Women should use s*x toys to avoid cheating on their partners, Nollywood actress says

Amara Maduka, the popular curvy actress has made some claims to ladies in relationships.

In a recent chat with Saturday Beats reveals men feel threatened when they see sex toys and and the controversy against such toys is unnecessary to her.

In her statement:

“The controversy surrounding intimacy gadgets is really unnecessary to me. Men act like the toys are going to replace them but I don’t think it would. Eventually, a woman will need the warmth of a man and the toys won’t provide that. Toys are basically for emergency situations. When the human isn’t available and a girl has to help herself, a intimacy gadget comes in handy.

“It can also be useful when you just want to stay of relationships and put your life together. I will advise women to use intimacy gadgets. Instead of having to sleep with different men for satisfaction, you can give yourself same and in most cases, better orgasm.”

Shefurther acknowledged that relocating to Lagos seems to be the best decision of her career.

“Relocating to Lagos remains the best decision I’ve made for my career and it’s paying off,” she said.

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