Young Ghanaian artist creates still life drawing of Goodluck Jonathan

A young Ghanaian artist, Bright Kpoha, artistically known as Realpen Pencil, on Tuesday entertained guests at Transcrorp Hilton, Abuja, where he did a still life drawing of former President Goodluck Jonathan from the billboard.

Ex-President Jonathan had launched his book, My Transition Hour, as part of activities marking his 61st birthday.

Young Ghanaian artist creates still life drawing of Goodluck Jonathan lailasnews 3
Young Ghanaian artist creates still life drawing of Goodluck Jonathan

Kpoha was watched in an open space transforming Jonathan’s still image into paper from the billboard placed in front of the Congress Hall, venue of the book launch, NAN reports.

The artist attracted attention of guests going into the hall as well as those denied entrance for not having formal invite.

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People gathered to watch Kpoha dramatise his drawing prowess, with his display of dancing, jumping and other skills as he drew Jonathan on paper with pencils.

Kpoha who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria after completing the drawing process, said he was motivated to draw the former President as part of his contribution to the book launch.

“I just want to present this sketch to former President Jonathan as a way of my contribution to the launching of his book, My Transition Hours.

He said he had done sketch drawing for 13 years and that it takes him an average of 50 minutes to sketch an image on paper.

“I did not check the time that I started this particular sketch, but people watching me should know. I am sure this was not up to 50 minutes,” Kpoha said.

The young Ghanaian said that his wish was to get one of the aides to the former President to help him present the sketched image to Jonathan as a gift.

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Kpoha said he arrived Nigeria for a competition about two weeks ago and he decided to stay to explore his drawing talent in Nigeria.

Kpoha said he was born on March 24, 1998 at Akatsi in the Volta region of Ghana, but he grew up in Lome, Togo, where he lost his parents when he was a mere two-year-old.

“I survived through entertaining my peers and adults in my neighbourhood,” the artist said.

He noted that he discovered his real talent at the age of seven, when he began to draw people with pens and pencils in a unique style, hence the nickname, Realpen Pencil.


  1. With God all things are possible, even with him being an orphan, he chose not to give up, May God multiply his creativity and pave more ways of success for him.

  2. Beautiful work of arts from a dodged budding artist.Hoping he gets the much needed assistance and exposure

  3. This a sweet article.i really like this, I
    am somewhat guilty of the exaggerated ellipse,
    always trying to make it just a tad larger. I will
    now double check my drawing first before painting.
    (I might add that turning a drawing upside down
    can be helpful in seeing hidden problems.)
    I do have a question, though. To me, the original
    angle of the cut open pomegranate is better than the
    full frontal view. It allows me to see a nice
    connection between both stems and helps move my
    eye back and forth. Do you think my preference of
    views just reflects that we all like different things
    for different reasons or does my artistic eye need
    some improvement?

  4. Some people are naturally gifted and talented, this are type of people government need to invest in them

  5. Well done. Your talent will not depart from you. It is possible some Nigerians might not even remember how he looks like much less talk about making an artistic picture of him.

  6. He did well. You can imagine the extra smile he added to Jonathan’s face on his birthday and book launch

  7. One thing is to have talent another thing is to discover that talent and make use of it. The boy make good use it his god given talent

  8. Oh my God, this is a good one, well talented and with this heaven will be your limit in as much as you lost your parents at a very tender age. keep it up

  9. this is so incredible , you are so amazing your good works will take you places . God will soon reward you sooner than expected. Well done.

  10. God given talent,kudos to him and please keep it up,the lord will see u through and u will excel beyond ur imagination

  11. This is Wow! Amazing. Thank you so much Kpoha for the excellent work. Happy Birthday Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

  12. I love that it’s better he creates good luck Jonathan than buhari Good luck you will have to show some thanks to that young man.

  13. Well work this Ghanian student,hope he get rewarded for the good work and deed he performed towards the former president

  14. Nice one Kpoha you did a great job. Your paintings are so beautiful and I pray that your coming to Nigeria will favour you in all ramifications in Jesus name Amen

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