Yoruba actors don’t have six-packs because they’re busy –Funsho Adeolu

Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu has disclosed why Yoruba actors don’t have six-packs and why their English-speaking counterparts do.

Yoruba actors don’t have six-packs because they're busy –Funsho Adeolu lailasnews

According to Funsho Adeolu, most English-speaking actors have six-packs because they are not really actors but models, however most Yoruba actors don’t have this because they are always busy.

“They have a lot of time to do exercises. They are models and not really actors; I am not joking. A busy actor would only think of his health and do the normal exercise to keep fit. What am I using a six-pack for? I want to dress and be seen as a role model.

“In the Yoruba-speaking movie setting, when you get to a particular age, you would not be given the role of a small boy so I do not need a six-pack. By the time you keep a six-pack, it gets to a point where it turns to a nonsense pack because they would not use it again. The only thing is to live a healthy life.

“When you see that you are getting obese, work on it. I used to be a model but I did not have a six-pack. I learnt taekwondo as well. I am not saying having a six-pack is bad or that it is bad to look nice. If I have to take a picture, I can easily tuck in my tummy.

“I started from the English-speaking genre and then came to the Yoruba-speaking part of the industry. I am more comfortable with the Yoruba-speaking sector of the industry because I learn a lot here. In the English-speaking sector, I do not learn anything,” he said.

On marital crisis and sad ends of celebrity marriages, the actor told Saturday beats that as a little child, he had vowed that he would never have a broken marriage.

 “I decided when I was a child that I would not have a broken home because I grew up in one. I said that my children would grow up to see both their parents together till we die. I thank God that we have never had any crisis that has shaken the foundation of our marriage.

“Women like to be seen like they own the house and I allow it because I know that I am the breadwinner of the family. I do not lord it over my wife; she is my friend. If anything causes a rift between us, we do not sleep until we talk about it. Once we settle the rift, we settle it ‘properly’ as husband and wife and in the morning, everything is okay. She would smile before she leaves the house” Funsho Adeolu said.


  1. Oga it is all about peoples choice. The fact you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is nonsense as you said. Please swerve one side.

  2. I do agree with him and understanding matter most, but that it’s his own views another may food is another man poison.

  3. first of all i agree with him that the yoruba sector teaches alot morr than the english sector…and secondly…having a six packs is a choice on the way you want your body to be…

  4. Some people like the six pack because they feel good when they look at themselves and people admire them,it’s all about choice.

  5. first of all i agree with him Concerning the teaches of the yoruba sectors on like the english sectors…and having a six packs is a choice..

  6. What has six pack got to do with acting. Its a choice how you want to lives or look like. The success of any marriage is in the hands of both couples to make and build their home or tears it down due to their selfish reasons

  7. It’s your choice, but it really takes a hard work to be fit, those who have six packs are not jobless rather hardworking

  8. First of all..this is funny and ludicrious..tobi is he igbo befr but look at his sexy body…abeg una just too de drink beer

  9. So you are saying that someone with six packs is jobless, well it takes a lot of discipline to achieve those “nonsense packs” as you called them. And if someone is disciplined enough to go through the regiments of six packs then that person should not be downgraded.

  10. Mr Adeolu six packs is all about choice and six packs got nothing to do with being a Yoruba actor or a normal actor…. Tribalism in everything mtcheeeeeeeeew

  11. I don’t believe that,everyone is always busy,you just have to create time for yourself..they don’t six pack becoming they eat too much expensive meals without exercise

  12. Indeed, it is difficult for a busy person to have six packs. Imagine dangote trying to get six packs, where is the time?

  13. Is always good to keep fit and remain healthy with exercise but been busy does not stop actors from having six pack

  14. Everybody with his opinion, this is your opinion and what you feel other Yoruba actors can still create time to get six pack even out of their busy scheduled so is personal interest

  15. Everybody with his opinion, this is your opinion and what you feel other Yoruba actors can still create time to get six pack even out of their busy scheduled so is personal interest and is always good to look fit and healthy

  16. For me I love having six packs, it makes you look fit, if you are really determined to have it you can, so saying you are busy is not an excuse

  17. having six pack is by choice pls.. It doesn’t make u less of a person be it an actor, model or what ever profession u are in…. All we need to do is keep fit, eat healthy and stay away from things that stress us.

  18. I agree that looking good is good business but who six packs epp? I agree with him that actors should focus more on living a healthy life style!

