You’re the one thing I got absolutely right – Banky W gushes over Adesua

Nigerian singer turned politician, Banky W whose love for his wife, Adesua Etomi is shown in every little way, is ‘outchea’ gushing over his wife.

You're the one thing I got absolutely right - Banky W gushes over Adesua lailasnews

Banky W who described Adesua as one thing he got absolutely right amongst so many wrongs, was reacting to his wife’s speech just before he announced his intention to contest for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Adesua Etomi had written;

Part 1 of 2

I will speak for you anywhere because I know you and I know that I speak the truth.
I see the things you do, more than anyone else in this world. May all the good you do in secret, speak for you as well.

Nigerians have been through a lot. We’ve had a lot of people say things and let us down. Please, don’t be offended by those that are sceptical, they speak from experience, they’ve been burnt, they are tired but there is hope because I know you’re different. Different, not perfect.
Remember that trust is earned, it will not be served on a platter and while you go through fire, stay focused on doing all the things you want to do for the nation. We wanted young people to do more than talk, we wanted them to get involved. You are getting involved and I applaud you cause being the ‘First’ is always tough.
Some of us KNOW YOU so your message is not really for us, we already have your back. It’s for those that don’t know you but I know they will in due time. Patience is of utmost importance. I love you. I’m here for you and here with you.

Reacting to this, Banky wrote;

I’ve done some wrong in my life, but you are the one thing I got absolutely right. Marrying you is the best decision I have ever made. I love you Skuu. May God guide and protect us. Thank you Shug

You're the one thing I got absolutely right - Banky W gushes over Adesua lailasnews 1

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  1. She was your motivator I guessed what ever the case being different is not easy so be well prepared as you venture into the world of politics

  2. When a man marries a good wife that is by him at all times, whether good or bad times, the woman is virtuous and worth appreciating

  3. You know that kind of best confession and best moment of your life when you say how how you feel and tell the truth to the love of your life in public

  4. So motivating. There’s nothing as great as marrying a woman that’s there with you all the way. You really got this right, Banky. When you go out and you are wounded, you sure know there’s is one to soothe the pains and crown your efforts. Just head on, Etomi is got your back.

  5. thank goodness he knows she is one thing he got absolutely right cos the decision of running for a rep seat is a bad decision at this moment for reasons best know to some of us. back to the gushing over his bride, that is sweet of him really and i really hope their love doesnt turn sour. both are good together and it might be the right time to put everything that has to do with their marriage on a low low to avoid them say they did not say. we are happy for them really

  6. That is what couples that truly love each other do. They encourage each other, and encouragement from the one you love, motivates you to go extra miles in achieving your goal. Thank you Adesua, I’m learning from you.

  7. Well I totally side with him because this want yave been so supportive to him and she is a nice been too ,banky you totally got it right here.

  8. This is a sign of love, I really love this speech, and I pray you guys relationship wont be like those that didn’t end it well

  9. These two lovebirds can’t stop professing their love for each other everywhere online inclusive. I think their love for each other is indescribable and beyond this world. I go Love ooo. Lol

  10. That’s coming at the right time from the right person for a good purpose. Such encouragement is costlier than Diamonds.

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