Young thief arrested after ‘successful’ operation in Bayelsa (photo)

A young thief whose name was not given, has been arrested Bayelsa State Vigilante Service after a ‘successful’ operation.

Young thief arrested after ‘successful’ operation in Bayelsa lailasnews

The young thief whose leg was cuffed after his arrest, was apprehended few days ago around 5am at Tombia roundabout market in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital. According to sources, he was allegedly stealing a bag and a phone from a tricycle (keke).

Further details wasn’t given on the arrest of the boy. Here is his below;

Young thief arrested after ‘successful’ operation in Bayelsa  lailasnews 1

This is coming few months after a young thief who claimed to be a member of Greenlandcult in Swali area of Bayelsa State, was nabbed while on a robbery operation with his gang around 4:45 a.m.

Thief caught while trying to steal snails from a farm

The young man who identified himself as Gift School Oben and further disclosed that he is from Ologi in Ogbia Local Government area of Bayelsa state, was beaten by security operatives before being forced to drink the beer drinks he stole.


    • Miss Amadi, I hope he does not too. But, that’s only if he is lucky and get the right person to help him.

  1. Hmm. This is really good for him to be caught. Young thief indeed..let that be his new name.

  2. This young man needs to be in school, he should be rehabilitated and sent back to school, he is too young for this kind of act. Poverty everywhere

  3. Very young doing this nonsense God have mercy and if Care is not taken that is how he will be growing to be an armed robber

  4. Some people should be used as examples to others.
    But @ the same time you should temper justice with mercy

  5. Imaging a small boy stealing and even insignificant things, You hat would he use the handbag for? They should teach him a lesson he won’t forget

  6. A young boy for that matter instead of him to be in school, this is very bad may God delivered him.

  7. This youngest boy of nowadays are too lazy to work all they need is money. He has to be punished.

  8. Quest for money have made many to lost value for their precious lives. What on earth is a small boy like this knows about robbery if not for cult they are into.

  9. At this young age, when his mate are helping their parents and planning their future. Effects of bad friends

  10. What a pity? At his age, this is bad and unbearable why are you risking your life for what is not your property, why can’t you work instead of stealing?

  11. So bad. He doesn’t look a day older than 17 yet this is the way he chose? Please caution him a bit and let him go. Hopefully, he’ll change.

  12. He deserves to be taking care off by his family, because I don’t know why someone at that stages will be stealing

  13. He is too young for this, and he must have a reason for stealing, sometimes we can’t blame those young guys stealing, they should be counsel

  14. I pray all these little rascals tormenting the peace of Bayelsa gets apprehended as soon as possible and face the law

  15. He looks an underage to be prosecuted at normal courthouse, he should be referred to juvenile remand home for youngsters, for rehabilitation.

  16. We parents should be blamed to a greater level. Quest for wealth, and our children are growing hare wire. At a small age he is already into stealing. God show us your mercy

  17. I don’t know why young people niwadays like stealing, I pray these little rascals nowadays be apprehended by God’s name.

  18. He’s too young for this act he is into, parents should watch their children and the kind of friends they keep

  19. The economy status of this country can lead someone to what he is not intended doing. Mmbay God deliver him

  20. Comment*imaging this little boy involved in robbery, what a world, he just disgraced him self and also his family, now he has now been trapped in the net.
    I wonder what led him to this evil act

  21. This boy is still young it could be because of the hardship he his facing he just needs someone to redirect his ways

  22. Why would such a young boy decides to spoil his life as a thief, he wants to tarnish his image, so bad for him

  23. God, when you should be thinking of school, you have already started doing pick pocket or would i call it bag picking. As they caught him is good.before he graduates.

  24. what a wicked world, such a very young boy. what would have led to his stealing? I urge the law to render justice with mercy.

  25. It’s so disappointing that many young boys are now going into robbery, I don’t really know if it’s because of the hardship in this country. I’m just wondering what led him into stealing. Government should please try and empower young people in order to keep them busy so that they can stay away from crime.

  26. This boy is too young for this act he should be a teenager may God help us and deliver us from all this criminals. May he be punished to teach him a lesson.

  27. Addiction is so terrible that’s when he didn’t fight it he’d always find a way to manipulate you

  28. Thank God he has been arrested,at least that he’s going to face judgement and that will teach the remaining of his mate that don’t want to work add before they eat a lesson

  29. That’s too early to start a life of this nature. I hope spending some time in jail would correct your life boy

  30. He his just too small for this act of his why venture into stealing when you ought to be in school or be learning to become a sole entrepreneur, he should face the law

  31. He’s way too young for that. He should be in school not robbing. Thanks to the vigilante for their good work

  32. What is this world turning to, at this young age you are in cult, stealing for them and risking ur life cause u want to achieve what…

    May God have mercy on you

  33. If he is a first time offender, he should be given a short sentence, let him get a second chance his too young. Small prison will give him sense.

