Yemi Alade apologizes over tweet taken as shade for Tiwa Savage

Yemi Alade has apologized over her tweet which was taken as a shade for Tiwa Savage, following the controversy it sparked across different social media platforms.

Yemi Alade apologizes over tweet taken as shade for Tiwa Savage lailasnews

Recall that we reported earlier that Yemi Alade called out her colleagues, who according to her increase their butts in photos they share on social media. Yemi Alade who advised her colleagues to embrace their true selves, added that they should stop deceiving their fans by increasing their butts. She wrote;

Stop increasing your ynash in your pictures! You know you are straight like “I” embrace your real self ! Ahh ahh. Deceiving fans up and dan

However following the backlash the ‘Johnny’ crooner receiver, Yemi Alade apologized over the tweet. She wrote on Twitter;

Guys i am not here to defend myself. If my last tweet was offensive in anyway, to my fellow females and guyz i apologise. I am sincerely sorry. I just want us to appreciate ourselves more tin, tall, fat, short. With or without Nyash. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Yemi Alade apologizes over tweet taken as shade for Tiwa Savage lailasnews 1


  1. She had a point, people should always appreciate themselves with the beauty God has bestowed on them and not merely trying to impress others, anyway apologies accepted, enjoy the season

  2. The truth is painful to take, you’ve made your point by telling them the truth accept yourself the way God made you. You’re apologies while it may be accepted by those that feel insulted by your comments, doesn’t change the fact that you made your point. It’s left for them that desire to make their choices.

  3. Why is she apologising?
    If what she said affected anybody then that person should change and do the right thing.
    She said the right thing.

  4. She has done very well by apologizing to tiwa bt she was actually making we should try and appreciate ourself

  5. Yes we should learn to be contented with ourselves. Don’t envy others. Be happy with what you have. That’s the way to happiness

  6. Good she owned up and apologised, but it matters the way we make our point, so people do not misinterprete us.

  7. Whether apologizing or not u have made your point and I like forget people that is living a fake life

  8. I don’t know why some men will do that to their wife, if he claim to have strength let him go and try his fellow man. Me when I get married I won’t do that.

  9. Although what she said was the truth there is no need taking artificial things in the body just to look beautiful

  10. Been sorry 4 ur action dosnt mean u are weak. It shows u are mature enuf in handling issues. Thank u yemi 4 proving it.

  11. any which one u guys say. Bt I believe wat yemi did was an act of humility u dont see dat in our artist now at days. Yemi u are awesome.

  12. Normal, she accept her mistake nd take apology for it.
    Nice one, u impress me dat u re not like dem dat can’t accept dere mistake.

  13. Yes your sorry does not define you as a weak person but a mature lady that has conscience. You are worthy of emulation

  14. She might have not had it in mind to shade Tiwa but people’s thinking made it seem like. Thanks Yemi for the apology…you did well.

  15. Wow! So impressive and incredibly I don’t expect such a great words from yemi as her response. She really did right

  16. She had a point, people should always appreciate themselves with the beauty God has bestowed on them and not merely trying to impress others, anyway apologies accepted, enjoy the season

  17. She truly has respect for her followers and fans coming out to apologize despite the fact she said the right thing

  18. She proved to be a humble woman with no ego,she apologized though she mentioned no name on her post but she did for peace to rain,whatever that is made by God is beautiful, women should appreciate their God given beauty.

  19. Although self live is important but everyone has the right over their bodies…Yemi showed maturity with her apology

  20. Dear you never done anything wrong, u just gave an advice and since the advice is now the other way round is good as you apologise to them..

  21. The truth is out either you apologize or not you are right, once the truth comes out it touched others in different forms like a mud. When I read the headline I thought it was something big but reading the article it is not an issue at all.

  22. You have done the right thing by apologising….Every one is beautiful…God created us perfectly and we are wonderfully made

  23. That’s a fine example you just displayed Yemi. Although the post wasn’t pointing fingers at anyone, but you still dim it fit to apologize nonetheless. Weldon

  24. That’s maturity, when you know you did wrong you need to sincerely apologize. I really love your sense of maturity.

  25. That’s maturity, when you know you did wrong you need to sincerely apologize. I really love Yemi’s sense of maturity.

  26. You did the right thing by saying the truth and also apologying, wow you have a good heart toward all human being.

  27. I seriously like what she did. I see no reason why you should throw shades at another person knowing you both are celebrities, unless you have a motive to tarnish the image of the person. Apologising to Tiwa is the best even though the deed is done. I just hope Tiwa takes it good faith.

  28. Yemi Alade only said the bitter truth and she didn’t mention anybody’s name.I don’t know why she’s apologizing .

  29. I really do not see any reason to apologise, its your opinion and you aired it, no one should indict you, if they have something to say they should say it, na them get their mouth.

  30. Yemi Alade is wise joor, when you perceive quarrel,no matter how right or wrong you are, you just have to apologize to let things slide. That doesn’t mean you are a fool but it’s d application of wisdom.

  31. Well
    She offered an advice but for her advice not to boil down to a big fight
    She took this route
    She’s truly a humble person
    Only few celebrities apologize

  32. Well she has said something very important and also she has apologies for what she did wrong that’s shows some level of been matured and different from other celebrities

  33. She did good by apologizing but I know these celebrities won’t still listen to her… Be adjusting yansh… All for what? To increase followers.

  34. Good from her. That settles it there is nothinothingGood like being sorry when you think you go wrong. Nice one.

  35. You already tell them nothing but the truth,people don’t usually like the truth. Anyway thanks for apologizing it shows that u are fully matured.

