“You are not a Christian but a slave, if you celebrate Christmas” – Daddy Freeze

Controversial On-Air Personality, Daddy Feeze has condemned Africans who celebrate Christmas in the name of Christianity.

According to him, Feeze said that the annual festival in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is a Europeanized, Romanized and Pagan festival.

Daddy Freeze said Nigerians who label indigenous festivals like Egungun festival, New Yam Festival and others as demonic, but joyfully Christmas celebration are hypocrites.

He stated that people who celebrate Christmas and condemned indigenous festivals are slaves who mistake slave tradition as spirituality and are products of Neocolonialism.

Many are products of Neo colonialism, mistaking slave traditions for spirituality!

As long as you worship European versions of African faiths, black lives can never matter! ~FRZ” He said on Instagram.


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