Young man dies during cult initiation in Cross River state

A man simply identified as Miracle, has allegedly died during a cult initiation in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Young man dies during cult initiation in Cross River state lailasnews

According to reports the incident happened on December, 27th, 2018. Four persons have already been arrested in connection to the initiation gone wrong.

The Council Headquarters residents in Sankwala, woke up early hours of December, 28th to a gory picture of the young man, a native of Bayanung, Basang Clan, who had died in the course of his initiation rites of the fraternity.

Miracle reportedly died as a result of severe cuts to his body and head.

Four persons have already been arrested by Obanliku Divisional Police Headquarters, Sankwala, and transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters, at Diamond Hills, Calabar, that included an Evangelist, whose nephew was involved in the initiation rituals and unknown to him, the boy came around and passed the night in his uncle’s house, only for the Evangelist to know what transpired the night before.


  1. I don’t pity people like that. He actually got what he searched for. The police should just arrest those in connection with the crime

  2. The world rite now things an not okay in everywhere now the killing is too much left stop it before it get out of hand.

  3. whatever a man soweth, that he shall reap. he overstepped his bound and he has cut short his life as a result.

  4. It that a better way too be strong or rich, hardness is not when you join gag, now that your life is gone for ever what will you say on the day of account.

  5. This is too bad, why are young men doing this to themselves, of what use was the initiation to him and now that he is death will he be a cultist in the grave?

  6. Let him die very well and harder. Pls the police should release the evangelist o and look for the actual person

  7. people are thinking of doing better things so that they can enter into the new year well , only you killed yourself cause you can’t say no to cultism… You got what you deserve

  8. One thing that is keeping me away frm southern part of Nigeria is d issue of cultist, u dont knw who s who, May God help us

  9. Cultist activities has been reduced to it’s barest minimum in the metropolis, but now springing up in the more security vulnerable rural areas and interiors.

  10. What is this world turning into why should i joint cult and begore i join some some parts of my body will be cuts god forbid i pray that may god have mercy on his soul

  11. evil is taking over in this world God almighty have mercy what is the benefit of joining cult anyway rest in peace

  12. Why would he die when he has cut all over his body, apparently he was told not to do anything on the wounds… I’m sure some other men out there would learn to depart from evil thing like this

  13. A lesson for others who are planning on threading the same path. What a pity, he didn’t learn from the story of others

  14. How can we describe his death? An accident, or murder? This not acceptable in Nigeria, killing somebody in the name of initiation, it is very wrong. May his soul rest in peace

  15. Cultist are menace all over Southern parts of Nigeria, initially it was rampant in higher institutions, but if recent ir has spread to our secondary schools, motor garages and okada parks, they’re handy tools for unscrupulous politicians.

  16. Upon all Wha going on about cuktism some stubborn individuals stil have mind of joining secret cult ….I hope this will stil serve as a lesson and warning to those that are stil contemplating of joining

  17. Hahahahaha, I laugh because all the warnings the government is doing is only falling on deaf ears to some people. Now I know why they are always very wicked cutting someone to the extent of bleeding to death, #saynotocultism

  18. When will young people be wise that joining cult does not make you a man. Am even happy that he lost his life during the initiation and it will be a life lesson for the four persons that has been arrested.
    Be wise!

  19. He actually Got what he desered if he was also willing to be initiated and if that is not the case,May God save him

  20. In this modern life someone is still thinking of how to be initiated into a cult I think that serves him right

  21. Better for him. He should go and tell God that the beautiful life given to him was wasted in an evil act he was about doing

  22. What are they even gaining from being in the group you can’t be protected, you can’t even sleep in peace,its a lesson for other youths out there, be wise guys!

  23. That serves him right, hence he doesn’t want to use hisblifebto do something reasonable.. Assuming it will just be happening like this, they will all fear God and be careful on how they act.

  24. That serve him right because they have used the cult of a thing to terrorize people around, so I pray it will always be same to all of them

  25. Cultisim everywhere boys, girls, May God help us oh how that he’s what is his or benefits this is a big lesson to everyone

  26. They have preach it still some youth are adamant about this cultist of a thing say no to cultism it kills faster than HIV,there is nothing in it instead it terminate your life early enough rip

  27. This teenagers and cult practices, You will talk, government will warn them but still they will not listen. See where this has landed them now. One is dead and the rest are in prison.

