‘You’re a big for nothing hypocrite’ – Actress Toyin Abraham slams Mercy Aigbe

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Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham who claimed to have been pushed so badly by her colleague Mercy Aigbe, stormed her page to call her out for being a hypocrite.

'You’re a big for nothing hypocrite' - Actress Toyin Abraham slams Mercy Aigbe lailasnews

According to Toyin Aimakhu, Mercy Aigbe who likes ‘famzing’ runs to her page to write epistles whenever she sees her colleagues fighting. Online sources claim the fight between the ladies started after Toyin was not included in Omoni Oboli’s new movie, “Wives On Strike”. The actress who got engaged last month, played an important role in the first edition as (Iya Bola) in ‘Wives on strike the revolution’, and they all believed she still had a role to play in this new production.

However after Toyin was found missing in the movie poster Omoni shared, with her name also excluded on the cast listing, the actress who felt quite unhappy with this slammed Mercy Aigbe who she was reportedly replaced with. She also insinuated that Mercy Aigbe had a hand in her failed marriage to Adeniyi Johnson.

Here’s what Toyin Abraham wrote below via IB9ja;

'You’re a big for nothing hypocrite' - Actress Toyin Abraham slams Mercy Aigbe lailasnews 3

'You’re a big for nothing hypocrite' - Actress Toyin Abraham slams Mercy Aigbe lailasnews 2

Mercy Aigbe on the other hand, has long turned off the comment section of her Instagram page.

Few months ago, Toyin Abraham took a solid and public stand with her colleague and sister in the trade of acting Mercy Aigbe following the issues in the latter’s marriage. Toyin Abraham who was among the first to show solidarity when Mercy marriage packed up, shared a post on her page and publicly announced her love for Mercy in the wake of the crisis.

The talented actress shared a photo of Mercy in her page saying how much she loves her. Then in hash tags, she fought against domestic violence.

Despite having been attacked for always being quick to jump to people’s defenses, Toyin is not weary in doing good and we all know that both actresses are from Edo, there is a sort of fraternal bond that makes you want to stand up for each other.

On the other hand, Nollywood actresses, Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Aimakhu turned Abraham are among the most talked about personalities in the Yoruba movie industry and it is so funny that these actresses are not really Yoruba.

Toyin Aimakhu turned Abraham, the talented actress came into the movie industry by chance through her affiliations with Nollywood actress Bukky Wright and over time the actress has proven herself worthy of the love of her fans by going all out to interpret the roles given to her.

Mercy Aigbe on the other hand gained her popularity from slaying her way into people’s heart. She inspired a lot of people through her fashion, but of course, that is not the main thing that is keeping her relevant in the industry as nothing sells faster than controversy and these actresses one way or the other have built their careers around it.

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  2. The both of them did that to cause confusion amongst their fans. Nothing serious . Not fewer than 5mins instablog carried the news including the Toyin’s screenshots. She commented on Mercy Aigbe’s insta page and Mercy replied her immediately telling her to start coming out for where they are going to , that she shouldn’t keep her waiting. These celebs can stir up something to give news to media and bloggers .

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