  36. I think it all started with folly and now ending in regret. She is the wrong person for the job, calling out her colleague in a business that we understand purely as a game of appearance. Its wrong

  37. Apologizing shows sign of maturity, yemi really tried for apologizing so as not to cause any further problems.

  38. Don’t think yemi owes anyone an apology after all no name was mentioned. Anyone who took it personal should have just been ignored.

  39. She did the right thing. Good one Yemi Alade I love your maturity and I don’t think she was just referring to Tiwa.

  40. This happens in life tho, but settlement is the best,
    Since she have apologized accept her

  41. You did well, despite not mentioning any body’s name when you dropped that advice about those who don’t appreciate their body structure…it shows you are neutral and care about people’s feelings…..keep it up ok.

  42. Thumbs up for apologizing it shows you mean no harm,we should learn to appreciate ourselves no matter what

  43. Two wrongs can not make a right. Yemi you did well by apologizing. It not easy to admit that you are sorry

  44. Since she has apologized, she should be forgiven and the apology should be accepted. It not be delibrate.

  45. So yemi alade is a peaceful sombori tiwa savage just took it personal cos she does it, on a normal ground almost everybody does that including the slay queen so she did not point it out to anyone in particular

  46. One thing is to realize your mistakes and another is to apologise to the offended.
    Apology should be accepted.

  47. I believe even if she wasn’t insulting anyone in particular, there must be someone who made her to write that message by her appearance

  48. To me I don’t think Yemi owes anyone an apology. Because the only thing she did was to say the truth and I don’t think people are supposed to say sorry for saying the truth. If Tiwa picked offense that’s her own cup of tea. Still Yemi apology shows that she really didn’t mean to offend anyone and she’s matured. Tiwa just overreacted. I commend you for that

  49. This really showed how matured and sensible you are.. Love you more for this act.. Even when you didn’t mention anyone, but because of Tiwa backlash you decided to apologize.. Thumbs up.. The truth remains..

  50. people should always appreciate themselves with the beauty God has bestowed on them and not merely trying to impress others, she realized her mistake and apologize

  51. It is good as you apologize despite the fact that you say nothing wrong,at least those that are angry with you will forgive you

  52. Why apologizing when she knew what she was getting into . She was really to be relevant . Tiwa is never Yemi alade’s mate in all aspects

  53. That’s maturity… I love the way she handled the situation… people where expecting her to start unnecessary fight in the social media… but she showed them that she is more mature.

  54. You did the right thing by making apology and setting things right for a better understanding in the way it’s supposed to be

  55. Her apology should be accepted Please, because she had a point in what she was trying to say about women enlarging their butt..pls they should rather embrace themselves the way they are.

  56. Thanks for letting us know they are enlarging their flat nyash anyway we the Fans association of Nigeri(FAN) accept your apology

  57. that is good of you, you are a sweetheart. successful people never lack two thing, saying sorry and thanks you, you are good baby

  58. She didn’t say anything bad.andwho says she was referring to Tiwa . Or Tiwa indeed is feeling guilty. And did Tiwa make mention of it? All this news pipu

  59. She should be forgiven and accepted since she has apologized. I think she didn’t know someone will be offended.

  60. This is maturity. Keep it up. When you get to understand that you have done something wrong then you apologize

  61. Yea this goes a long way to show us the need to always watch what we say, how we say it, to whom we say them to and when we find out that our words offend someone we should also not hessitate to apologize.

  62. Hence she has apologized, it ought to be accepted… Situations most times prompts people into certain kind of actions..

  63. I don’t think there’s the need for the apology as what you said was definitely right. They should embrace their true selves

  64. Thats Good of her. I love that girl in particular, (yemi) there Is No need in fighting Each other, Let love lead

  65. She had a point in there, we people should always appreciate ourselves with the beauty God has bestowed on us and not merely trying to impress others, anyway your apologies have been accepted stand tall


  67. Well you did well for apologising for the harsh way the said it, but the fact is the you made a good point, we should always accept ourselves the way we are. Your apology is accepted.

  68. Now that she has apologize, i hope all those controversy it generated tiwa savage will die down. People sud embrace dere real self say yemi said

  69. That was really harsh of you initially
    Thank God you realized ur mistakes and you apologized
    You did the right thing to apologize
    That’s very good of you

  70. Well, bp reason why Yemi Alade should apologize. I think she did just to make peace with all, especially Tiwa. I love her maturity

  71. This is good news,it is good as Yemi Alade apologize because you cannot beef to Christmas, it is a sign of maturity, this is good news

  72. Yemi Alade you did well in apologizing to Tiwa. that is so humble of you. there is nothing good in quarreling. Kudos to you

  73. ask for Me the was nothing wrong in her previous tweet but if she acknowledge it as being wrong and apologized good for her

  74. Weldone to her for lowering her head and apologing to them in the media and of course she has done well and you guys should please accept the apologise and let peace rein

  75. Well it good the way she appologized because it has caused quarrel between she and some artiste especially tiwa savage

  76. That is really a nice headway and good of her by swallowing her own pride to do the right thing. Hope Tiwa sees it a sister quarrel and forgives her.

  77. Hahahaha celebrities and their feud… Well nice apology Yemi but next time don’t post such again weather you are right on wrong Cox everyone can’t see things from your spectations except you the poster.

  78. Hahahaha celebrities and their feud… Well nice apology Yemi but next time don’t post such again wether you are right on wrong Cox everyone can’t see things from your spectations except you the poster.

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