Xenophobia: Sad video of a burning victim in South Africa

Xenophobia: As the whole world continue to condemn the xenophobic attack on foreigners in South Africa, a sad video of a burning man has emerged on the internet.

In the video, the man could be seen struggling for life as he burned, while his attackers looked and offered no help to rescue him.

Xenophobia: Sad video of a burning victim in South Africa

At a point, one of the attacker came with a board and hit it on the helpless man, who later succumbed to the pains of the burning fire and remained still on the ground.

Nigerian fashion designer, Toyin Lawani posted the video on her social media page and captioned it:

Kai this is so sad 😭😭😭 I’ve been shattered since yesterday, onset in UK but couldn’t work, Been abit I’ll But this Added to my weakness 🤦‍♀️This is the same South Africa Nigeria’s make money for , without Nigerians South Africa wouldn’t even Be appreciated more.

Our Musicians and Actors shoot almost all their music videos in South Africa , Acts their movies in South Africa , showcasing THE beauty of your country ,our Nigerian sugar daddies fuck your women, Buy them houses and cars you can never dream of buying your women, while you fuck them for free and treat them like shit, even your women say this, our sugar daddies import your girls to Nigeria frequently and pay them Good cash and tReat them well , our musicians show case your Girls Beauty in our videos making us fall in love with you and your country , but how do you treat Nigerians ?

With so much hate and disrespect, You can’t be Rich and Go to South Africa , their girls will set you up and rob you at gun point, I’m talking from experience, if you mis waka for some places in SA you will be killed.

We are Adding value to your country yet you are killing us, Your telecommunications companies are striving here , your banks are striving here, Your Tv houses are striving here ,with many Nigerian stations on your platform , yet you are doing this.

Why can’t Nigerians just gboju and disconnect from this people , only last year I know how much was sponsored on Bigbrother that they did in SA , Giving you people content again and Glory , konidafunyin , I know how many people insulted Bigbrother this year all cause it was done in nigeria , so you see that the problem is from us ✌️


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