Youtuber Jackie Aina deactivates her twitter account after getting trolled

Youtube star, Jackie Aina who recently got engaged has deactivated her twitter handle after she was trolled.

Jackie Aina who is an American beauty YouTuber who advocates for visibility of People of Color in the cosmetic industry decided to deactivate her Twitter account after she was getting trolled by so many people.

Youtuber Jackie Aina deactivates her twitter account after getting trolled

The popular YouTube vlogger and makeup guru whose mother is American while her father is Nigerian was vacationing in Greece when her long-time boyfriend Denis Asamoah proposed to her.

Initially when she got engaged,she was trolled that no man proposed to her, she got the ring by herself. Some others compared her to animals.

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These comments must have gotten to her as she deactivates her account.


A while ago, Jackie had sent out a tweet requesting for funny videos or memes on the App because she was tried of being called out for just existing and being compared to an animal.

memes I need memes or funny videos IM BEGGING if you have any please send I’m so tired of opening this app and reading comments about me either being compared to an animal or being called out my name for just existing. I hate this place

Youtuber Jackie Aina deactivates her twitter account after getting trolled

She is known for her unapologetic opinions when it comes to the makeup industry. Recently, when there was drama in the beauty community, she had written passionately on her page;

“I’m tired of being cussed out, belittled and disrespected after sticking my neck out for people who don’t give a damn about me. If you do not actively support my content or follow me don’t come looking for me when you want input. Leave me alone.”

Jackie Aina has a following of three million fans on YouTube and over one million followers on Instagram.

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