Workers hack 28-year-old farmer to death over cocoa farm

A 28-year-old farmer and father of three, Adeleke Adewusi from Ajilete community, Ogun State, was reportedly hacked to death at his cocoa farm by his workers.

Workers hack 28-year-old farmer to death over cocoa farm lailasnews

The two workers who killed the 28-year-old farmer in  Alapa, a neighbouring community, on Monday, were hired by a resident of Alapa identified simply as Ola Sheu who has been at loggerheads with the deceased, to kill their boss.

Punch reported that one of the workers, Femi, suddenly descended on Adeleke with a machete shortly after he applied pesticides on his cocoa farm, said to be about one acre. However the second worker identified as Kehinde who the farmer ran to for safety, also allegedly brought out a machete and joined in the attack. They however fled the farm after snuffing life out of their boss.

The deceased’s cousin, Bisola Adewusi who spoke to Punch’s correspondent,  said Femi was fleeing with Adeleke’s motorcycle when he was intercepted by some vigilantes, who were alerted to the bloodstains on his clothes by a passerby.

“When the vigilantes queried him about the bloodstains, he said it was as a result of an animal he killed in the bush. They asked for the animal, but he could not present it. The vigilantes became suspicious and probed him further. That was when he opened up. He told them that Ola Sheu contracted him and Kehinde to kill Adeleke. He was applying pesticides on his farm when they attacked him with machetes.

“The case was reported to the police at the Owode division. Femi led the vigilantes and the police to arrest Ola Sheu and Kehinde. The third fourth suspect is still on the run. We want the police to handle this case seriously. A breadwinner and promising person has been killed prematurely. He must get justice” he said.

The father of the deceased, Sheriffdeen Adewusi on the other hand, disclosed that Femi, Kehinde and Ola Sheu had visited him on his (Sherifdeen’s) farm possibly to cover up any track that could link them to the crime. The grieving father said;

“They hid his corpse somewhere on the farm. Femi, who was caught by the vigilantes, mentioned Ola Sheu as the mastermind. Ola Sheu wanted to take over the cocoa farm. The police have arrested him and the workers. They are still searching for the fourth suspect who connived with them.

“Apart from Ola Sheu, some people had been having a running battle with my son over the farm. They said it belonged to them. My son must not die in vain. He was very hard working. We want justice,” he added.

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