Women protest against an alleged child rapist in Bonny Island, Rivers

An alleged child rapist in Bonny Island, Rivers State is currently on the loose and women in the community have trooped out en mass to protest against the alleged pedophile.

Women protest against an alleged child rapist in Bonny Island, Rivers lailasnews 5
Women protest against an alleged child rapist in Bonny Island, Rivers

According to one of the protesters, identified as Choice Kalada Pipmas Pepple on Facebook, the man has been accused of raping a 9-year-old girl as well his own daughter who is reported to be 8 years old.

He is also reported to have used a white handkerchief to clean up the blood stains on the vagina of his victims and the women have cried to security agencies to help them in apprehending the man.

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Choice Kalada Pipmas Pepple wrote:

The news is spreading wide, THE CASE OF RAPE is becoming alarming, our youngsters are no longer safe even in the environment they find themselves, is it that mothers can no longer leave their girl child n go to the market or office , without having fear in them about the welfare of their girl child, it’s too bad that our own very Son of grand Bonny kingdom could be able to rape a 9years old child.

A man that’s supposed to be a father to this child, it’s too bad that Mr Fubara manilla Pepple is a disgrace n should be put behind Bar for RAPE, The child has been raped n shattered, the Pride of her own mother n herself has been taken away from her in a twingle of an eye.

It has also been investigated that this is not the first time he’s doing it, he also raped his 8years old girl child, pls all our mothers n women should stand up n fight for this girl child, we all should in one way or the other give justice to our daughter.

I also v a daughter of the same age n I believe most mothers also v a girl child of these age, justice must be given to her, Fubara manilla Pepple needs to serve a jail term, as to serve as a warning to those that rape girls in Bonny island.

He raped her on the pass way closed to his bedroom, on the floor, used white handkerchief to clean her up, advised her to tell her brother that she fell on the bathroom and cut her private part, a child of 9years had a cut that even a pregnant woman that’s to deliver has not gotten, Mr Fubara should bring out the white handkerchief n also tell the community if he’s a ritualist ……..

Mrs Choice Kalada Pipmas Pepple


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  1. Like seriously the case of rapist is now becoming too much,most of them end up raping mad woman,which is very bad,they will not go unpunished

  2. The news of adults raping small children is becoming a norm, this absolute child abuse and government should do something about this menace that’s eating deep in our country.

  3. Rape is becoming the other of the day I suggests the government should critically into it…and handle it with all seriousness

  4. Why will this custodian of law allow a rapist to free around like a bird in the air. What about the safety of females where such an impostor is? Great move from true mothers. That animals hold not be dwelling among humans. He should be jailed without bail.

  5. Using handkerchief to clean the blood stain on his victim’s vagina, is he using them for rituals? Little children, including his own daughter. There must be a demon possessing these pedophiles

  6. Good move by these women,I personally think that this issue of rape is getting too much,so let the security agencies stand up against rape,let mother stand up#

  7. I have come to understand that the word rape is always mentioned per day compared to our achievement or our day to day activity

  8. If the allegation is actually true, for a who defiled a 9 yrs old girl and his own 8yrs old daughter, doesn’t deserve to live

  9. This is cruel. An abominable act that deserves a capital public punishment and disgrace. He should provide that white handkerchief and then state what his intention and after that he should be striped naked and disconnect his manhood from him

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