You could lose 2023 presidency to South-West, Ngige warns Igbos

Dr Chris Ngige has warned the Igbos against losing the 2023 presidency to South-West, with their decision in the 2019 election.

You could lose 2023 presidency to South-West - Ngige warns Igbos lailasnews

Ngige who spoke in Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State on Sunday, said President Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection was the South-East’s shortest route to the presidency.

While the people of the  zone have failed in  their  bid to have one of  their  own as the leader  of the country since the return of democratic rule in 1999, the Minister of Labour and Employment believes they have a chance to grab the post if they play their cards right in the 2019 general elections.

Ngige who warned the Igbos against losing the 2023 presidency to South-West, said;

He said, “This man (Buhari) has only one term (four years) to do and go home, and an Igboman will replace him. But if you leave this shortest route and  take a gamble, you are on your own.”

He added, “If Igbo refuse to play their cards right  in next year’s  general elections, the South-West  will take away the chance from them.

“They will  produce the next president  after Buhari,  because the zone has shown demonstrable commitment to  Buhari’s  cause.

“My good friend Babatunde Fashola has blown the whistle. What he said should be a warning signal to the Igbo,  because you can’t stop the South-West from producing the next president of the country after supporting Buhari and the APC government.

“That is why I’m telling our people now to come out en masse in next year’s election and vote for Buhari, so that nothing will stop you from succeeding him in 2023.”

Ngige who claimed that the Vice-presidential slot given to the Igbo by the Peoples Democratic Party was a “mere spare tyre that might be used for over six years”, further stated that it is not  true  that Buhari hates  the Igbo, stressing that the late Dr Chuba Okadigbo, Edwin Ume-Ezeoke  and others were close friends with the President.

The Minister further stated that Buhari government had provided  infrastructure in  the South-East, and so deserve their support.


  1. this people don’t even have something else to think about,2019 elections have not been done,they are already talking about 2023 election

  2. Zoning and partisan politics is killing things cos wen sychos are produced by these zones, the parties adopt them thereby presenting senseless individuals to rule a nation. These attitudes increases stereotypes in Nigeria that a particular party is bad or a particular zone is wicked

  3. I don’t think the igbo’s are ready to rule bcus they have this one sided mentality of belonging to Biafra and not Nigeria and they would want to see this country be in two parts

  4. Ngige should go and sit down one place. What relevance does he think he has to advice the Igbos? Has he address the abysmal failures of his principal and the marginalization of the Igbos he is trying to convince?

  5. looking at what Mr. Ngige is say, i believe this is he”s own form of campaigning for Buharis, go one, i pray it works for you. but what i have to say, that voting is a right.

  6. I think the igbos deserve a chance to rule this country cause they have been sitting and watching other tribes rule while it passes them by if they are not allowed I think a civil war would happen and we can’t have that again in this global what

  7. Even when a man has failed he should still be voted because Igbo’s want presidency in 2023. We can not avoid another four years of suffering.

  8. You can start campaigning now for 2023, we will only vote for the right person. It is not a must buhari must be there for 8 years.

  9. Politics and it’s games, tell people to vote for Buhari in a more clearer way and stop connecting this upcoming 2019 elections which has not yet been conducted to the general elections to hold in 2023, people has the right to decide and vote for whom they believe will move this country forward

  10. We will cast our vote 2 d rightful person when d time cums,because you are not the one to tell us what to do

  11. They have not conduct 2019 election and they are talking about 2023 election. Is all about who will who will move the country and that is what people want so is all about who the people vote for

  12. They have not conduct 2019 election and they are talking about 2023 election. Is all about who will who will move the country and that is what people want so is all about who the people vote for so they should stop having that mindset of 2023 and face 2019 first

  13. Nobody should listen to this man, if you know that you really enjoy yourself this 4year go and vote the wrong person, but if you know that you did not , go out there get your PVC and vote the right person . Wether IGBO ,YORUBA OR HAUSA, all we need is someone who has the interest of the people more especialy the youth at heart.

  14. Whoever wins in the 2019 election is not my business. My business is good representative of the government

  15. Political statement. one thing is sure am the one to vote for my preferred candidate and not anybody forcing me to do so.

