Young men caught with body of woman they just killed for ritual in Aba

Two men have been arrested while trying to sell the body parts of a woman they just killed for ritual in Aba, Abia state.

According to the men, they met the victim via Facebook.\

Young men caught with body of woman they just killed for ritual in Aba lailasnews 3
Young men caught with body of woman they just killed for ritual in Aba

They were nabbed just as they were calling an Alhaji to inform him that they had body parts for sale, were stripped and tied by an angry mob after they were caught in Aba over the weekend.

When being questioned, one of the men, identified as Emeka said:

I’m from Ebonyi state. From Ukawu in Ebonyi state.

He denied knowledge of the murder and insisted it was the other suspect, identified by his nickname Million, that was responsible for the woman’s death.

Asked how they killed the woman, Million confessed:

We chatted her up online, through message.

“Is the girl a prostitute,” those present asked Million and he replied:

Yes, a prostitute. For Twenty five thousand.

Emeka can be heard in the background denying his involvement in the murder and saying:

Million, you won’t tell these people that I didn’t join you people in killing this person.

When asked how the woman was killed, Million said:

Na this boy (Emeka)  use rope tie am.

The woman’s body can be seen on the ground, with a lot of blood on the floor, close to her head. Her bag was also recovered from the scene.

At this point, a man in the crowd can be heard saying:

This is what they’ve been doing; kidnapping girls, closing their accounts.

This is what they’re doing. When they get the girl, they’ll close the girl’s account, beat the girl, kill the girl, and do all sorts of nonsense.

The man added that they strangled the girl after gagging her to ensure she doesn’t scream. They added that the men are ritualists and were caught trying to call Alhaji so they can sell the parts. They said they heard Million calling the Alhaji to inform him that they have a woman’s parts.

As they were being led out, the suspect from Ebonyi state, Identified as Emeka, said:

Sir, it’s this guy (Million) and my brother that are working together.

I don’t know this guy.

When asked for his brother’s name, he replied simply: “Chidera.”


  1. This is the outcome when youths don’t want to work but want to live an extravagant lifestyle and be the talk of town.

  2. This world is coming to an end, bad news coming out everyday.. Let those involve in such act never go unpunished




  4. Wickedness will not cease to exist in this world, one needs to be carefull of whom you walk with and where you go to. This is December and people are desperately looking for money by all means

  5. They are not working but found together with the body, how possible is that?(hiss). They should not be left unpunished, even she’s a prostitute at least she is human. May God always save us from the unseen evil ones and we all should be careful.

  6. Christmas is coming up, ritualists are out there looking for who to use for ritual. Everyone have to be very careful this period

  7. Oh God! Ritualist is now the order if the day…God help us o…And ladies should be content too with whatever they have

  8. Quite unfortunate, this boy’s are too desperate to make quick money without working for it, but they fail to understand doing rituals is more hectic. Please people let’s be careful and watch out may God protect us all Amen

  9. God will continue to expose people who have chosen to treat fellow humans with hatred
    This is a very dicey precarious time
    Be wise and careful for ur life is very important to us

  10. God have Mercy upon us in this country
    Why young people of now days full with bad attitude, let both of use their remain life in Jail.

  11. You she how it is they will kill am make money and then go to another state and buy all thiwr lands and claim big boy. God have mercy

  12. Ladies please Let us be careful, stop going on a date with the person you don’t know very well. As for the killers they should be punished for the inhuman act

  13. This is because youths sieze to work n now they start selling parts…. That young girl life just went like that whereby the alhaji is also a ritualist….what a bad world

  14. May God protect us against any evil dat these ritualist are planning. Just killed the woman for nothing

  15. Am glad they where caught this is so sad we all have to be careful with people we meet online and don’t know well. For this evil workers may the souls of all you killed trouble you until death how one can see a fellow human and kill is beyond me. Easy and fast wealth lead to destruction both here and in the hereafter

  16. Small small boys want to make money by all means nowadays.. And girls are the victims.. I pray our girls would be more careful and responsible… God save us all..

  17. All because of money , they jut wasted the woman’s life . Everyone needs to be careful and watchful of their surroundings

  18. Oh! this world is full of evil……… may God grant her peaceful rest and save us from the hand of the wicked ones

  19. What a wicked world. People are so desperate for money and can go to any length to get it. May God not allow us fall victim.

  20. Such a cruel world, young guys doing such a stupid act. they should be jail or killed as the law says. please don’t delay the justice because as justice delay is a justice denied.

  21. This is barbaric and evil. All in the love of money we dine with the devil. Just killed an innocent lady for nothing. More investigation be carried out to catch every one invoked in this crime and ritual act. God have mercy. what a wicked world we live in now. Nobody fear’s God again.