  34. many days for the thief one definite day for the owner. he be taken to court to account for his actions and inactions.

  35. At this tender age, what exactly must have prompt him to do such a thing. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  36. Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner of the house. Today he has been arrested and should be held to suffer the consequences of his actions.

  37. This world is goin to an end a very handsome young guy like this as started is carrear with still.the police should remamd him in cell

  38. imagine this small boy stealing…… he should be seriously dealt with to make him realize what he did

  39. What is pushing our Nigerian youth into crime, the height of crime has increased drastically these days. God please help our nation, kudos to the police force.

  40. To steal is not the answer but if we tend to look at it our president fault because they don’t provide a job

  41. I really don’t know what this country is turning into.
    Just look at this small boy that should be in school or in his master’s workshop learning one reasonable thing or another.
    Love of money is really destroying the youths of this country

  42. If you ask that young guy the reason behind his going to steal he will say is the devil’s hand work or the lack of jobs. God will help us

  43. He is pretty too young indeed for such kind of life. Who and where are his parents, I think they av failed in parenting????

  44. Such a young boy if you steal, publicly and successfully at this age what will you do when younare 30

  45. These days is the young thief that are more dangerous than the older ones. Thank God he was caught. Say no to stealing

  46. look at his pathetic face awwww!!! after the devil is done persuading you, then you get busted, he leaves for another fool.

  47. That’s how it starts before you know he will become a professional & he is from same LGA with the ex-president

  48. Na wao robbery at this tender age,God help us in Nigeria. A lot of things could have led to that boy being a thief.

  49. I believe not all cases should land the culprit in prison. He should be dealt with dats definite. But he should also be guided on the right part to avoid this recurrence

  50. This is the effect of peer groups. Children are being influenced negatively by friend. May God have mercy on us and deliver our children from bad eggs.

  51. He doesn’t even know how valuable the things in the bag are. He should be punished now so that he wouldn’t grow into armed robbery

  52. The rate at which young boys are going into robbery is alarming. Do we attribute it to joblessness. Government pls do something

  53. If at this age his already stealing then it must be effect of peer groups, I think he should be given another chance by undergoing rehabilitation program, there’s still chance for him to change

  54. The rate at which these young boys go into crime is becoming more alarming. They don’t want to be useful to their generations.Thank God these one were caught.

  55. This world sef, how can this small boy be stealing and also be a of member cultism, on the mere looking i dont think that boy is up to 18yrs of age.

  56. This is really bad, I think investigation should be carried out carefully there is surely a reason for his act

  57. As young as you are you cant use your life on something meaningful except to steal go face the consequences of your actions

  58. Imagine this kind thing…. Young man like you.
    Anyway, that’s his choice but it is totally bad.

  59. This things are result of peer pressure and poor parenting. Many parents don’t have time for their children. Knowing who they have as friends and their life styles…

  60. This is so bad. This teenage boy. Everyday is for the thief and one day for the owner. He must face the wrath of the law

  61. At his young age, imagine what will happen if he grows older. I trust nigerian police they will correct his senses

  62. O my God,where are his parent,y allow this young boy go the wrong part,pls just punish and let him go

  63. Satan have destroyed the youths of nowadays…. God please come to our rescue…. Am afraid of the next generation.

  64. Crime should be condemned in all ramifications but Government should equally live up to its expectation by providing basic needs of the common man.That young boy looks so hungry though that shouldn’t be an excuse for him to steal.

  65. He should be severely dealt with. They should persecute him so that he will not go back and re-enforce and become a giant that will be scattering the society.

  66. Small boy like This! Why stealing at this tender age? This is strange oh.only God will help us oh…where are his parents?

  67. You’re too young for this, you may not be lucky next time and that will bring the end to your existence.

  68. This small boy stealing by this age is not good for the society, he can turn to real criminal in the future,they should take him to welfare to go and learn what life is about

  69. Hmmm young people like this are just out for stealing everywhere no jobs to do and they need to survive but please stealing is bad let’s try and avoid it

  70. Wat a generation how can young people of nowadays engage themselves in stealing.I know the country is not helping matters by giving them jobs but they should have engaged themselves in little legal work like carpentry,painting etc.Heaven helps those who help themselves

  71. Does this mean that some youths have nothing to do than stealing or joining a cult? No more home training or is it lack of home training?

  72. This can be traced to lack of father figure or the presence of a bad or dormant one. Our guys today need heroes. God help him

  73. How can this small boy become thief, that means he has been stealing before. They should ask for his master so that police will arrest them

  74. Nothing on earth is what risking our life’s for. What you don’t have today you have tomorrow.

  75. Our government has really failed us. Our children who are supposed to be gainfully employed are now roaming the streets stealing to eat or make ends meet. God save your people.