  28. Nigerian youth and cultism, look at where he has ended himself. What is the benefit of being a cult member when you will end up being killed.

  29. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. You deserve everything you got. Pikin wey say mama no go rest, him sef no go ever rest

  30. What does he need in this world that he has not seen or thinks he might not get. Why join a cultist tho…. may his soul be at peace o

  31. No gain in cultist except Pain. Only God can protect not any cultists. He got what he bargain for. Police should arrest the rest.

  32. Why on earth would youths put themselves in so much mess. What are they trying to prove by the way. I won’t say good for him because I know right now he’d be regretting.

  33. You got exactly what he deserves, no pity at all for him. All these young guys looking for means of making quick money

  34. He just wasted his life for nothing, I have no pity for the young man he brought this to himself,,this will be a lesson to others

  35. Tooo bad but it is advisable for parents to teach their children way of God to stop them from such act. Watch your child with kin interest

  36. Ok, thank God it was him who did it that died on the process, not the one they will use another people. Good for him, if he is alive who knows how many souls he could wasted? That one is express to hell fire.

  37. God will continue to see us tru both our children. Involving in cultism is too bad and should not be done by citizens of this great country

  38. Can you imagine that, that serves you right and this’ll also be a lesson to those that wants to join cult

  39. The most painful thing is the Evangelist that was arrested with them due to the fact that Hus brother slept over in his house without knowing he has committed atrocity a day before.Its bad…

  40. This cultist of a thing sef and initiation. May his soul rest in peace. You killed yourself for nothing bro

  41. Very very bad news for a boy with future
    He got what he want…joining cultism is never a good thing but young ones wont understand

  42. What kind of initiation that involves cutting ehn?
    Anyways, this will teach our youths not to b involved in those barbaric stuff

  43. Imagine. Initiation into fraternity… It is a pity. May God forgive his sins and grant him eternal rest. Amen

  44. This is so sad! What a death! The late boy used his own hands to invite death to himself. What was he thinking when he made such a decision to join a fraternity society. May his soul rest in peace.

  45. All those involved should be properly dealt with, and the cult group should be tracked and disbanded to avoid more of this.

  46. The force men should arrest those in connection with the crime,anyway has gotten what he was looking for, may his soul rest in peace

  47. Following the wrong and easy way to make money leads to untimely death. Hope others will learn from your mistake. May your soul rest in peace and may those people that connected you to it be punished.

  48. If it’s happening like this it helps to reduce the rate of cutism in Nigeria.
    Others should learn from it.

  49. They should all be interrogated and adequate punishment given to them. As for the Miracle boy, he got what he asked for in the hands of evil men.

  50. What a world in 2018 you stil thinking about cult when your mates are busy going to scool…doing business and loking for money to upgrade their life….Rest in pieces senseless human

  51. Its definitely its destiny to die through cultism ..b.we cant say they should start awareness on has been going on so long..he gets what he asked for

  52. I’m sure some other men out there would learn to depart from evil thing like this. What was he thinking when he made such a decision to join a fraternity society.

  53. I think this is good for the young man so that in his next world, let him learn how to fear our creator. because it’s what he deserve is what he got for him been a cult’s.

  54. Miracle and Cult initiation, they do not fit at all. Look at the result. Our youths should shun cultism, drug abuse and other social vices.

  55. He deserved that to die..bad influence and gang cause great damage to communities, towns, states and countries generally

  56. The rate at which we the youths want to join this cultist is getting high despite what wev hard about joining it

  57. You want to have power and mouth, so you scatter anywhere you so you don die…I don’t know what people gain from being a cultists

  58. That’s so bad, what’s the benefit of becoming a cultist, may his soul rest in peace. I think the evangelist should be freed

  59. activities has been reduced to it’s barest minimum in the metropolis, but now springing up in the more security

  60. Only unwise people join such things, those cultist gain nothing but pain and sorrow yet someone still go ahead to join them, may his soul rest in peace

  61. God have mercy on us. The enemy has come to steal kill and destroy and we are given him chance to do it. I pray that this will serve as a lesson to others who are still preparing to join.

