“Women reject me because of the size of my manhood” – Ghanaian actor

Ghanaian Nollywood actor, Stephen Atanga popularly known as Don Little, also known as ‘Ghanaian Aki ’ by Nigerians, has said that women reject him because of the size of his penis.

The actor said this while fielding questions on Adom TV, a Ghanaian Television station.


According to him, the size of his manhood does not provide satisfaction for the women.

He said,

“Women reject me because of my manhood size. They claim it is too short and does not give them the satisfaction they want.”

The actor, however, said he had slept with about five ladies taller than him but the complaints had always been the same.

Don Little is optimistic that he will someday get a woman of his dream who will love him and accept him without discriminations.

In October last year, the Kumawood actor, revealed that he nearly committed suicide after being despised by his biological parents following his stunted growth.

The 20-year-old disclosed that it got to a point in time when he had no option than to accept truth and reality about his stunted growth.

Thus, it became obvious that he’ll never increase in size although her older sisters happens to be a direct opposite of him. Simply put, they’re much taller and bigger than him.

He said:

“It got to sometime my parents despised me and never cared about me because my colleagues kept increasing in size but I remained where I was. I was contemplating ending my life”, he revealed during an interview on Angel TV.

“My other sisters are grown and bigger than me. I believe my size is the work of God which I have to be content with. I have not made any attempt to go to the hospital to find out if there is something wrong with me medically or not. I trust in God and commit everything to prayer”


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  1. Come Dose size really matter, on like my own it’s very fat n long still yet my bae dey complain of it dat it too big,may be dis bros should come so dat i can cut for him.dont no how to please all dis pple ohhh. May b sex doll is d best now .

  2. Your problem is not that your pencil is small the problem is that you said it’s too small, how do you expect a lady to hold something that’s as little as toothpick, if na your sister you go accept such prick for her huh!

    Well ladies mu una try consider this dude, half bread is better than Kwuli kwuli.

    But guy o! if e no gree work pleasr go get yourself a sex doll, she won’t complain whether big, small, long or large, just helping out.

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