Young man disabled after selling his kidney to buy iPhone

A young man is now disabled, bed-bound and needing constant care after selling his kidney to buy an iPhone, according to recent reports on Chinese media.

Young man disabled after selling his kidney to buy an iPhone lailasnews 3
Young man disabled after selling his kidney to buy an iPhone

The 25-year-old man, known by his surname Wang, had his kidney removed in an underground clinic before selling it on the black market for 22,000 yuan (£2,528) in 2011 when he was just 17 years old.

The teenager wanted an iPhone and iPad desperately in order to prove to his classmates that he was trendy, but his cash-strapped parents could not afford them.

His story shocked the country at the time, leading iPhones to be billed as ‘kidney machines’ by web users.

In order to raise funds for his gadgets, the high school student found three middlemen on a Chinese online chatting platform QQ, who promised to help him realise his dream – but at the cost of one kidney.

To complete the transaction, Wang travelled from his hometown in the eastern Anhui Province – one of China’s poorest provinces – to the southern Hunan Province in April, 2011.

He organised his travels secretly and neither of his parents was aware of his plan.

Upon his arrival, the middlemen introduced the boy to two surgeons, one surgeon’s assistant and one nurse, all of who worked at local hospitals and were moonlighting.

An operation soon took place at an un-certified clinic provided by one middleman to remove the right kidney from Wang, according to a report on at the time.

The kidney was then sold to a patient by the middlemen illegally and the recipient paid 150,000 yuan (£17,258) as well as $10,000 (£7,860) for the organ. Wang was paid 22,000 yuan – 10 per cent of the total profit – while the middlemen kept the majority of the money.

The boy immediately bought an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 with the money before returning to Anhui Province.

His mother only discovered the situation when she saw him with his new digital products. She wondered where he had got the money and Wang told her he had sold his kidney. His mother called the police.

After the operation, Wang’s health quickly deteriorated. He suffered from renal deficiency and later became disabled, according to citing a report from local news site VOC.


  1. This stupidity and over ambitious attitud, he should have heard patience and not by selling his kidney to achieve the earthly thing that will not cause him something

  2. What a costly mistake from a child. Children can be so foolish, he never knew he was causing harm to himself.

  3. I wish other Nigerians who travel abroad to sell their kidney should learn from Wang story and stop such act.

  4. You can imagine what he got himself into at such a young age.people shouldn’t long for what they cannot afford. Now he’s bedridden and his health deteriorated.This is a lesson to people

  5. This is absorb, why would an individual want to destroy his life for just iPhone , now I guess he has learnt it the hard way, what a pity !!!

  6. I am sure that a Nigerian boy will be more sensible not to do a thing like this for IPhone.

  7. Like seriously!!!…… Sold your kidney to buy iPhone???
    Seriously, that man needs jesus
    That’s the generation we find ourselves, get reach and die young….. I seriously wonder what he was thinking

  8. Aan shall surely reap what he has down. Let the gadgets save his life now let us see. Stupid boy.

  9. Is this not an act of insanity, people wont cut their coat according to their size, you want to buy iPhone that you can’t afford, enjoy your disability

  10. Others should learn from his own story you have to acquire patience before you can achieve anything in life you must not rush it

  11. How could a normal person sell his kidney because of an i-phone and i-pad, he values gadgets more than his kidneys, he needs counseling

  12. It is rather unfortunate for the poor boy he should have looked for job,he has become a problem to his parents now I hope youths will learn a lesson from this

  13. This happens when one is not contented with what he or she have,jst imagine he will be disable for ever because he wants to buy an iPad and iPhone,this is foolishness

  14. Lol.. Good news to people who have sold they soul to the evil… Stupid boy.. I pity ur parent’s

  15. What a pity to be disabled he should have try to work hard to earn Money instead of selling his kidney

  16. Selling your kidney just to buy iphone? Now see what you have gotten yourself into… I pity you..

  17. Are we going to say it is poverty!. Or lack of knowledge? Or the boy is just to childish?. 0

  18. I am short of words, the guy is incredibly stupid, why would someone in his right senses sell his kidney to buy an Iphone.

  19. This young man is mad and obsessed with material things, look at where it has landed himself, maybe they even removed his two kidney without his knowledge.

  20. This is foolishness, how can you risk your life all because of a phone …… you’re big fool

  21. This is a lesson for many. How will someone just because of iPhone sold out his kidney? Now he is suffering for the consequence of his action. I pray that he will get healed in Jesus name, Amen.

  22. The boy made a poor choice due to the lust for worldly things. This is something we all should learn from, not to tradeoff anything given to us by God for mere ephemeral things. I wish him quick recovery.

  23. Life is irreversible, he made a big mistake,now that amount will not treat his condition, wish him well

  24. There won’t be any ability in your disability I swear. Imagine person sell his kidney because of iPhone

  25. IPhone is now more important than life now,,the boy is very stupid for trying such a devil ish behavior

  26. In order to show off and display wealth, you sold your kidney, now your sick and needs help is that not stupidity. I hope you get better foolish boy

  27. This is terrible. Love for material things is about to cost you your dear life. Even the parents are careless. A child leaving the home and u are not aware of his ware about.lack of parental responsibility.

