You are a monumental failure – PDP tells Aregbesola

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Osun State has called out Governor Rauf Aregbesola, describing his eight years tenure as a monumental failure.

The party said that the governor will go down in history of the state as the worst since the return of democratic rule in 1999.

You are a monumental failure - PDP tells Aregbesola lailasnews 2
You are a monumental failure – PDP tells Aregbesola

PDP said contrary to what the governor was making people believe as ‘achievement in infrastructure and human capital’, “Aregbesola is leaving the state worse than how he met it in 2010”.

The Chairman of PDP in the state, Hon. Soji Adagunodo stated this on Sunday through a statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Osogbo, the Osun State capital. Speaking on where he scored himself high during an all night interaction tagged “Ogbeni Till Day Break” on Friday, PDP said such self glorification was childish and a total farce.

According to the party, “There is no better indication of the governor’s failure than the dysfunctional educational system, comatose healthcare, gargantuan debt, deplorable road, abysmal water infrastructure and several other negatives which the governor is bequeathing to his successor.

It is already on record that it is during the tenure of Ogbeni Aregbesola that Osun was ranked by BUDGIT as one of the four most indebted States and the least fiscally responsible state in Nigeria. It was during these same years that the state found itself on the lowest rung of performance of students in public examinations; a situation which made us a laughing stock even among states hitherto considered educationally disadvantaged in Nigeria.

Human life and development had never been this compromised as Medical doctors, health workers, lecturers, and civil servants embarked on strikes for a cumulative period of not less than 3 and a half years during Aregbesola’s administration.”

PDP also took on Aregbesola over his claim that he had built more roads than previous governors, saying there were more death traps than motorable roads, as it cited township roads in Ejigbo, Iwo, Ede, Ikirun, Ila Orangun, Ilobu among others.

The party added that the roads from Osogbo to Ila-Odo, Akoda-Gbongan, Orile Owu to Ijebu-Igbo, Iwo to Ejigbo and several others which it said the governor used as cover to obtain various huge loans have been abandoned at stages ranging between 15 and 40 percent completion.

“The road from Osogbo through Iwo to Ibadan which the governor boasted would be rehabilitated by Julius Berger in 2012 was never started and must today rank among the worst roads in Nigeria. It is similarly on record that a recent survey by an international organisation ranked Osun as one of the 3 dirtiest states in Nigeria.

This is in spite of the billions of Naira siphoned by Local and State government officials in the guise of environmental sanitation. Our party notes that while Osun is very happy that the reign of Ogbeni Aregbesola is coming to an end, the people are rather sad at the legacy of impunity and fraud that Mr Governor and his party introduced to our political landscape as exemplified in the September 22nd and 27th governorship election in Osun State.

It is one ugly legacy which has put the name of our dear state on the dark spot of political discourse within and outside Nigeria. However, our hope is in the judiciary to do justice and restore the mandate freely given to Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke as the rightful successor to Ogbeni Aregbesola; the PDP hereby joins the people of Osun State to keep on praying that the inglorious reign of the APC would soon be terminated and a new lease of prosperous life be injected into the State of the living spring”, the statement said.


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  1. Pdp are right with their above statement, Aregbesola worsen everything more than the way he met it, there is no development at all in osun state, even the recent election say something about his tenure it will be a better thing if osun state people can joins hand in hand for a new beginning in osun state, I know Adeleke can do more better, there must be new era of changes to osun state

  2. Our politicians are so shameless that they will come to social media to say all manner of things to each other. Am shaming for them

  3. Seriously base on the news on osun its just getting worst in that state the governor is not trying to make it go further, I wonder where exactly he’s putting his effort in, strike upon strike its just so unfortunate, the people should better try and elect someone else in the next election

  4. I guess Aregbesola has done a great mistake will some of his endeavours in osun state, because masses are massively complaining.

  5. Things may be difficult in the state of osun, but to be honest aregbesola has try a lot in osun, road,school,health and a lot if capital projects

  6. This word battle between politicians now is calling for attention. But Tanya’s, there’s an atom of truth in their report. Aregbesola, just cover your face and retire to the confines of your home. Osun states deserve better than you have to offer. You’ve been a pain in that state than a blessing.

  7. These politicians putting blames on others as if they are in any way better. Rather than minding their own business and see how they can change. They are here insulting themselves

  8. He had the guts to say he wasn’t earning salary as a governor, whereas he wasn’t performing at all. Owing salaries up and down

  9. PDP are right, aregbesola your first term was Good but your second term is something else, I agree with the PDP on the aspect of debt….if PDP enter too will they make things right?

  10. Monumental failure ! That’s huge . Aregbesola no try at all , he is owing the workers and the roads are equally bad . After he will tell us he doesn’t receive salary himself

  11. Politicians tend to do this the it suits them not minding who they are frustrating and who is comfortable with their administration but time will tell. They will continue to expose themselves.

  12. All these word war are not helping matters, Aregbesola said the road he constructed in the best Osun has ever had, and now news of huge debts. Politics

  13. Why was pdp pained over Aregbesola . I guess they were to blind to see the good work . And too deaf to hear the success news and also, too cripple to walk the path of the winners

  14. Ogbeni going by history, you are the worst Pain has ever had, you have no legacy in osun…. May your type never rule osun again

  15. when you people in the secret we are not there so don’t come and wash your dirty linens in the public. Aregbe has done his own let the next person try.

  16. All the said governor knows is being a fanatic, he’s such a religiously biased state governor with little or no plan for the state, I wonder how the people of the state re elected for the second tenure which just ended. God is patiently waiting for some people’s judgement.

  17. Our politicians are so shameless that they will come to social media to shame of the opponent dignity all because of embezzled is that really address they are responsible, all the politicians are all the same

  18. That’s is the life of politician hates and bad languages is all over them,what concern them (PDP)with an outgoing governor

  19. It’s really a bad news everyone is complaining, when you know u are not capable while did you get urself involved

  20. Politicians again, time for word war, “The road from Osogbo through Iwo to Ibadan which the governor boasted would be rehabilitated by Julius Berger in 2012 was never started and must today rank among the worst roads in Nigeria. It is similarly on record that a recent survey by an international organisation ranked Osun as one of the 3 dirtiest states in Nigeria.
    Where are heading to

  21. The man that claiming that he hasn’t been collecting salary for all his entire tenure….I wonder what is wrong with our leaders.

  22. These parties are just bickering like co wives, both accusing each other of one thing or the other, instead of focusing on what needs to be done, they keep shifting blames

  23. I don’t know anything about Aregbesola but it seems like he is a type of governor that make mouth even when he has done nothing.

  24. When a man is compelled to take up a political seat because of money, they shouldn’t expect him to do much.

  25. If truly that after eight good years in power he did nothing for his state that means he is really a monumental failure like he is being called. This is the reason why I keep on saying that politicians are after their own selfish interests. Only God will save us.

  26. I have not been to osun before but going by the reports from people over there..the man no try at all…the man made me to change my mind from serving in osun

  27. He tried but his best was not enough and even if they were to be the one in power we will experience same thing, political stunt

  28. This one accusation is true, very true. This is one governor that majority of the people especially civil servants complained about. A failure indeed

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