Youths now sniff latrines & lizard dung as substitute for codeine – BRISIN

The Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) has called for urgent sensitisation against the use of pit latrine because many youths now sniff latrines and lizard dung as substitute for codeine.

Dr Misbau Lawal, the Coordinator, Health and Environment in BRISIN made the call todayin Ilorin saying that the since codeine had been banned by the Federal Government, many youths now sniff pit latrine and lizard dung as substitute.

He said that there is urgent need to discourage the use of pit latrines by the government at all levels.

According to him, lizard dung comprises uric acid and all reptiles excrete uric acid.

“The vapour of decomposing human dung has effect on the central nervous system, producing narcosis just like codeine when inhaled. People using pit latrine should dehydrate it with sulphuric acid or the government can recycle human defecation to make bio-gas for economic benefits,” he said.

Besides, he appealed to the government to ensure codeine was not allowed into the country through border routes because some unscrupulous people could use other means to bring in the drug. According to him, every drastic measure must be utilised to save the youths of the nation and the government must be committed.



This is a pain killer now used as an ecstasy drug by youth in Nigeria. Tramadol is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is meant to be prescribed by a physician, unfortunately, the drug has found its way to the streets.

The pill comes in different milligrammes from 50 to 500. The recommended dose of tramadol is 50 to 100mg, with a maximum of 200mg in serve treatment cases. Anything above 200mg will cause a massive euphoric effect similar to what is gotten from taking marijuana, or other opiate medication, oxycodone etc.


This is also known as Roko, Roofies, Roche, Renfol and has many other slangs. Rohypnol is meant to be a sold only after a physician’s prescription. The drug is a tranquiliser about ten times more potent than valium.

However, in Nigeria, the drug can be gotten both on the streets and over-the-counter without prescription. Rohypnol is used to treat severe insomnia and for anesthetic purposes. The drug is relatively cheap and gives the user a hazy feeling.

The drug is often taken with alcoholic or assorted drinks. Addicts could sometimes crush the pill to be taken with marijuana or other herbs. This could also be injected.

Rohypnol is nearly tasteless making it a pill of choice for drugging unsuspecting victims. The pill has a reputation of a “date-rape” drug because of its paralysing effect.


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