You are not meant to be in the Kitchen – Bisi Alimi to Nigerian women

Popular gay rights activist Bisi Alimi has a word of advice for women and according to him, they are not meant to be in the kitchen alone, but in the office making money.

Bisi lamented that most Nigerian women have relegated themselves into the kitchen and leaving the men to struggle for the jobs. This according to him is wrong and should be corrected.

You are not meant to be in the Kitchen - Bisi Alimi to Nigerian women lailasnews
You are not meant to be in the Kitchen – Bisi Alimi to Nigerian women

He however charged them to rise and take up their rightful spots in the society, which is in the office

He wrote:

Dear Nigerian women, I am writing to you as an employer, pls be bold, be assertive. Apply for jobs, apply for training opportunities, put yourself out there. It is really sad to see that 99% of applications are from men and when women apply, they are mostly the best.

These men apply for jobs not because they are good, sometimes they dont even know what they are applying for. They mostly apply for these jobs cos they are men and they can.

When women apply for job, most of the times, they do because they know for sure they can do the job and this is why it is sad.

This is what patriarchy does to your mentality, it screws it up. It curbs your progress, it stops you from moving forward,

Nigerian women, your place is in the office making money and not in the kitchen making dinner.



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  1. Hmmmmmmmm what your business with women thought you are only interested in men. It is not must for a woman to work . they are ment to assist their husband.

  2. Women must not be relegated to the kitchen simply because they want to be good wife’s. They should learn to move out. Thank you Bisi

  3. he is right, Nigerian women needs to change that idea that they belong to the kitchen, they should also work and help their man and its not a bad idea if a man helps his wife in the kitchen

  4. Yeah that really correct but still have apart to play in taking care of their homes. They are still d pillar that strength d home

  5. Yes ooo. I’m in support. It’s high time we change our patriarchal mentality but that doesn’t mean we women should neglect our homes.

  6. True talk Bisi, let our men, husband’s read this and allow their wives and the women folk to work. But it has to be a work that would give you time to run your family.

  7. A good one, a call for women to wake up and take their place in the society. Women are not meant only for the kitchen but also to work, earn and assist the family.

  8. Is true
    But am against it because most employees always employ woman so that can be having secret affairs with them, and you know Woman can do anything because of Money
    They accept and have sex with there boss
    But source can’t happen in the kitchen

  9. Funny. How could agay have interest in women? A woman s place is not only in the kitchen though. She could work also and attain her career objective s

  10. They are what are they meant for then staying at work or office is not what they are meant for let them continue to stay in the kitchen

  11. We are not meant to be in the kitchen neither are we meant to compete with the men. Preach from now till world end, African will not accept it

  12. This is right women should not only have office in the kitchen rather they should also be out there making money as well.

  13. Bisi alimi you are right Women must not be relegated to the kitchen alone so during that they will assist each order in term of financial aspects everything will not come from the men alone

  14. Some people’s view are not meant to be made open to social media. You can’t bring your problems on air and use it to deceive others.

  15. Sure women are not meant to be in the kitchen,but they are meant to cook for their hunsband,so bisi don’t get It wrong

  16. U have said it all time has passed when women answer “oriaku na odoziaku” they should step up to the society to take up what belongs to them in order to help their husbands in the family.

  17. Yes ooo I agree with you, gone are the days when a place of woman is in the kitchen. It ve got to stop, we need to develops ourselves and be more useful to he society.

  18. Nice one bisi, but that doesn’t mean they can take care of they home’s,, women are still meant to be in the kitchen but not always

  19. Nice one but am sure Bisi is not yet married became if he his married he won’t advise ladies to start working in office’s.

  20. No matter what you say they must discharge their duty in the kitchen as a house wife. So it has tale we are hearing all this simple.

  21. I agree with u but in Nigeria here man makes rules in his own household so even if u are a women and ur man relegated u from work it means he is cape able of the taxes

  22. The dude deserves some accolades, seriously gone are the days when ladies are subjected to the kitchen and the other room only. It’s time for ladies to voice out their opinions in public matters and events.

  23. If he had women are supposed to be assisted by men in the kitchen I would have agreed with you but you saying they are not meant to be in the kitchen I totally disagree with you. It is the duty of the woman to be In the kitchen.but am not saying they are limited to being in the kitchen and cook they can also be assisted be the man but you saying they are not meant to be in the kitchen you are totally wrong.

  24. What is your own on how individuals run their house, you wont be the one to advice them on how families should live their lives. correct your own house first

  25. He is not supposed to make that comment that women are not met for kitchen, women does alot of things but they still have to end up in the kitchen.

  26. At least you are right, but that doesn’t mean a woman should neglect her responsibilities as a wife and a mother because she is working

  27. At least there is a man with sense, some men don’t understand this, everyone needs development.
    And both men and women should be in the kitchen, it’s just understanding.

  28. Is only a lazy woman that ends up in the kitchen, woman are to work and assist the husband. We are meant to assist each other, means that not only woman can go to the kitchen.

  29. If any woman wants to end up in the kitchen in this word we are living in today then is her problem because not only should she work to make money but to be useful to the society and herself

  30. Well you are right, women are not meant for the kitchen alone.Women are not liability but asset, work and earn money to help your husband financially

  31. Am not sure a normal woman in this difficult times still leaves with that naive saying that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Women are blessed with inner strength that enables us to work both outside home and in the Kitchener

  32. Quite right it is for the women to also work, not only being in the house. I like it when a woman work to earn something for a living. They are not marginalized in this aspect.