  22. What a wicked world we live in all in the name of money ..God please deliver us. Girls should be extra careful with people they meet online. Its becoming too

  23. what is this world turning into oo! God help us oo! killings innocent soul everyday because of money, they must be jailed

  24. * What a wicked world we live in all in the name of money…God please deliver us. Girls should be extra careful with people they meet online. Its becoming too much

  25. All of them committed the crime. I think anyone who commits murder should be killed as well maybe it will reduce. This is getting out of hand

  26. Bible said it that wickedness will increasing everyday, because of love of money.we should be very careful for our movement

  27. In the name of ‘I MUST GET RICH’ the evil that men do leaves with them coz he will definitely face d consequences. O Lord save your children from the hands of sons and daughters of darkness.

  28. This boys must not go unpunished. The girls too going up and down should stop and learn their lesson from this one

  29. This is terrible and may God help us in this country. Because of the way this present government is governing the country, ritual is now on the rise.

  30. Comment*people that feel they can take the lives of their fellow human beings shouldn’t be pitied in anyway

  31. Girls should be wise these days, this era is rough.if that man(emeka) says he was not involved then what was he doing in their company

  32. I first got this news on facebook this morning,
    I am yet to comprehend a height of this wickedness. Girls should please learn your lessons in laying around because of a change

  33. a lesson for all those slay queens . but justice should take place. and they should try and get the so called alhaji that is buying human parts illegally

  34. This rituals of a thing is becoming rampant. Why? Government should help the youths to avoid all these happenings.

  35. If i have an opportunity to work with the police we are going to implement a law which is anyone caught with any part of human should be killed, what kind of money are they looking for

  36. I really pity those using their fellow humans humans to make money someday they too will be used for money as well. Look at this little boys so desperate to make money

  37. All people want to do Money rituals,why ?
    Please let’s ask ourselves because Guys of nowadays are not ready to work…why?

  38. God help us in this month’s election is coming people are been killed for money oh God save you children

  39. They should help us tel the Federal government that youth don’t want to work again ooo,looking for fast wealth

  40. God help us oh,can the law enforcement also arrest the so-called Alhaji they were trying to sale the ladies part too?cos if their is no buyer this guy’s wouldn’t have killed her

  41. That is cruelty to humankind, they should be punished severely. They don’t want to work, but only want to get money

  42. All slay mama and those looking for Facebook love can you see how they operate what a wicked soul this boys are they should just sentence the straight this is wickedness

  43. O my goodness, this is the level of the search for money in our country, may the poor lady’s soul rest in peace

  44. Sometimes, I wonder the joy people derive from killing their fellow man.
    This is really bad. They shouldn’t be left unpunished.

  45. What a wicked nation, how can these men heartlessly kill to make money, their lives must also go for it, what manner of wickedness is that, they must go to jail for such wickedness, all murderers in Nigeria would not succeed on their evil mission, they will all be exposed in Jesus name Amen

  46. It’s becoming difficult to move about freely in this nation. Mind who deal with on social medial
    any body u do not know should be blocked from ur account for ur own safety

  47. God will help us, ritual here and there, every one involved should be Punished equally no one should be left out

  48. When will these killing ever stop?girls should b careful n stop dating any how boys o, cuz they r all ritualist now o a word is enough for d wise.

  49. Young guys are so heartless nowadays. How can they kill an innocent girl by trapping her from facebook. So heartless

  50. People should be careful on who they accept on the social media as friends and should be careful also on responding to invitations.

  51. They just wasted this woman life like that..
    Young boys for that matter all cos of the love of money

  52. Desperation to get rich is all over the land.
    Lord please save us and our loved ones from the hands of the wicked ones…….Amen

  53. People’s quest for money is too high so let’s not say that is what youths get when they don’t want to work, this could be you or a sister or still a brother the ritualist randomly target we pray they are always caught before perpetuating the act

  54. That one na medicine after death, assuming you guys were not caught will you say you are not among? They won’t go Scott free.

  55. See where making of quick money has landed u, it serves you right. And this is also a very big lesson to other aspirant. And for the prostitute, this is how u ended your life..i don’t really know what you wil tell your creator wen u get to heaven.

  56. That is Emeka’s business, all of you are going down. God will continue to expose every ritualistic and yahoo boy

  57. Ladies please us be careful of what we do the people we meet on social media,some are evil. What are you looking for, oh God have mercy

  58. We live in a wicked world…where people always in horry to become rich not matter what it take…

  59. what is the meaning of this. This is heartless, he should face the music. What a greedy human being.

    • strongly advice that proper precaution be taken so as to advert this wicked menace of desperate beings…as for those the police and law should ensure the full implementation of the law so others will take correction

  60. The woman died because of money,what a wicked world we are in,let the young men suffer for what they did and pay with death.