  76. Every day is for thief but one day is for the owner of the house, now that he is apprehended let him be made to face the music.

  77. This little boy endangering his life this way, am really sorry for him cos he has entered into a point of no return unless he changes

  78. Only God will intervene in the rate of young criminals springing up everyday. Parents have lose control over most of the children these days, the schools could no longer control them, churches too can not control them. Oh God intervene in this issues to bring crimes free society.

  79. See how young is he,? Instead of him to just be struggling for himself at least to become somebody in life

  80. This is very serious when young people can’t think positive things to do with their life other than negative things. I don’t understand why they are always involved in crime of stealing and killing. The love of money is really the root of all evil.

  81. see his face, dat guy doesn’t luk lyk someone dat will change if he is pardoned,so d best tin is to deal wt him.

  82. Imagine this small boy going into stealing instead how thinking about how you will successful in life and stay productive.

  83. As you young so.can’t you work. You must be really dealt with so that it will serve as lesson to the rest of them

  84. I’m happy he was apprehended. This will serve as a lesson to some other few person committing similar offence.

  85. Evil in the land. No one is a small boy or girl again o. Parents should discipline their wards to avoid bringing a bad names to them.

  86. This boy needs serious deliverance…
    Imagine stealing at such a young age…

    May God save his soul ooo
    If he continues like this, he will definitely be killed by firing squad

  87. Look at this small boy that their mates are in school thinking of how to pass their exams. He is busy practicing arm robbery at this Young age.

  88. All these small children don’t want to work and even after being caught the others will desist from steal. Serves him right

  89. What is the need forcing him to drink the best drinks he stole, the vigilantes did well by apprehending him.

  90. that was how anini started . luck ran out of him now he has seen what it is leading him to to his doom

  91. Is really bad for bad to engage himself into such act of robbery at his age…. When young zealous youth are doing useful things that will make impact to the world…..

  92. Oh lord, stealing at this age. May God make h change after been released. Theft is a deadly disease indeed

  93. This is as a result of the high level of poverty we have in Nigeria
    We shouldn’t just blame the boy

  94. At this very young age he’s already into cultism and robbery, there are many children like that in the street,what’s the future of this country?

  95. This trend of young boys and young girls becoming thieves and harmed robbers is becoming the norm in BY.. You see them everywhere in Tombia and Yenagoa capital shining their eyes on travellers in broad day light.. And the major problem is the cult activities that initiate them into cultism from there they progress into robbery.. The government is busy politicking whilst the state is under criminal activities same thing is happening in Delta state.. Their government must wake up

  96. What kind of hardship must you have faced that would make such a young boy risk his life like this

  97. This is so bad at this age, the government should do something to help the boy before he turn to something else.

  98. Nice one to the Nigeria police on doing a good in catching this thieves. Some of this young probably because they need to survive thats why they steal.Government has to do something about the situation of this country.

  99. Its such a pity and i hope God will forgive him and he will be given another chance to prove himself

  100. The police should teach him a lesson and after that he should be discharged coz he’s still under 18.

  101. What on earth does this boy think? Life on a fast lane kills fast too, he’s too young to become a terror to the society. He should be punished and also be enrolled in a rehab home.

  102. Ehya bad market make person catch you around 5am when you stealing is kinda bad. nah prison sure for am

  103. Instead of going to school you decide to go and steal …………………… Devil is very wicked

  104. What a problem the young biy thats suppose to be in school he is now caught stealing what bad thing

  105. Very young doing this nonsense God have mercy and if Care is not taken that is how he will be growing to be an armed robber

  106. he needs to be punish but still needs help to be reformed and be a positive light to the society

  107. All these young boys should go and do something with their brains. Must stealing be the last option…. Hmmm.. Only God know where his parents are

  108. OMG! This is Really a small boy.what lead you into it.please we parents should always take it as our responsibility to look after dis innocent souls we use our hands to call from wherever dey wia.infact if I was d police,i will leave dat boy n arrest his parents.

  109. What ungodly act at this age. stealing is not the option. After this jail term you will know the difference between law abiding citizens and the implications of been a criminal.

  110. Wow flabbargasting
    Wat a young boy at such age the law should
    Punish him for others with such intensions to see

  111. I still wonder how our youth keep busy destroying their future,i’ll like to use this opportunity to call for government and other responsible authorities to please tackle such problems in our societies

  112. Most of these petty thieves go into robbery or stealing to raise money to pay for their cult dues and Bayelsa is one den for cultist. They call it club

  113. Some small boys nowadays are too lazy to work all They want is quick money, he should be punished

  114. This world is just turning upsides down day in day out, young boys of nowadays don’t think of working but making quick money. See your life.

