WWE fan dies: Fan dies at smackdown: Eyewitnesses say man didn’t die

WWE fan dies: Fan dies at Smackdown. There are reports that a fan died at Smackdown. New reports are now saying it’s false.


Reddit user, Seiff4242 posted that, during the Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon segment that opened the show, paramedics were at ringside. It was said “99% sure someone ringside died.”

WWE fan dies?:

On a Twitter thread created by WrestleTalk TV, several eyewitnesses who were at the WWE Smackdown event wrote that they weren’t 100% sure if the man died.

They, however confirmed that he was stretchered out while the medics were using a respirator.

WrestleTalk TV wrote this about the incident:

According to a fan on Twitter a fan in the front row at #SmackDown died during the opening segment with Shane McMahon. Thoughts go out to the person’s friends and family if that report is accurate.

Replies that they received:

  • From Scott Atenhan:

I was there, not 100% sure if they died but they were stretchered out while the medics were using a respirator. It didn’t look good though.

  • From Mike Graybill:

I was there. No news on anyone dying at the event anywhere here.

  • From Robert Ordway:

There was a medical incident. There is a very short Reddit vid of the guy receiving help. Folks close to the situation seem to think he was moving as they carried him out. One tweet is claiming hes fine now.

In regards to how WWE handled this tragedy at ringside in the crowd, there are reports that they carried on with business as usual and just didn’t shoot the fans or the commotion.

According to Ringsidenews, WWE acted like nothing was happening and obviously never pointed the camera towards it. At least half the crowd was focused on it.

The last time a fan died in the stands of a live WWE event was in March, 2017.

It happened at a house show in Portland, Maine where an elderly man reportedly collapsed out of his seat in the corner stands as the 2nd match of the event began.

EMTs moved the man to the nearest flat area and proceeded to conduct CPR for about 20 minutes — before taking him out on a stretcher to a local hospital. During that time, EMT’s performed CPR and 2 matches went down.

He was transported to Maine Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

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