  19. It’s not as if the six-pack will give them more money so wat do they need it for? R they going to b going out without shirts just for everyone to know they have six packs??

  20. Good talk, funsho. These celebrities needs these message. We are really tired of hearing their marital crisis story on media. I wish they can wake up to responsibility that their home is number one before their profession.

  21. body build is by choice, but I hope this your comments won’t generate rift between you and the English speaking actors

  22. Olodo! You won’t go and join gym? Long hiss….abeg what are you busy doing? where do you hide the movies you have been busy acting? Are you busier than P-square, RMD, etc that keep in shame? Such a stupid statement to make. Orobó loading..

  23. Well, everyone can not like what you like. People have different taste and choices. Yours is not an exception.

  24. That is the true nature of a responsible man. Understanding one another and respecting each other point of view there won’t be problem that don’t have solution.

  25. It is a choice whether to have six packs or not. In fact I will say that it’s hard work that builds six packs.

  26. Who six pack help…..is not as if the six pack will give them money, actors should focus more on living a healthy life

  27. He has just ended up telling us that nollywood actors can as well have a strong marriage institution but not only they be ready to get committed to their wife and family and until they work to this point, they will still end up breaking marriages and destroying their images.

  28. Story! Having six- have nothing to do with how busy you are. Anybody can decide to have six packs amidst the busy schedule, another might just prefer to just keep fit. Thumps up on the marriage part shah , it takes understanding and other virtues to keep a marriage in tact.

  29. Lol, you are a funny person… What else can keep an actor busy than his job and career…. If an actor cannot work on his body because of other business, then he not worthy to be called an actor… Let him change career

  30. I don’t think being busy stops one from getting a six packs. But all the same it is not necessary to have one.

  31. I fell in love with the part he talked about his family and how he let’s his wife take charge of the home sometimes. You’re a great man!. But you see, this six packs of a thing has got nothing to do time. Its a personal decision

  32. it all depend on individual differences.thank God you has someone who understands you.it is by choice also to have six packs. If you don’t like it someone else do like it

  33. Why are you thinking of tucking in your stomach for pictures. Simply put. When you stay healthy, it will also influence your looks.

  34. I hear you sir!!! most actors nowadays don’t know why they are in the movie industry, some go there for show.its really annoying .

  35. I disagree totally. Looking good is a good business and required in acting. They look good to maintain their fans and it costs time, money and discipline

  36. I disagree totally. Looking good is a good business and it’s required in acting. They have to look good to maintain their fans and it costs time, money and discipline

  37. i think having abs is not a neccesity to complement one’s acting skill but you shoud’nt use being busy as an excuse for not having it jare. Na u busy pass vin diesel, sylveter stallone e.tc where get abs?

  38. Because you don’t need 6packs does not mean yoruba actors don’t. Am going to often watch yoruba movie to know if you tell me the truth

  39. I believe is a thing of choice, even if they are once one decide to have he will surely make out time for it

  40. Staying heathy is the most important thing. Having six pack is a matter of choice. Even though an actor is busy he can still take care of his health

  41. Oga we are on a free will world,that thing you called nonsense is too precious to another person, so beware of your speech

  42. Six pack without money will become sick pack and thank God for the wisdom given to you to take good care of your famz

  43. They don’t have six packs because they are not doing more of exercise, it doesn’t matter if you have six packs or not, just eat right, do a little bit of exercise and stay healthy.

  44. this man that’s your own opinion nobody is asking you to have six-packs oh. Everyone knows what he or she wants so if they decide it have it fine .

  45. Sometimes the role requires the actor to have a good body build and such a person sees that this puts him constantly on movie sets.

  46. U are right most busy men I know don’t have six pack. Dangote, etc don’t have Six pack because there are either there or here.

  47. Some people may disagree with him but I bet he knows what he is saying. He has been in the two sides so he is an authority to speak on it .

  48. Yes he don’t have because he is not after nonsense is six pack food that he will give his family. Continue with ur work jare

  49. six pack is part of someones personal lifestyle I don’t see a reason why you should involve it in acting I think you just want to get attention

  50. Six pack or no six pack live a healthy life.. I don’t think you it has anything to do with the English or Yoruba sector. Some Yoruba actors have six packs.
    On the marriage side he’s right

  51. This could be true but there are great sacrifices to make so as to have six pack and must actress and actors can afford to do those exercise and fitness exercises

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