You are a disgrace – Obanla Elizabeth slams Aremu Afolayan for ‘insulting’ Buhari and Ambode

Nigerian socialite Elizabeth Obanla who had a one hour live session on Facebook, slammed Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan for ‘insulting’ President Buhari and Governor Ambode over the way Nigerian airports are being managed.

You are a disgrace - Obanla Elizabeth slams Aremu Afolayan for 'insulting' Buhari and Ambode lailasnews

We reported that Aremu Afolayan wrote;

”So frustrated today by the situation of this country, the people working at different parastatals actually think they are some kind of god . Ethiopian airline staffs are so inefficient. They refused to carry a passenger for no reason . The girl in question is not a citizen of Nigeria , she went with her France passport and other documents issued by the France consulate , all they needed to do was to verify the passport but no the manager said he is not comfortable with the passport so she can’t fly with them , he actually dropped the passport and took to his heels . Imagine the immigration saying she should get a Nigerian visa , for what ?I don’t know .

How will you ask her to get a Nigerian visa to go to France , I don’t understand this and I need some explanation, after that they said she should get a Nigerian passport, for what please???this is wrong and I am so angry at that . The same manager has agreed to carry the girl with additional cost and all. Which way Nigeria, why are we treated like uneducated animals and why are these people acting like important fools , all you need to do is do your job and do it right . When will this stop . The security at the departure are not helping matters , how can you ask me to pay to let my family see me off to the check in point , this is wrong very wrong . Even the immigration officers wants to collect money for anything they do ….why why why ????.

And I know the mayor @akinwunmiambode of this and every other state can find a lasting solution to this , the president @muhammadubuhari himself can override things to set them right but I bet they don’t even know people are traveling out of the country, check the airport all you see are Nigerians running away from the country. I have never seen an EMIRATI or an AMERICAN that will run away from their country. Until you have no one to govern or be a president over before you know .

Reacting to this, Obanla Elizabeth who described the Nollywood actor as a disgrace to Nigeria, added that he can’t insult leaders over an issue at the airport.

‘You are a disgrace and total idiot for insulting a sitting president and the governor of his state’.

She went on to ask him, ‘who are you to come out to insult your leaders because you had issues at the airport’?

Here is the video below;

President Buhari re-appoints Adeyemi, Adeleye as special assistants


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  1. This is nigeria any thing van happen, the man has a freedom of speech, so he is abide to as what he want, but he should have say it in a direction that is humaly right and not been bias

  2. Why is she taking it personal, after all if such an incident hasn’t occurred would he have called out to the president or the governor, he is trying to bring before their notice how the system run there you don’t have to blame him,cos if it happen to buhari son that was travelling would anything like that ever happen?

  3. Wait oo but come to think if it how can they tell her to Bring Nigeria Visa,after in agreement that he will still add additional cost, what’s the need this us so frustrating

  4. As far as am concerned, we were opportuned to have freedom of speech as stated in the constitution,so what is the point.

  5. I think everyone has freedom of speech in this country, the way things are going in this our great country Nigeria my heart bleeds everyday. If insulting them will make them retrace their steps and rule us wisely then so be it.

  6. Two wrongs does not make a right, both if you ate wrong for insulting publicly. Leaders should be respected fellow citizens should be respected as well.

  7. What Elizabeth said is the truth. Insulting our leaders publicly is unethical. Individually we are leaders in one way or another. We won’t feel cool if we are insulted.

  8. Take heart MA. This should not have been a surprise to you as everything in Nigeria is overide by the government in power and you should know that they are all stack illiterates

  9. Madam that’s your Own opinion and I stand to be corrected on this, go To MM1 and 2 and see how things even at that let Ethiopia Airline frustrate you for once and come back here to say what you are saying. If you have been in his shoes before you will understand his pains.

  10. Since everyone has the right and freedom of speech in this nation, then there’s nothing bad in what he has said, if the government doesn’t know how to perform their duties, I think they are worth for insult

  11. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech so why blasting them on the comments they made about the president and I what they said about buhari is true because the has really failed Nigerians

  12. This woman is not serious if it were her she would laugh about it nonsense. She just felt like showing herself to everyone . guy you’ve done well to tell them their lapses and their negligence they keep disgracing us any how God dey sha

  13. Lawless country, permit me to say this…the way they treat passengers at the airport is very bad, if you are seeing your relative off and you ar not flying, .no seat for you unless you go to the restaurant area.many things needs to be put in place. the guy is right..

  14. Elizabeth Obanla is right,he’s not suppose to insult the president and the governor because of what happened in the airport, the manager of the airport should be blame for not doing his job well.

  15. Give honour to whom honour is due. On no ground should anybody insult any of our leaders who are granted to be their by God.

  16. Which way Nigeria!!!??? The problem of this Country is too much shaa but change begins with YOU and I. Wondering What happened to freedom of speech again???

  17. Nothing can be done while you are ranting on. Social media . You see something wrong , make I move to make it right, not rant everywhere

  18. This must be an APC member to have stand in defence of her president and governor. But what he said is absolutely right. There’s no big deal in it, so why is she taking it personal? Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. He made his own opinion. That should not warrant insult from you, madam. That is rude.

