Youths won’t need government jobs if they empower themselves – Terry G

Popular singer, Terry G, has waded in on the current economic situation in Nigeria, saying youths won’t need government jobs if they empower themselves.

Youths won't need government jobs if they empower themselves - Terry G lailasnews

In a recent chat with Showtime, Terry G advised that come 2019, Nigerian youths should no longer wait for the government to provide jobs for them but empower themselves by learning a trade or acquiring a vocational skill. He said;

“My advice to the youth is that it’s all in their hands, if they have handwork it’s better for them. If they don’t, they should look for one to learn; they can’t keep relying on the government because the government also needs the support of the youths. If they are diligent at whatever they do, they will reap the benefits, instead of waiting on the government.”


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  1. Yeah this is right,the government are not 100% trusted ,we don’t have to rely on them,,but now to learn this things you still need money to start up the learning,not everyone has that skill and talent but I know in each human being there is always a special thing, yeah

  2. But a lot of these youths have great ideas but no sponsors, or investors, so they have to seek for jobs to get by and also save up to become entrepreneurs.

  3. You are so right about this with the yeye stipend they are paying once you are serious with your entrepreneur skills you can Mae more than that in a monh

  4. I think Terry g is right but the problem here is that, for you to empower yourself, you will need at least a little capital to start up something and thats where the problem lies

  5. I agree you Mr . i hope our youths will stand and fend for themselves rather than wait for the government . I believe if we take this advice the government will be looking for us by then we won’t be interested in their work

  6. I agree with Mr Tarry. Youth should aim learning trades and going into skill acquisition. Tertiary institutions should not graduate any youth that has no skill.

  7. It’s common knowledge that a single tree cannot make a forest. For self empowerment to take place, there’s got to be sponsors and capital.

  8. You are right if the youths create jobs for themselves by learning trade or starting small scale businesses, it can even create job opportunity for other youths as well thus reducing the rate of unemployment

  9. I totally agree with what Terry G said, our youths should stop sitting and waiting for Godoo. They should create job for themselves by show casing their talents!

  10. Sure we youths need to step up and engage ourselves in some thing lucrative so as to stop depending on government for white collar jobs.

  11. Well said but we need capital to start something,the government should please look into that….. Capital to start a business

  12. For the first time in a very long while I now reason with Terry G the youth have lost hope in government no legit jobs they are very difficult to find it now advisable for youth to have a professional skills or the other like me I learnt phone engineering and am not waiting for the government because am going to promote my self

  13. Even when youth gain empowerment they need support from government to aid their skill. But all same, youth should gain skills, it makes you independent.

  14. I agree with Terry G on this, Nigeria youth should stand up and start something themselves and stop waiting for the government to do everything for them, no matter how little the capital maybe just try and start something on your own and grow big in it

  15. True, it is very good for youths to empower themselves. Entrepreneurship pays more than having to wait on a government that is not willing to do anything except enriching their pockets

  16. You’ve said the truth of it all, if youths can empower themselves, they won’t need to rely on government before they earn

  17. True talk the youths can equally be self-employed without looking at the government because government are not doing anything to help them.

  18. Terry G is right,our youth have to created job themselves, they can wait for government to give them,because it won’t happen they have empower themselves with skills acquisition

  19. True talk, some are waiting for what Nigeria will do for them, they have never think what dey wanna do to reduce the population of jobless people in the country.

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