  62. People should learn how to say no to cultism, there is no gain in cultism. He has gotten what he wanted. Cultism is an easy way to die. Those involved should all be jailed. I only pity for the family of the dead.

  63. What a pity? He really died a shameful death. What is his gain of joining cultish and dieing due to cuts and wounds.

  64. See what these young boys do to their parent after raising them to become young men. Will this cultism ever stop.

  65. This is no miracle at all.
    If he doesn’t die now, he’ll still die later.
    Cultism is a ticket to death, not life.
    Gunslingers don’t wanna die. Hmmmm

  66. What on earth do you stand to gain from cultism? I hope this serves as a lesson for others nursing such intentions.

  67. Waste of destiny… I don’t know what this guys see in this…. May his soul rest in hell. And may God console his loved ones.

  68. That’s serves him right, in his next life to come that’s if there will be any, if he see or hear of such things called fraternity he will run 4/40 from it. I pray God forgives him his sins

  69. This painful
    This is what he cultivate
    His harvesting it
    He lured himself inside
    May God have mercy on his soul…

  70. They have be warned to shun cultist. What is he doing there??? He will face God’s punishment again.

  71. hmm, that’s the gain of joining the cult ,but he his going to hell straight If he doesn’t have opportunity to repent.

  72. Wake from the dead and find yourself in hell. Children of nowadays they just want to belong. The rate at which children join this rubbish is alarming.

  73. What a shame, I don’t know benefits the youth of nowadays derived from join a secret cult all in the name of protection

  74. Serious initiation gone wrong.. I wonder what people sees in joining fraternity.. Miracle you killed yourself, so rest in peace..

  75. Hmmmm rest in peace,,I think that will serve as a lesson to those of them out there who is planning to join cultists member.

  76. Is killing the initiatee part of the plan? Am sure if he knows he would have run foot his life. Who wants to for willingly? Serves you right anyways, just pitied for your family

  77. you life he probably thought he was strong enough …see what his chioce has land him into..please youth be wise

  78. Go and continue with the confraternity In the great beyond. Useless somebody, wonder why some sane human being will just carry themselves to go and join cult Now you are dead in the process of initiation what is your gain..

  79. Nawaoo. What do they gain from cultist anyway? Wish he was badly injured to learn his lesson but sadly he died. What a pity

  80. That’s good for him, his join can lead to good for him but bad maybe God uses that to prevent him from his punishment of evil cultist, all the rest those that had apprend and remaining must punish according to the Law.

  81. That’s what comes with cultism. Now he is not alive to benefit from those he thinks will protect him. This is now a lesson for others that wants to follow him.

  82. Can u believe it. Imagine with all the news spreading ” say no to cultism… He still went and got himself killed. For what?

  83. May your soul rest in peace.
    Now you have see the truth it can be your parents has been telling you but you won’t listen.

  84. May his soul rest in peace, good for him at least in his next life if he see cut or hear cut he will run

  85. I pity the guy because he will still be punished by God, this should other guys who still to join a great lesson.

  86. What is he going to benefit from cultism nothing but boasting of it and committing atrocities. Destruction in two ways.

  87. The rate of bad criminal acts happening in this country is to much the federal government should hands in this matter before it turns to something else

  88. That’s good for him, why will he need to join a fraternity for when he can join some other group of people

  89. May the soul of the man rest in peace.the police should make sure that the people involved should arrested immediately.

  90. Hmmn the young boy just lost his life like that because he wants to be a cultists because he was to be confidence our parents really need to be close to our children

  91. These teenagers will not listen to their elders. I believed Miracle must have being warned severally about cultism, where is he today? To others who are interested in joinnig cult, this is where you might end up. Be warned

  92. Pls others should learn from this there’s nothing good about cultism pls don’t allow any idiot deceive you.the reward for cultism is untimely death

  93. young people out there are using their youthful age to serve God and u decided to become a cultist
    What is your gain?

  94. What in God’s name is wrong with these guy’s. We keep hearing deaths among cultists and even attacks on their families, yet somebody will still be thinking of joining such a deadly and destructive group to what gain?..What a waste!!!