  28. So this habit of I must use iPhone is not only in Nigeria. Imagine he can’t even use the phone in a perfect health condition

  29. This is ideal foolishness, which would he have preffered, the iPhone or not been disabled… The bid to get rich.. Smh

  30. Is iPhone that expensive in China, or there is more on this story that has not been released

  31. You see what material things can cost, I hope the iPhone will take care if him now he is disabled

  32. This is sound so funny, just because he wanted to show his friends, he has arrived. If care is not taking, he might not be able to live long.

  33. Hmm a worldly things that will never last, hmm just for iPhone what a stupid decision did he make to him self idiot (rest in peace )not because he is dead or else but the way he will experience the bad things he did to him self

  34. Hmm a worldly things that will never last, hmm just for iPhone what a stupid decision did he make to him self idiot (rest in peace)not because he is dead or else but the way he will experience the bad things he did to him self

  35. Hmmm
    What will you gain when you gain the whole world and loose your to hell.
    He is suffering here on earth now.

  36. It’s a pity how one can risk his dear life for material things. Now he’s paying for his stupid mistake… May God have mercy on him and heal him.

  37. i think he has mental problem why on earth he will do such act because of iPhone? May aGod have mercy on this generation

  38. What shall it profit a man to get money and lose his precious life. I pray he survived it to tell the story for others to learn from it

  39. Because of iPhone and iPad, he is now permanently disabled, how is he going to use the iPhone now,
    I hope Nigerian youth will learn from this I MUST USE iPhone MENTALITY.

  40. that man needs jesus
    That’s the generation we find ourselves, get reach and die young….. I seriously wonder what he was thinking

  41. He should just pray that he will be alive to use that phone that is,if he does not sell it to treat himself

  42. This is the height of selfishness imagine i tell people what works for a might not work for be now who is going through the pains anyway is well I 0ray for speedy recovery

  43. Is a pity. Now he is disabled for life. Not even the phones will be of help to him now

  44. His desperation bcs of gadget made him 2 sell his kidney for just 10perc of the profit…terrible! big fighting for his life…This desperation is something else…OMG! shaking my head.

  45. Greediness is a bad disease.I pray God heal you.this we serve as a warning to our youth who are always after wealth and yourself and be contented with what you have

  46. Iphone 4 thats no longer in vogue , its a pity his life is at stake and a lesson to us all that nothing last forever

  47. You can imagine the nonsense he had to sell his own kidney for , just to impress people. Quickest recovery anyways.

  48. That is the kind of thing younsre in free society, child up bring and fear for parent and Godnis gone

  49. Iphone 1 legbe legbe….na everybody go enter plane?who no het d money no go enter night bus reach Abuja for morning?Who will he blame for his actions now?his parents are poor,why not manage d small pjone you have and work hard to be somebody in life…..i pity him sha but lessons has to be learnt one way or the order

  50. People should learn a very big lesson from it as it affects livelihood in general, just for a piece of metal u den remove the life God gave u

  51. Must he use that iPhone, now he has cause himself an eternal pain all in the name of using iPhone

  52. At the end today iphone 4 is useless no one would spend more than 15 thousand naira to buy it and his life and kidney being priceless is lost. I hope he gets better.

  53. That was an insane thing to do. His parents are now left with the burden of taking care of him. God help parents to raise responsible and well behaved children.

  54. Stupid fool. Bcos of iPhone. And those men, the surgeon and the nurse need to be arrested too. What an idiotic boy!

  55. Nawa oooo
    Things people do For material things that are perishable
    O well!! Life can make one take decisions that are dangerous
    I pray he lives and recovers


  57. This is a great lessons for those trying to do it too..buh m sorry for his condition may you recover quickly

  58. That serves him right, but it his is parents who are suffering to take care of him.
    It is the reward of greediness.

  59. He should have been contented with the little he was able to afford. Now he might be bed ridden for life

  60. Wow
    I’m sire they removed more than a kidney from the boy, he was young at the time buy he made a bad decision

  61. In his next life, he won’t date toy with his life let alone his organs… Others should learn from his own lesson because only divine Intervention can save his life as it is now

  62. Lol meaning of nonsense while will a person wake up and look him or her self and sell her kidnGuyey for iPhone

  63. Today’s youth don’t want to learn, but want iPhone, iPad, Porsche cars, may God deliver us from this generation of greedy children

  64. All because of IPhone he sold his kidney out God, now that he is disabled will he be able to use the IPhone

  65. If not for the fear of God, I would have said it serves him right.. May God visit him he’s time of need right now.. Vanity upon vanity.

  66. Others should learn from this,don’t try to do stupid thing because of your own selfish interest, you will regret it later

  67. It’s quite unfortunate. He was a teenager then, so he didn’t really know the implication of what he did. So sorry for the poor boy.

  68. What a costly mistake, selling your kidneys for money or what, now that he has sold his kidney what will he do next, l am really sorry for him.