  16. I do not go with his points. What will be will be. Let the year come first, is the masses that will vote who to rule over them. Not statistical table from him

  17. I believe the Igbo’s are not ready for presidency any time soon, couple with what is going on in this current administration

  18. so we are to go through another 4years of bad leadership just because igbos want to rule in 2023?what is this man even saying?

  19. I don’t believe that routine of his let 2019 election come and go first,we just want a free and fair election

  20. People tired of the governance, don’t convinced Nigerian to decide whom to vote for, I urge my people to vote wisely

  21. Politics… Let everyone cast his/ her vote to whom they tink it deserve…. Don’t campaign for buhari….without your campaign Bihar will still be our next president…

  22. Nigerian politicians, y not focused on this 2019. What will b will surely be. Pls let us pray that God appoint the man after his heart for us.

  23. How did we get here , is election no longer the decision on the masses? Is it now an appointment? Let’s stop being illiterate graduates pls

  24. Politician and personal interest not about the good governance, 2019/is approaching we discussing issues of 2023….

  25. Politicians and there game..let’s get our voters card read ,that’s the only power tool we have as a citizen of this country

  26. He has come to the people again because it is election period so as to sweet talk the people, all the things he said are the things that will favour him in 2019, may be he has the intention of running for presidency in 2023.

  27. So you’re worried about 2023 when we are yet to survive 2019. We nees a good leader no matter where the person will come from

  28. This is a threat to the Igbo people that Ngige is talking so. Though it s still a ploy to get people to vote for Baba

  29. This man didn’t have sense you are not through with 2019 then you are concluding what we happened in another year are you God

  30. There is no possibility for the next president in 2023 to be an Igbo because the present vice President is a Yoruba man . So the Yoruba people have more possibility to produce the next president

  31. Oga forget about 2023 and let’s concentrate on 2019,you are just campaigning for your master buhari, what of all the promises to Nigerians by your party APC has they fulfilled it,just admit that your party has failed the nation. A lot of hunger in the country and you are telling your people to vote for buhari, so that they can have power in 2023,shame on you ngige

  32. You have not right to tell the igbos who to vote for ….if buhari loved the igbos so much why is it that his VP is not an Igbo man

  33. If They are after the 2023 Election while 2019 election haven’t commenced… That shows they have Something in Mind to do…. But God knows the next president already so no worries

  34. And that should be the only reason to elect a leader? My only hope is God’s kingdom. The government that will bring God’s will to be done on earth.

  35. Ngige should stop this his political nonsense, all this is a ploy for the Igbos to vote for Buhari in 2019. Let everyone vote for who they want, no one should be coaxed to vote for who they don’t believe in…2023 is still for, 2019 is just by the corner that is what we are after.

  36. Oga lets us face next year election first, ur forgeting that 4years is not 4 days ….when we get to 2023, we will cross the bridge

  37. When we get to 2023 we’ll across the bridge, might be surprised how tides can turn in a space of a month, now think of 4years…

  38. Actually he’s saying it base on the power transfer…. Power truly most change hands but don’t use it as a yardstick to woo your people on voting for him…… Let them me their choices…

  39. Any way most of you people’s dont either they were going to rich 2023, and dey where now talking at it as if it was tommrrow

  40. Should we still be concerned about regional sharing o presidential powers, when will we start practicing true democracy that depends on candidates personality and not region

  41. Let’s talk about today, 2019 before 2023,with this present economic recession does ngige think buhari is even gonna win the 2019 election!!!

  42. Politics as a wit has changed, now the reverse is the case, 2019 election is still on ground and 2023 is disturbing some people. Political disability is high on him.

  43. Any South-eastern who will support Buhari bcos of the infrastructures he have mount in South East sells himself to slavery. This 2019 election should be based on giving another government chance bcos Buhari’s own failed

  44. Political statement, even if igbos vote for buhari in 2019 there is still a tendency that an igbo man might still not be president in 2023, igbos vote wisely and don’t let these politicians deceive you

  45. Nigeria politics is some thing else, every citizens have their right to choose how they like and will vote.

  46. Just imagine the calibre of people in our political class.Very selfish and self centred individuals. Imagine what Ingige is using as a bait to canvass for votes for this failed government. In fact I’m so pissed off right now.So we should continue with this clueless government just because he wants presidency in the south east come 2023? He doesn’t even bother him if hunger or insecurity consume every one before then.I can see how selfish our politicians really are.NONSENSE.

