Women twerking in Pastor Thaddeus Matthews Naked Truth Church

Pastor Thaddeus Matthews, is a controversial Memphis man of God and founder of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee.

Women twerking in Pastor Thaddeus Matthews Naked Truth church lailasnews
Women twerking in Pastor Thaddeus Matthews Naked Truth church

Pastor Thaddeus is popularly known as ‘The cussing pastor’ on Instagram for using foul language all the time like it’s normal.

He shared a video of several women twerking so hard on ‘Soulful Sunday’ and urged other church ‘to stick up to have fun’

Sharing the video, he wrote:

‘I bet your church to stick up to have fun, Soulful Sunday in the gym of Naked Truth Liberation And Empowerment Ministries, every Sunday from 3-6 pm.’

Watch the video below:



  1. What is this world turning to… There is no more respect in the house of God, anyway where are already in perilous time.

  2. The church is no longer what is used to be, imagine the height of immorality, don’t know why women allow themselves to be used like this

  3. hardly u see a man in such destructive and stupid act but ratrher get ladies to do it. May God forgive us all

  4. Sin is swimming all over their church.. “D evil that men do”, pls complete the sentence.. I want to go to toilet, i’m coming bck

  5. Nonsense. This is really the end time. May God have mercy on this man and the souls he have been misleading.

  6. Not everyone that calls themselves man of God is truly a man of God. We are in end time, so this things are expected. God save your children.

  7. Woman is the courses of sin, why woman always disgraced them self like this. May God save men from women.

  8. Some women, not all. Well the bible clearly said that not all that call him by his name will be saved. Hmm. Judgement day won’t be funny at all

  9. Is this church or night club how can you let your church member twerk inside the church and you expect other church’s to do the same whaoooo this world is really coming to an end pastor Matthew your hell is sure

  10. You have your reasons for doing all this but my concern is that you should have the right standard for God

  11. When the Church have lost it soul what can anybody do…shame on the women who choose to be used and what a pastor

  12. Truly, the world is really coming to an end. This is a typical exam of the saying “Beware of fake prophets”.

  13. That is not a church, God will judge you on the last day if you didn’t repent from those negative ways of deceiving people

  14. Surely an end time church. Some people are just so blind. How in God’s name will someone find salvation in such church?

  15. Na wah o,all these in the house of God?God please have mercy on your people.ignorance is blinfolding a lot of people.

  16. You can imagine what people have turned the house of God into. Twerking in church and you see nothing wrong about it.You have a big problem. And yet they say don’t judge men of God

  17. If the news is true then. This one should be called Naked Lies Liberation house of Satan ministry

  18. Lord God change this generation yourself we are committing sins day and night we have turned your church to become where will play with ourselves change the church lord and change your people

  19. I doubt if this place am seeing is church maybe the are in a club house cos if they are in the church is really too bad

  20. This is end time even the bible talked about. One should be very careful,, i wonder what this fat woman intends to achieve by doing what she did. Very disgusting

  21. No matter the motive that you view on this…. How can ladies be going naked all for fun in Church….. His support isn’t seen in this action…

  22. So sir, as a pastor you encourage church ladies to go on twerking but not only that it must also be in the house of God!

  23. There is not fun about twerking almost naked in a church program. Am not following the pastor abeg.

  24. God has many things to judge on the last day. I know that the number of ladies in this church will be very high.

  25. Every man will reap as he has sown whether good or bad, it’s up to a person to choose, hope they dance with genuine intentions

  26. Only God will judge this pastor and his ambitious people who are enjoying this fellowship of sin. Let’s be careful what we do and say in God’s name

  27. That doesn’t look like church to me ,, it looks more like a night club , or beer parlour ,,,I wonder why ladies like fooling themselves

  28. Women are agent of Satan…they use them to distract God’s own people but their plans will keep failing

  29. May the Lord forgive us all…. Some man of God though are so unbelievable and has questionable attitudes

  30. no more respect again at all even in the house of God…. what a punishment you have brought to your self

  31. This way of worshipping God is an aberration and an insult to God. Christians no longer care to know what God wants, they only care about what suits them.

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