  115. Instead of you to go to school you are robbing people around the town.You never lived by name.

  116. She this small thief…lack of proper upbringing…but he has been stealing a long time see all his body full of cares he must be a hardened criminal…anyway above 18yrs as per constitution he will face the law no mercy

  117. This serves him right. As young as he is, he doesn’t have what to do than to steal. I hope he learn his lesson well.

  118. Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner . He will surely serve has a lesson to many others

  119. His age has not given…but I know he’s so young to start doing this…his parents needs to be blame cos at time they have failed in one way of the other..

  120. Look at him with his ugly innocent looking face..i’m sure he’s below 18…let him be arrested.

  121. I disagree with you,is not successful cos he was caught and thank God for dat, someone should redirect him cos he’s too tender

  122. What kind of a world are we living in? at that tender age he’s already involving himself in some of the most serious crimes in the Nigeria,he should be punished by law

  123. This is very terrible, imagine a small boy like this, may God help this nation, this is getting out of hands.

  124. Thieves here and there I don’t know why youth of nowadays does not want to work may God forgive him.

  125. What is this life turning into now all this small small children don’t even know what to do again than to be stealing.

  126. What is this life turning to my God? You that is supposed to be looking for legitimate job to do, everyday is for the thief, a day is for the owner and that day uses to be a bad day for the thief. He should be jailed to teach him a lesson of his life and others who may want to indulge in armed robbery

  127. Thank God that he was caught. All these young boys be disgracing my state. Let all of them be caught

  128. Chai what this happening to our young ones,no value every one thinks crime is the easiest way to make it God deliver our society

  129. Oh young boy what do you want for yourself? You are too young for this please channel your energy to something better

  130. Hmmm nawa ooo
    How can a young boy be involving himself in such a risky thing
    All because of money…
    How much his he going to get self

  131. Hahaha, the security men are funny though. But I don’t think he will be jailed if he is a Minor.

  132. Haha! So incredible so at this ur age u are not willing to work and u want to b a better guy foolish boy

  133. Whatever might have prompted this young soul in doing this should be discouraged and prevented at the root in the society

  134. What a pity, young guy stealing. Poverty and hunger is the major problem of Nigerian youths

  135. The time he will use to learn hand work he is using for something that there is no gain,i hope he Change after the beating

  136. Age doesn’t stop anything
    This is the state were the country is at. Young boys that should be in school are stealing

  137. I see no good in these cults as all they do is motivate young lads to do evil
    And this is a serious problem as many others like this young lad whose mind has been corrupted will still go around creating vices
    This is a dangerous development

  138. What could have led him into this act? Just too bad the a young boy will be involved in such.

  139. And these young lads who steals are more dangerous. They can kill just to collect what does not belong to them.

  140. Look at his face. They should have bruised him very well. His mates are struggling to school, his own is robbery. He should be jailed to learn his lesson. There is jail for teens like him.

  141. No matter the hardship, stealing is not an option for anyone especially youth, young ones. He should be punished but directed and counciled. Studying is no longer in their minds but how to make fast money. God help this generation

  142. LMAO… After a successful one?? Village people really tie wrapper fo your matter. Well face whatever judgement u get. So you don’t try it next time

  143. do i hear somebody say small boy…let him be dealt with seriously otherwise he will become a notorious harm robber.

  144. Although am not in support in what they did but putting cuffs in their legs is too much, if this is done to these boys then what should be done to our politicians

  145. Small boy like him that’s how they started before you know they become threats to the society at large.

  146. This boy is too small to be doing this…..he has probably given his parents a bad name for doing this

  147. That’s bad for the boy…. They should tamper justice with mercy. The boy is too young to b condemned

  148. Children of nowadays, I don’t knw what our country is turning into
    They should just hand him over to the police please

  149. He should be put in a correctional home where he can be reoriented. Stealing at that age is bad and he stole irrelevant item

  150. Our generation is really getting decay.. parents need to wake up to teach their kids the right thing. I advise the boy be taken to a correctional home

  151. See the young boy. What does he need money for. May God help us. He should be forgotten behind bars

  152. This young boy should be in school, is well whatever that lead him to this hope after this he learns his lessons

  153. It’s really a good thing that the young thief was caught, because he’d advance into a professional if he wasn’t apprehended by vigilantes

  154. Very good the way he was caught in the act. If only the Nigerian police force could be more active like this.

  155. What a promising looking young man, who would have been somebody in future now turned to thief from childhood, what a pity…!

  156. Good for him, he should provides all he has stolen and be jailed for him to learn a lesson for others. He’s too young for robbery.

  157. As much as I don’t pity him I still have to say they are bigger thieves in the Senate catch them and I will be impressed

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