  95. I don’t believe cultism can be eradicated from our country.This is really very tragic.. The future generation is in danger.

  96. Why would you allow yourself to be put through such torture just to be with persons who are just like you??

  97. Yes better for him.. Instead of joining choir in church he want to join cult.. The leader should be killed

  98. This is good news,you see all these small boys,they will just be joining cult,they think they are doing someone,they want to kill for fun,this is bad of then and good for him,he pays the price early

  99. Curtis is not by force, it is a willingly determination. The members that wanted to initiate him should caught and face justices….

  100. we the youth of this country are ignoring the dangers of cults, we are seeking power and fame now, and we are forgetting the future

  101. Comment*

    hmmm. …
    someone will jxt wake up n say they want to join one nonsense cult group. what cud even b his reason? investigation shud b done n let dos dt master minded d plan b exposed n face due punishment

  102. May his soul rest in perfect peace Amen… In your next life if they ask u to come and join cult again you will run nonsense… U can’t wait for God time

  103. People look for quick money by joining cult unknown to them that the price they pay or will pay is far more expensive than live a better life to work hard and make your cash in a cool way and then live to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  104. This cult of a thing is just a way to intimidate others…they dnt benefit anything good from it .see how this young man ended his life ..hell fire direct! painful.

  105. Oh God! I wonder what this world is turning into,the man now just lost his life due to been initiated, may God keep us all, those involved in this act must not go unpunished.

  106. Many people have died as a result of initiations going wrong but young men will not learn. Use your youth so serve God, they will not listen

  107. Cultism ….cultism cultism …it is been sounded loud and clear the dangers in it but still …deaf ear are been given to those warnings.

  108. Some youth of these days are turning into something else,dying because of cult. may his soul rest in peace

  109. This kidnappers, cultist, killers, and any type of crime in this country it’s just because of unemployment may God help us true

  110. Whatever a man so that he shall reap, may his soul rest in peace and let it be a lesson to some young folks.

  111. Results of bad peer influence. Others are going for greatness and they chose to join the clique of bad apples. R.I.P to the departed soul. I hope justice takes its full course

  112. I wonder what people do achieve in cult. If you live by the sword , you will surely die by the swored. When people re thinking of something big, some are there looking for this that will damage their lives.

  113. Ea don’t have to pity those who make their self a victim, because they have to face the consequences.

  114. That served him right. This is a lesson to everyone who want to belong. May his soul rest in peace. I feel for his parents and family.

  115. That’s good for him…direct ticket to hell fire…when other are running to Christ for help and shield … U are joining cult.. U have seen the result nah..kudos to the state police for their effort let all of them be charge to court and face the consequences

  116. When they tell them cultism is not good, they will not hear. Now he is dead and gone forever to a Christless eternity without seeing the new year.

  117. Kill hundred persons through occultism, these young Nigerian boys without direction will still go for initiation…. They don’t learn. I am enjoying my life in Christ

  118. Na wa oooo…
    Just one more day to go and someone is dead via cult initiation

    Jesus is the way…
    Jesus is life

  119. What good is it being beaten before belonging to a group if really its a goot thing…have a deep reflection

  120. I don’t know what this people gain from cultists…… Now he has end his life the way God did not want. Well it will serve as a lessons for other people too

  121. I can still remember what my teacher in high school used to tell us…. ‘ the moment you sign into cultism, you signed your untimely death warrant…..’ well, I’m not surprised at his pitiable end, he must have been told the severity of belonging. May God help us all.

  122. What is gonna be your gain if u succeed the initiation, and thank God you didn’t last to succeed it, can u see your life am very sure you no gonna like where u found yourself now

  123. So, what would government do about such case? Initiation ceremony in cultism is unbearable. He actually put himself in the situation.

  124. Look how these young man wasted is life for nothing
    Cult again….
    You are going straight to hell
    What a wasted life

  125. They are not even hiding their activities again, doing initiation openly, this is really serious. May his soul rest in peace

  126. That is a good example to the foolish ones that are at the door waiting to come inside and what the miracle is looking for he had gotten it

  127. His death is not valuable cause what is the gain being a cultist.
    Where you go now find most of them there.

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