink paracetamol on top another woman husband.. Mind your business

  64. What if Yvonne doesn’t mean a social harm to John?
    Yet that comment should not have left the shores of her mind. Its socially unhygienic

  65. No body should mind that word fooool because they are good friends and actors so let no body come between them, they know themselves.

  66. Lol. He is indeed a foool. I really don’t think anything like insult was attached to that . Itwas a pure joke

  67. Hahaha! These guys are funny, and they know themselves very well, but those who suppose to mind their business are taking it to another level.

  68. People on social media can blow things out of proportion,the girl never meant any harm after all they are friends. Dumelo that your joke too serious oo

  69. In fact Yvonne you deserve this car Ferrari for calling him a fool, what was he thinking ways, the wife too get sense

  70. These celebs are something else.. dumelo brought reality at home to social media making it look like a joke. He must be eyeing his maids back at home. And so his wife has understood his message and has given him the go ahead.

  71. She’s absolutely right. Someone of his caliber isn’t supposed to make such stupid post. It sounds weird.

  72. It’s very wrong for a lady to call a man fool but no one can understand the meaning ….is it your chat allow them

  73. I think Yvonne nelson deliberately say that as an insult, I love the reply John dumelo wife gave to him.

  74. The duo understand each other .She doesn’t really mean why she said that was why she elongate the ‘o’ foooooool.

  75. Well, this ain’t supposed to go this extend callin’ one a fool over a joking post… he only posted what he reed from the bible and he feels the women of nowadays don’t engaged doing that… so the lady should chill.. it’s just a social post.

  76. Am sure he must be joking on his post about married women in the bible, they shouldn’t see it as something else, thank God his wife said she pretends not to see it, he wouldn’t mean such

  77. John Dumellos utterances were said out of joke,you can even see the reply his wife gave to it,.yonne went too far in callING him a fool.

  78. Hahahaha….. To me it’s funny but is she taking this personal to the extend of calling my model a fooooool

  79. He is more than a fool. Even his wife did not also find it funny. The joke was just too expensive

  80. The comment from his wife just made my day..she is understanding wifey…Yvonne was just kidding…nothing serious about calling him a “fool”

  81. They are close friends, both of them didn’t take it as the fans are doing. I don’t think she meant to insult him, she should have considered that she’s a public figure too.

  82. Nawaooo. What’s the fuss about.there are friends whose mode of jokes is cursing. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  83. Lolzz
    They are very close
    I trust Yvonne nelson, she can’t rant on social media like davido
    I don’t think she’s insulting him

  84. Can we say this lady lack of home training or what? Because it sounds so stupid to wrote such comment on his post.

  85. Is tangram has now become where celebrities wage against each other most of them just want to add more to their followers

  86. Funny,but some fans react stupidly at times,wen d person involve self no take am serious, dey just like creating matters to talk on,I love d way Dumelo and Dumelo’s wife responded maturely cos she understand it a joke

  87. I am sure she said that out of playfulness like what she would say to him face to face. It should not be blown out of proportion

  88. Since John didn’t take it personal then i think she didn’t meant what she wrote but as for the bible I think you shouldn’t use that for jokes.

  89. John and Yvonne are friends and i believe they understand each other. Calling him a fool might just be on the lighter mood.

  90. This is very funny, I think that they are all joking because they are both good friends. The wife of John Dumelo understood the joke and also played along.

  91. Very funny you John but Nelson Don take it personal oooo, and that’s how lady’s use to do they don’t know when one is playing , I Guess something is fishy somewhere

  92. He spoke his mind so you don’t have any right to call him a fool that is how you celebrities cause problems for yourself.

  93. His wife Gifty really gave him the perfect reply. John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson have been friends and are still good friends that’s why John didn’t pick offense and replied Yvonne with that emoji. I mean she was being his friend. She read what he posted and she just playfully called him that to let him know that she doesn’t find that amusing and neither will his wife find it amusing. I mean they understand themselves.

  94. Why is nelson taking dat to her self…dumelo based on what I observe was just joking and her wife understands then why is nelson reacting like that?

