Xenophobia: Man robbed with knife while protest was going on in Lagos

A Nigerian man has become a victim of an ugly incident in Lagos today when Nigerians were protesting against Xenophobia attack.

An interior designer known as David Bankole stated how he was robbed in Lagos with knife today when the protest was going on.

He further revealed he heard the angry mobs saying they should kill any white person on sight.

Read what he posted on Twitter”

I was just robbed in the car at Jakande second gate with a knife to my neck.. I am not a south african and it was by my own brothers. Phones gone but we give thanks. I was out for 10 secs mhn..

They destroyed cars today mehn.. i could hear the saying any white person should be killed 😭😭😭

my scariest moment as a Nigerian. This was done by Nigerians to Nigerians

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