  19. I believe afolayan went too far with what he said but he has a point but what Elizabeth said is too hash and I didn’t expect it…the truth is alway bitter and it not always acceptable.

  20. Nigeria is the only country in the world where freedom of speech is a taboo
    Ppl in America insult Donald Trump at every given opportunity (doesn’t make it right dou) but it doesn’t even raise any hair because at the end of the day they are all citizens of the same country……Mr. Afolanya’s only crime was expressing his displeasure at the way he was treated at the airport…yes he took the rant too far by insulting the governor and President but den again he hasn’t broken any laws

  21. Just because you have freedom of speech does not give you the ordersity to insult the President in that manner but thanks to that woman for scolding you. Celebrities are meant to watch what they say in public.

  22. trump has received more insult than buhari and his so called ministers and governors joined together, yet, no one comes out to attack those that insult trump and you know why? cos that is democracy and be you a sitting president or whatever, you are bound to be insulted and that is democracy for you.
    coming at aremu makes no sense but we understand that for the fact she supports buhari and his administration, every insult on them is automatically directed at her and she must take it personal. anyways, we wont blame her, i bet she is not around to see what is going down here.
    whatever insult he dished out to them, they should accept, airport is under aviation ministry and the minister of aviation was fixed there by buhari. so if the airport operation is not going well, you hold the president responsible who will in turn give a quick shout out to aviation minister who now have the direct contact in order to holla at faan DG or whoever is in charge. many nigerians are pained, so lets just accept every insult to the president as being part of people pouring out their frustrations

  23. Why is she taking it personal, after all if such an incident hasn’t occurred would he have called out to the president or the governor, he is trying to bring before their notice how the system run there you don’t have to blame him,cos if it happen to buhari son that was travelling would anything like that ever happen

  24. What is wrong with Elizabeth? Is she out of her mind. U hate to hear the truth beside, u don’t have any business with what he said.

  25. i dont no who is insulting the president right now. coz her reply to the comments the man made sounds bittered than the man’s own.

  26. He did his part by expressing how he feels but he did it wrongly,, Elizabeth is right on her own part bcus leadership as a role begin with us as persons so the way we act reflect in the society

  27. To insult someone is prohibited no matter what he or she has said we need know how to control our self emotional. Instead of exposing ourselves to the atmosphere. Elizabeth I think you don’t need it

  28. when an Imamu or pastor is chosen as the head we give them the due respect and honor because we believe it is the well of God for them to head us .but why on earth will someone open his/her mouth to abuse the leader God has given us believe me when a say it is the well of God for them to be our leader no matter what happen either froid or not if God is not in support of it,it will never work out no matter what they do. and if at all it work they will not live long on the post. so they respect given to our Alfah and pastors should also be given to them.

  29. The eternal victims and enemies of the nation, always looking for everything negative about their conqueror will of course support the inanities of the so-called celebrities. Oprah is stupendously rich, has over 42 million followers on social media and touches the lives of millions daily.she has a different political view from the current government yet calls for prayers for America. Your so-called celebrities flaunt houses and cars, rarely pay tax, have a few thousand followers and feel above the law. How many of them can survive outside the Nigeria they castigate and condemn? What have they done to make the nation better? How many lives have they touched? This is very disappointing. How do our people think like this or not think? She must think she has some serious relevance. Not worth a response really. Just another ass kisser trying to find importance and relevance on social media.

  30. She actually looks sick with her appearance so we cannot express our feelings and air out our views and anger because they are leaders abi? You are the real disgrace.

  31. Corruption has been the order of the day in Nigeria, starting from the leaders to the least person in this country, am not surprised at all if such a thing happened.

  32. Please we shouldn’t jump into conclusion yet because they just gave us the bit of it we don’t know what really traspass between her and them in as much as it doesn’t give her the right to insult our leaders, but there’s a saying which goes that the way u present urself is the was they will address u.

  33. Can this woman kindly get lost, it’s only in Nigeria that you speak ill of a leader and get arrested. He is free to express his frustration

  34. You need not take it personal. Our leaders are nonchallant about most things, And with freedom of speech his good to go!!!!

  35. Why is she taking it personal as if na only you get the government and the president abi you don collect brown envelop ni

  36. Well I didn’t see anything wrong with what the young man said, that can bring such an open attack by Elizabeth….
    He only pointed the challenges face in the aviation industry
    And calling on govt to check mate the activities of the said operators

  37. Saw the video and felt his pains. Names calling didnt change the situation either. While its our right to express our anger in any form, respect for Constituted Authority and Age should still be intact. My opinion thou

  38. From his point of view he is right as I am convinced, only needed to do it politely. If no one talks to the government how will he know what is affecting his people??

  39. True talk, all those abusing the government if given opportunity to be in their ahoes will do worst than them. Some times people ignore their fault n always look at seen others fault which is too bad. N if u see someone goes astray dont abuse or insult him, pray for him to be guided, is the best coz the insult will only worsen situations

  40. Talk they say is cheap, to the insulted and the replyer, you are both entitled to your opinions.

    The fact remains that Nigerians run away from this country on daily basis, that cannot be over emphasized.
    Which way Nigeria

  41. Must he be killed only because he said the truth. He expressed how he felt so she shouldn’t criticized him Nigeria lack good and quality in everything

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