  95. They are preparing for a new movie
    But if Nigerian movies are called nollyhood
    Ghanian movies are called what…?

  96. These people are so funny, they like sharing funny funny things on social media. But that response is bad she went too far

  97. People have the way they understood certain things. But it shouldn’t result to insult. There should be dialogue instead

  98. He is a fool o. I pity the lady with you now. Side chicks? That’s how you see them now.. It’s not your fault, I blame some of our sister who don’t know themselves.

  99. That was only a comic post, nothing serious. Probably Yvonne too was only joking with her comment or maybe not.

  100. Well joke or not they understand themselves and i believe thay are nit bothered. Even the wives comment should speak more it looks like she didn’t send self.

  101. Truly jealousy is what ladis nowadays has, they can’t share their man with any other lady,men also can’t share their woman with anyone

  102. That’s rude of you Yvonne because he didn’t even mention your name what does meme has to do it you anyway mtcheeeeeeew rubbish

  103. These people are so funny, fans were already reacting, most times they cause some of these quarrels, I just love the way he replied with the laugh emoji

  104. Most celebrities don’t know how to play along when it comes to playing/joking. Wishing them the best of friendship.

  105. I don’t see anything wrong with Yvonne Nelson’s reply because they are friends and a s such understand each other

  106. She is a victim of such act that’s why she can’t go by that post.
    Nice drop Sir fire them with words that matters

  107. Hmm I guess John dumelo was just joking with that oo
    I don’t know why she is taking it personal
    Nawa for her ooo

  108. This is a simple issue I think they can settle amicably between themselves. Quest for more popularity can be a factor.

  109. Lol, so funny, they’re busy having a good leisure time out, and some fans of theirs are busy taking panadol for them like said they have headaches. Lol

  110. I don’t see her comment as insulting as some of you see, maybe they have been using that word “fool” as such may not have weight as such.

  111. To my on view I don’t see anything serious or personal in her reply its just a joking reply to a funny post john posted ,I don’t see any crime there probably because its on Instagram that’s why people are seeing it as one big crime.

  112. Yvonne went to far to insult her friend that he is a fool, but I like the way Dumelo took it as joke but his wife didn’t take his own joke funny.

  113. Dumelo just brought himself low by posting this. But Nelson wouldn’t have taken it too far. Or should I say that’s their kind of jokes. But Dumelo’s wife is funny Sha.

    • The guy just said his mind…we have freedom of expression, she don’t have rite to call him a fool jor.

  114. They are friends and for me that’s how friends joke. Why are the fans taking the matter on thier head abeg

  115. These people are so amusing most times, funny things are all shared online. It should not be taking serious

  116. Well this guy’s re very good friends they know each other well am nt surprised guy did nt abuse her back.

  117. I don’t think this warrant for the insult hes is just trying to make a joke for her to call him that I think there most be something between them that need to be sort out

  118. She is not in any way to have called him a fool. He was veru unwise to have taken us to old testament era.

  119. She is right. He is a fool. Am sure he only read the old testament and not new because of his dirty mind

  120. Why did our celebrities fighting themselves on social media this days?? At least they are all matured and they should settle the matter amicably

  121. Truth is I cannot be seen drinking medicine for them, cos what I see here is just them being real as friends. Some people don’t just get it

  122. They both have an understanding. This is not a problem. But John should let some things be as a newly married man that he is

  123. Fans and ajaye sha….this is just a joke ….the both of them understand each other and we all always have that one female friend capable of doing this

  124. Without no doubt his acts are immature and the name assigned to him to an extent he deserves it because no one or his right minds cant accept being promiscuous can be very pathetic and I pity the wife

  125. Yvonne took this joke by Dumelo too far and over reacted by calling him a fool. Dumelo in turn took it as a joke and laughed over Yvonne comment. That is maturity but Dumelo’s wife didn’t spare Dumelo at all, and her comment is fiery.

  126. Celebrities are always looking for trouble whenever they’re comfortable, with the tone the wife replied the end has not been heard.

  127. Just a reference from the bible and you are calling him a fool
    Too bad, since you know he is a celebrity

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