  69. accessory will surely kill more and many people in this world, just take a look and extra mile this young man went thru, am very sure he his trying to impress someone

  70. This what I call inpatient. U see what his love for IPhone has cost him. I just wish greedy people will learn from Mr Wang’s experience.

  71. Nawao so he will not enjoy his money with good health, that’s his own benefit all the same sorry boy

  72. Those three Chinese middlemen,the surgeon and the nurse, infact the hospital should be sued. The young man is suffering because them could not advice him instead they missed him.

  73. Sorry for Mr weng hope he recover from the leg problems because as it now l phone can not save him

  74. He actually got what he wanted. It’s lesson to all that no amount of money equates life or any organs in our body.

  75. Oh man that’s wan of the most stupid thing to do BT I guest u av learnt om your mistake and wish u quick recovery

  76. Sold his kidney lost his legs what is the use of the iphone now, people should learn from this huge mistake

  77. Lolz, this guy is so serious and desperate for money, look at what his past mistake has put him to now!
    What are the use of those gadgets as to compare to your disability now and ill health!

  78. Peer influence! I want to belong. That’s the menace among the youth today. I hope Nigerian youth will also learn from this.

  79. I feel sorry for the poor boy now he have the iPhone and in a terrible condition. He have loss in both way

  80. Sold ur kidney cos of iPhone…good for you o..i are a lesson to others planning to do the same

  81. So sad some people like him are in Nigeria too desperate to have money others should learn from this

  82. So bad I think he did not have good mentorship to follow and he did not talk to his parent before he take steps I wish u quick recovery

  83. These people are dumb
    Selling your organ for just about 2k pounds
    And those middlemen are evil

    Given the young boy just 10 percent of money realized

    What a wicked world
    And foolish too

  84. This story should go viral to all Nigerians youths. I know most youths in Naija can do the same. Parents have to watch their wards and monitor their movement in order to curb this kind of a disgrace and liability

  85. Is it when you are now disable that you will be able to prove to your colleagues. As for I hate unnecessary competition in my life I do not joke with life nor take it for granted. I wish many will take this chance to learn from you.

  86. He is sic in the head to sell his kidney to buy an iphone. is it buy force to buy the phone and couldn’t go get menial jobs to be able to raise the money to buy the phone.

  87. I don’t understand is it that his not making use of his brain or what cos of iPhone and iPad he should his kidney what should I call this now that serves him right

  88. See the effects of peer pressure, just because he want to impress his classmates he went to put himself in a condition that could end his life completely by selling his kidney and organ. So sad, we should not as a result of impressing other injure ourselves.

  89. lover of money and durable things. this will be a lesson for those who have same ideology as you. anyway i wish u speed recovery

  90. This story is touching for sure.. So this is he ended up his young youth life.. For just iPad and iPhone too hmmm

  91. I think others should learn from this. Exchanging your kidney for material things is not worth it.

  92. Hope you buy the iPhone?
    People with their mentality just because you see people with phone your kidney is the only source of income

  93. Could this be possible that a Chinese, a country that produces phones now sold their kidney to buy iPhone. What is this world turning into

  94. This is stupidity in a high level. Because you want to prove to people that you are in the trend you have put yourself in a mess.

  95. He is a fool to pursue material things with his life,where is the iPhone now that he is disabled mcheeew

  96. SO sad. Why would you do such a thing. I even know someone who sold his testicles for 35k USD. Stupidity. I hope he recovers

  97. The price of taking a bad decision. He chose an iPhone over his health , oh Lord have mercy on him

  98. Hmmmmmm people are going too far because of martial thing, this the highest risk somebody can take in life.

  99. He decided to sell his kidney for vanity upon vanity..well as it is now only God that can save you now

  100. But why will a surgeon do that without a clearance? Things are changing in the world right now, you mean kidney for iphone! Boy are dead already, you are just buying time

  101. You wanted to prove to your classmates that you are trendy, now look where it landed you. It’s a costly mistake. I wish you quick recovery though

  102. When he did it years back. I knew something must surely go wrong. You can’t eat your cake and have it

  103. Life is all about making choices. He choose what is more important to him. Material things is more important to him than his life

  104. It’s so sad you have to be in this condition at this moment… Never you choose material things over your health. Health itself is wealth. Now you have to live your whole life disabled….

  105. He has just disfigured himself the kidney is his and he was given a peanut, just to feel among in the school hmmmm you will forever live to regret your action

  106. This boy had really crippled himself and devastated his parents. Those men dhould be arrested.

  107. Selling off ur kidney to buy iPhone just because u want to belong, abeg how will u enjoy using ur phone now

  108. Stupidity He Should Return The iPhone Back Where He Bought It And Collect The Money For Is Kidney.

  109. Just because of phone? And also traveled with out d consent of his parents. And now d parents has found out what he did

  110. He is a young, stupid and highly materialistic man. I hope his classmates even has to notice his gadgets

  111. Is he still alive? He should make way for people who value their lives better than materal things na.nonsense .

  112. This boy didn’t do well at all, and has brought calamity upon himself and his parents because of this deadly ambition.

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