  61. What kind of wicked world are we into, God have mercy on this people, you must receive your reward

  62. strongly advice that proper precaution be taken so as to advert this wicked menace of desperate beings…as for those the police and law should ensure the full implementation of the law so others will take correction

  63. People are just too wicked. Why would you slaughter a fellow human being like yourself because of money? They should be punished

  64. May God help our generation. All because of money. Girls too are looking for money too not considering their lives. RIP to her.
    The two guys should suffer for what they had done by the law

  65. God help us. Dis kind of thing happen to anybody and this world is coming out with different ways of making money. May God help us

  66. Now u are trying to deny involvement. But if was successful, you will want to share the money with them abi. Nonsense

  67. Imagine! ! So this is the kind business you guys have been doing..rituals everywhere. ..Thank God their cup is full now..21 years imprisonment for them

  68. Its men that do rituals and dey won’t even use their fellow men ooooo, its d women they must use. May d lord deliver women from all this evil weaked men ooo.

  69. May jehovah save us from man killer, does people’s as forget that dey are also a human being like such person they want to kill is not good at all

  70. Being a prostitute does not mean she deserves to die. Its not a death sentence…these boys are responsible for this horrible act…Only them alone. Those of you typing and judging this girl, like you have not heard or seen regular people being kidnapped and killed.
    Like many of u married didnt take a risk to visit the stranger who later became your husbands? Please my pipo be reasonable for once

  71. These things are not really what people think they are. There are consequence that awaits a man in the future for every deeds.

  72. These guys are more than wicked, they are dinning with Satan. They just wasted this girl fir nothing. Girls has to be very careful of who they chat with on Facebook and never accept any useless friendship that may eventually lead to their death.

  73. God wil continue to expose all you evil doers.And all these girls that are after money,this is a lesson for you to learn.

  74. God please help us in this world every body should just be careful ,this is election time and things are hard

  75. Such a cruel world, young guys doing such a stupid act. they should be jail or killed as the law says. please don’t delay the justice because as justice delay is a justice denied

  76. Nothing that these devil’s incarnate wont do for money. They should be made to face d full wrath of the law

  77. God please save us from the evil ones, this world is really going to an end killing people everyday all is bcos of money.

  78. Some girls will not hear,
    Doing prostitution Upandan is their own way of making money, even with all the stories dey see online yet dem no go hia.
    It is well o, this two stupid guys should go to jail forever and for the idiot Alhaji wey dem dey call, na God go punish am for us!

  79. God will save us from ritualist oo.
    This country is turning into something else
    What a wicked world

  80. Our ladies should be contented with what they have.they should watch before they lift.we are in a wicked world now

  81. May God help us in this nation ooo. Hmm we have to be extra careful going to visit someone which his or her place is too far and which we don’t know each other before is too dangerous. May her soul rest in peace

  82. This is cruelty of the highest order. Those guys should be brought to book. All should be very careful on the use of social media.

  83. This is exmas period and some people want to make quick money. Hmm God will keep on exposing them one after the other.

  84. Why is this guy denying his involvement in the murder?
    What was he doing with the said murderer
    He, Chidera and million plus the alhaji should be arrested and tried
    Girls, should learn

  85. What a wicked world. For how much will they get that will warrant the killing of fellow human being. Assuming someone does that to their blood sisters how will they feel. GOD will surely intervene and wipe out all these murderers.

  86. I feel they should be punished for such immoral act.
    men now a days wants to make money,
    ladies now a day wants better offer.
    that will prompt man to go for illicit act of making money

  87. Wounders shall never end, money rituals .just to make money that’s why they kill this innocent lady.God

  88. Ladies please Let us be careful, stop going on a date with the person you don’t know very well. As for the killers they should be punished for the inhuman act

  89. May God protect us IJN.human being no longer fear God.they kill without thinking twice….thid is tragedy…evil.they should face the law.

  90. The days are evil, ladies should stop trusting everybody they meet online not all of them are good people…..

  91. Because of #25,000 you cute your life short the person that you have never meet before, may God forgive her sins

  92. The wicked shall not go unpunished. God shall continue to expose to expose all perpetrators of evil Amen.

  93. The laws are not deterring them. Either firing squad or something drastic. Especially where they openly admit committing the crime

  94. This is very bad..
    Ladies should really mind the way they follow guys up online to avoid “Had she known”

  95. Girl rest in peace. Those boys should be brought to justice for kidnapping and killing the innocent girl. Girls should really be careful this time around. May God help us in this festive period

  96. This is serious! Human ritual all in the name of money…. My advice is to us (ladies) we should be careful

  97. God please save me and my family from these evil men.. It’s getting so rampant and that will serve as lesson to otherS. Beware of strangers


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