You have leprous finger – Goodluck Jonathan fires back at Osinbajo

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to claims by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, that he plunged the nation into untold hardship, recession and debt.

You have leprous finger - Goodluck Jonathan fires back at Osinbajo lailasnews

Yemi Osinbajo who delivered a lecture entitled, “Restructuring and the Nigerian federation,”  as part of activities marking the 40th anniversary of Association of Friends in Lagos, told those present that Former President Goodluck Jonathan left Nigeria with debt and ruined the economy due to the alleged corruption under his watch.

Reacting the statement, Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesperson, Reno Omokri who countered the claims wrote;

“My attention has been drawn to regurgitated and discredited allegations by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo blaming former President Jonathan of saddling Nigeria with debt and ruining the economy by the alleged corruption of his administration.

“How can Vice President Osinbajo, a man who had just been indicted by the House of Representatives in one of the biggest corruption scams ever in Nigeria’s history, have the gall to point accusing fingers on Dr. Jonathan, a man that is celebrated internationally for his efforts at achieving Nigeria’s best rating in Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Rating when Nigeria improved 8 paces from 144 to 136 in 2014?

“Having read through the sordid details of Professor Osinbajo’s corruption as revealed in the indictment by Nigeria’s House of Representatives, it is easy to understand why Nigeria made her worst ever retrogression in Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception under him this year, moving 11 paces backwards from 136 to 148.

“On the issue of debt, the fact remains that in the entire 16 years that the Peoples Democratic Party governed Nigeria, the total amount of money borrowed was ₦8.06 trillion Naira. These are facts sourced directly from the budget office controlled by the Buhari administration.

“However, in only 3 years, the All Progressives Congress-led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has borrowed a total of ₦10 trillion Naira. With this fact in hand, where does Vice President Osinbajo have the moral authority to point leprous fingers at former President Jonathan?

“The claim by Vice President Osinbajo that former President Jonathan left $$63 billion in debt is also a false claim. The Jonathan administration inherited $42.23 billion in debt in 2011 which were debts borrowed by the states and the Federal Government.

“Throughout the five years that he was President, former President Jonathan incurred the wrath of several state governments because his administration refused to guarantee their foreign loans.

“The reason that Nigeria’s debt has ballooned under this administration is because the Federal Government lacks the discipline that Jonathan had and are thus unable to curb borrowing by both the Federal Government and the states.

“For example, on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, the Debt Management Office revealed that in just 2017 alone, the Buhari administration borrowed ₦2.4 trillion to fund their budget deficit. This is besides other loans that they took in 2017 alone. That money is more than the funds borrowed by the Jonathan administration in 5 years!

“To show to Nigerians the profligacy and ineptitude of the current administration, I draw their attention to the fact that between July and August 2018, the Buhari administration claimed it had shared $322 million Abacha funds recovered by the Jonathan administration to the poor. Then a week after it made that announcement, the Buhari government borrowed $328 million from China.

“The question is this, why would you share out $322 million one week only to borrow the same amount next week? Why not use the Abacha funds to fund government activities instead of adding to the already strained debt burden?

“These are questions that Vice President Osinbajo should answer rather than making false allegations against former President Jonathan.”


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  1. Prof Osibajo needs to be reminded that he’s a lawyer and must make claims base on facts.
    By the way, I was so interested at the title of this article that I kept on reading to see where the formal president actually attacked the incumbent VP but only realised that he still don’t have the stomach to challenge anyone by himself. He’d always let others fight his battles for him.

  2. Elders statemen are slogging it out with one another. Where two elephant fight, the grass suffers. One just need to be very careful in meddling in big guns matters. They are both up to each other.

  3. Hmmm politics is full of attact mostly from opposition party , this claim that he has shared abacus looted fund to the poor citizen is not a good policy , Nigeria has external debt why can’t they use it to settle those external debt instead of sharing the money to the poor and how many poor will have a share of it,

  4. My main issue in this now is why osibanjo has made it a mandatory job to attack the former president.Being a political novice he should know that in politics no permanent friend and no permanent enemies.The way things are going, he’s becoming a permanent enemy and those pushing him knows what they are doing.Let him be wise and remember what happened to Tinubu after he spent all on burahi.

  5. Saying that it was Jonathan that brought the hardship Nigerians are facing is not true,because even during his regime our economic was rated as the best in African, so the present government should sit tight and see how they fix things up

  6. Apc, and everyone under the copy is as useless as a toilet tissue used to wipe out feaces in the ass. Why on earth will they lay accusing finger in goodluck . After 16yers of Pdp only 8.5trilion was borrowd and under 3years your government has borrowed 10t. And still nothing is moving forward in this country and you have the gut to call names. You are a stinking fool

  7. Osibanjo shouldnt have attacked the former president of Nigeria. All this child’s play should stop for Christ sake. He should have it at the back of his mind that one day he would also leave the post of presidency and whatsoever thing you do now will bounce back later. Live right!

  8. Nigeria has been corrupt from day one so they should not blame anyone instead focus on how to make Nigeria a better place

  9. We didn’t see the change they promised blaming each other…they should be matured and find a better way of solving our problems.

  10. It’s game over for these hopeless lots and they are still stuck blaming their predecessors. I am not even sure they know what time it is, sound reminder – it’s time to pack your load and go APC! Pack and go APC!!

  11. Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is far more better than this present gullible, insensitive, self-centered fellows that called themselves leaders. Since the emergence of APC nothing good has happened to this nation

  12. What fact do we need again that Jonathan’s government ruin this country to till moment and PMB government have been doing so much with little left . Yet you allowed all this people manipulate us again. They are all taking us for fools

  13. Ex president’s administration was based on lies and Nigeria thrived but here we are with the consequences. Never eat tomorrow’s yam today.

  14. This one that made Ogar Jona to speak out, just know that it’s a serious matter. Naija politicians with BLAME GAME especially in regime

  15. Let Vice president Osibanjo, tell that to their vision less APC not Nigerians. If in 3yrs they borrowed 10 trillion, that means in 16yrs they will borrow 53.33 trillion. Whereas pdp in 16yrs borrowed 8,06 trillion only.

  16. This politician talk when they want to cover their mess .how can he even talk about the previous administration. Even a baby will be able to know which was worse.

  17. The present government should stop all these blame games and activities.What should be top priority is growing the country’s economy and making life easy

  18. Leprous fingers indeed. Even though the government was corrupt under PDP rule, it is even more corrupt under APC and the hardship and recession is too much.

  19. Political talks everywhere! They should stop this nonsense and do their job instead of pointing fingers to each other.

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