  47. people are talking of 2019 election to come you are talking about 2023 how do you forecast self and how do you reason. please think well

  48. We still have a long way to go we are not yet in 2019 you are talking about 2023,is the man in his right senses

  49. I think he is right . Buhari has only one more term to use rather than atiku . I hope they play the card wisely

  50. All these old men contesting for election should step down and give youths the chance to emerge as the president next year.

  51. Why are you are you contemplating,you better go and sit down, let’s 2019 come first and then we will know whats up

  52. Its better to loose ooo than allowing him to ruin people’s life with his cows.
    He doesn’t value life.

  53. Ngige hope you know that Nigeria is not APC company this one you are say an Igboman will replace Buhari in 2023?

  54. All these 2023,election for Igbo president is a scam let us just vote wisely next year before going to 2023

  55. I don’t think the igbos are ready to rule this country they just have a side mentality to share this country.

  56. These attitudes increases stereotypes in Nigeria that a particular party is bad or a particular zone is wicked. God have mercy in Nigeria give us a leader after your own heart

  57. What is this man blabbing about? So in order to win election u have to support a particular group of persons? Not just anybody but one who has failed woefully in his duty to his nation. Please just get out!

  58. they’ve never being united pursuing the same course except the civil war,however,the ball is in their court this time just as their kinsmen has told them.whether they will listen and act to his words depend on them

  59. 2019 Election is just by the corner. Any one can campaign for whoever and any one can as well vote for whoever.

  60. So Mr Ngige is trying to convince us to vote for Mr President come next year, maybe he has been settled. We are still lamenting on 2019 and he has jumped to 2023, please Mr Ngige are you okay?

  61. Why not let’s pray and be optimistic to see the year 2019, instead of talking about 2023, Gods knows all and he has it all planned. Do these people ever think of anything else other than their political games?.

  62. I don’t believe that even if the south east vote for buhari, the Igbo’s will be given presidency by 2023.. it is just a fallacy.

  63. Using such words to lure then to think deeply and choose a leader that we give them room tintype the country.

  64. A house divided against itself can never stand. The igbos are disunited and so therefore until they come together like the military slogan ‘espirit de corps'(spirit of brotherhood), they will never occupy the number seat in Nigeria.

  65. We’re not afraid to face the challenges that will come.Because even the north won’t give up by then

  66. As far as Ngige is concerned ,he speaks rubbish all his life ,the man is a political bigot ,who receives peanut from APC.

  67. I think he is confused. These are the people that will collect bribe and come out to make confused statements.

  68. I think he is confused. These are the people that will collect bribe and come out to make confused statements. Please we Nigerians should vote wisely.

  69. This man is one of the unserious ministers in Nigeria today. Ever since he was dragged to the Okija shrine when he was a governor on stolen mandate, he has not been normal. Not coordinated Most of the time. He talks before he reasons. Too bad that he has to sell himself so cheap.

  70. Partisan politics is killing us gradually. So your people should not vote for whoever they really want to because of 2023 ambitions of some people.

  71. We are about to drive into 2019 wr have not yet discuss how the year is going to be a fruitful one and stop this hardship you are talking of 2023 election which is 4yrs to come

  72. This people the should stop counting their chicken when the egg hasn’t hatch yet. They should concentrate on next year election.

  73. We only need one person to win the presidential election and the person is the true man of the people not a dictator. God bless Nigeria.

  74. All we need is a true leader from any part of the country irrespective of his ethnicity. Stop this lies,misinformation and deception about Igbo’s guning for president. All we need is good governance. Enough of this deception, to set the record straight no single presence of federal government work in south east. I stay in the east please. No single good federal road in south east. I have chosen whom to vote and you can’t deceive me or us with this lies.

  75. Are you a prophet, who are u to predict what will happen in 2023. So if they vote Buhari they will not loose. None sense

  76. Thanks for the info bros ngigi we are willing to take our chances dis up coming election we have suffered enough

  77. Well you have said your own, you have a mouth you must talk, if you weren’t an APC member, your speech will be different. We have heard you, you can go and rest now

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