  33. This a funny Shaaaaa
    If women should stop going to kitchen that men should take over the kitchen and let women take over the office lol

  34. Lazy Nigerian youth, you are. Are you now tired of working? If they ask men to enter kitchen will they agree? So who will hunger kill. Please carry this your distorted philosophy and shift. There are many pending matters a strong woman must address.

  35. It’s full housewives that stays mostly in the kitchen. We have carrier ladies too. The fact that they did not come to your side for job opportunities does not mean that all of them are in the kitchen waiting for their husbands to bring money home.

  36. I think everyone have their opinion nobody makes you the speaker please next time you go on air try to speak for yourself ok.

  37. Women have potential and are capable of many things. I support the call for them to work and explore their potentials.

  38. A guy is a guy who supposed to be talking about about men,go and continue to speak with your fellow men as wives until when you are done with them.

  39. Still doesn’t take away the fact that women still owns the kitchen. Civilization kind of turning things upside down.

  40. Where are the jobs Na, most people that apply are even women sef, but no jobs everywhere, that’s why women end up doing business or fall back to hand work, to me I think that’s the best for a woman so she could take care of the home

  41. He’s right and his notion is a righteous one, although most educated women in out millennium are no longer in the confinement of the kitchen, instead they indirectly confine their better halves to the kitchen.


  43. Wonderful and striking points, women should not limit their potentials and destiny, they are also created by God as a blessing, they can also take up good responsibilities

  44. Whether your guy or not but one thing is you’re right woman should not be compelled to stay at home all day we also have right to work to do something for yourself instead of cooking or doing house chores but this country mentality nothing can beat it

  45. Gender equality is being propagated by our activists where a wife rubs shoulder with her husband. Women can but they must still take edenic role like in the beginning knowing that they are the custodian of families.

  46. As much as I love fighting for women endeavors they still have limits in some areas. The fundamental functions of any African woman lies in her home and her loyalty should be for her husband alone.

  47. God has created us as help meet for our husbands in every areas of life. So we are to do that not only in kitchen but all aspects. We are the best.

  48. The role of women in the home is not to make sure the house is always clean, though they can help with that. It not to bow to the wishes of the man whenever he makes a demand. The of the woman is to be a teammate with her husband in creating a home and raising great children to function well in society.

  49. Only an insecure man limit his wife to the kitchen,and that is mostly common in the Africa continent. I pray for the day civilization will heat us in this part of the world

  50. Only an insecure man limit his wife to the kitchen,and that is mostly common in the Africa continent. I pray for the day civilization will heat us in this part of the world .

  51. The same you will also say you are meant to be in the kitchen and also say kitchen is where you belong.. Thank you for telling us… We will reconsider… Well for me I have been hurting for this job.

  52. Women need to wake up to reality. They need to know that man can’t do everything for them and they need to find something doing for themselves. Guys of now a days don’t even want to marry liability.

  53. The fact still remains that women are still ment to go to the kitchen irrespective of the position they find themselves.

  54. Yea I luv that we are to help our husband financially and otherwise nt to b in the kitchen cooking and making unnecessary excuses I luv u talk making sence

  55. You have a point there. Women are not meant to be in the kitchen alone and I won’t be in the kitchen alone because I will just go crazy.

  56. Yes o,we women are not meant to be in the kitchen alone,I agree with bisi on this,women shd stop being a full house wife pls

  57. yes i agree with u because God didn’t create women to be in kitchen .he created them to be a helper to men in every aspect that includes financially.

  58. But it is the responsibility of the man as the head of the house to carter and struggle for the good and betterment of the home

  59. Bisi is really inspiring the women of our time. The kitchen is never their place. They must work hard to improve the life of the family.

  60. It’s an old and archaic thinking transferred to all women from generation to generation. Only the smart ones refuse to be restricted to the kitchen

  61. This is true bug sounds funny, well I won’t said they should not cook, but they should only asset in cooking. Let’s emulate the life of other country,it will help.

  62. Yes but not all of them. But we are Africans they are brought to these world to support and multiply. If they are doing what men are doing no such thing will happen again.

  63. He said everything but it should be balanced…if u can merge ur marriage and work with peace ..Then youre good to go…We should claim our position not only in kitchen….

  64. I wonder where this world is heading to, so women should no longer cook for their husbands again, is that your Bible teaches you ? I pity this generation.

  65. Very correct,even though they have their part to play in the home, they still need to get engaged in office work to earn them their own money.

  66. I Disagree with you totally. Because you yourself can not enter the kitchen every day and cook for ur wife who normally comes home late after she has been exhausted from work. Can you be doing that every time without complaining. If you can not then I don’t have any reason to believe you

  67. U are very correct bisi Alimi, what a man can do, a woman can do better, buh wat do we do wen our husbands insist we must be a full time house wife?

  68. Actually it’s true,when women apply for jobs they know what they applying for.also God have already said it that we are help meat to men so we shouldn’t get things mixed up

  69. I disagree with that, the law was already God that man must be the breadwinner of the family. That was what happening in the olding days .

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