What we’re facing is bigger than just Xenophobia – YCee

Nigerian musician Ycee has stated that after the attack carried out by Nigerians yesterday, it is obvious that xenophobia is not the only problem we are facing in the country.#Xenophobia: What we’re facing is bigger than just Xenophobia - YCee

YCee wrote;

A lot has happened in the space of 24hours both online and offline that I am absolutely not in support of in any way, shape or form. In a bid to air opinions and seek solutions we have all strayed terribly from the main issues and matters on ground.

Firstly I must state I in no way condone any form of violence or threats on anyone! I failed in not separating my views on AKA’s tweets from my views on the current Xenophobic situation, in which I had sought to resort to dialogue for resolutions and not the current scenario

At this juncture I want to implore to all my South African and Nigerian brothers and sisters to not make this dispute more than what it already is, we’re losing on all fronts and doing more harm than good in the grand scheme of things.

What we’re facing is bigger than just Xenophobia because I refuse to believe the recent looting in Lagos that resulted in the loss of Nigerian lives and property is as a result of the issues happening in South Africa.

We’re all facing problems stemming from the anger and frustrations of the people that is reaching a boiling point and we must now more than ever step up, accept the blame and move forward with conversations on how to resolve and not boycott one another.

Lastly I am pleading for all well meaning Nigerians and South Africans to desist from using their platforms as anything but instruments of peace, the insults and attacks from those with massive follower-ship that would further enrage the people should please stop!

“Nobody wins when the family feuds”


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