Woman who gave birth to quadruplets stranded at National Hospital

A 30-year-old mother, Mrs Temitope Amodu, who was delivered of a set of quadruplets at the National Hospital, Abuja has been stranded after she and her family were not able to offset the medical bills.

The parents of the quadruplets have however appealed for assistance from the government and Nigerians to help with funds for the medical services’ bills and to take care of the babies.

Parents of stranded quadruplets at National Hospital seek help lailasnews 3
Woman who gave birth to quadruplets stranded at National Hospital

Their mother, Mrs Temitope Amodu, a 30-year-old teacher, was delivered of the all-female quadruplets on October 25, 2018.

Speaking with The Punch on Monday, the Kogi State indigene expressed fear that the situation would become worse for her and the babies should the labour strike commence today (Tuesday) as scheduled.

She said:

“I am a teacher in a private school and the job is not secure. At a point, I had to take a leave without pay. My husband is an officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. Before I got the teaching job, it was his meagre salary that we managed and life has not been easy. My first child is three years old; it was because of the economic situation that we decided to delay further childbirth till now.

“Despite that, God in His faithfulness still gave us these babies. I call on everybody: organisations, churches, government and individuals, to please come to our aid. We cannot do it alone. These children are everybody’s; they are God-given. I call on Nigerians to please come and help us. It is an urgent need. Apart from the bills – the National Hospital is so expensive and their bills are different from that of my regular hospital – there is the issue of feeding.

“In the last one week, I cannot count how many tins of milk they have taken. It has really not been easy; so much that it is affecting my health right now. My blood pressure has risen because I have been thinking of how I will do it.”

She also said based on medical advice, a bigger accommodation was required to ensure the safety of the babies.

“Where we live is a room and parlour, with a little space like a store, which we cannot call a room. Meanwhile, the paediatrician said the babies need a room to themselves; that if not, we might be having challenges,” Temitope added.

Her husband, Mr Ernest Amodu, who said he was serving at the Ondo State Command of the NSCDC, also solicited help from the government and Nigerians.

Ernest, who also hails from Kogi State, said:

“Having a child who is three years old, I know how tasking it is to raise him. To have an additional four is a lot of demand.

“In the last one week that we have spent in this hospital, it has not been an easy experience. The bills are quadruple. Every service is paid for five times for the mother and the babies.

“It is not easy at all but I know that God will raise men and women who will support us. I strongly believe that. Left for us, there is no way in the world that our salaries will be able to cover these. We trust God and good Nigerians to help us.”


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  1. The ministry of women and children affairs should help this woman out of this
    Living in a room and parlour with five kids now

  2. Wow! God’s blessing in Double Double! I know there is someone very close to take care of them in Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN

  3. Eh yah , how i wish i have the money i would have come and settle it myself , look at their beautiful babies , oh people should come to their help plz

  4. Government suppose to come to your aid. They are the one that suppose to do it, they are suppose to take care of the bill. Don’t think anymore your helper is coming.

  5. Congratulations to u dear may God see ur through dis period. Pls the state nd country should something to help dis is d time ur plp need ur help

  6. God will bring some one to be of help, because he has promised not to forget his very. Just hold on to him in prayer

  7. Congratulations… The LORD in his infinite will surely supply all your needs and strength to Carter for you wonderful family because he cannot bring them into the world to lack,,he gave your the grace to deliver them safely,, he can never abandon you..

  8. Firstly, I congratulate you and I want you to know that God do something for a reason and believe that the God that granted you this children is ready to take care of them for you.

  9. Congratulations to you. May God see you through raising this children in his own way. And may you find your helpers from all angles.

  10. Congratulations first,please dont see this gift a punishment. There is a reason for everything,God allows things to happen because there is a purpose for which they are born.please accept it.God will send a helper to you.

  11. This is exactly what we are saying with our government…its their sole responsibility to provide for the likes of this family… They do not need to beg the general public.Nigeria is so blessed but has been in the wrongs hands.

  12. Congratulations MA, l think government should come to their rescue and l also trust as you said God will surely make a way for you for he is the one that blesses without adding sorrow

  13. Thank God for the lovely babies, but she should not have gone to the national hospital to deliver knowing their bill is high. May God send them help to care for the baby

  14. I believe this is where the government should come in and assist them, not only in paying the hospital bills but being responsible for their education to a level.

  15. whatever happened to the ministry of women affairs? isn’t this the kind of case they should be taking care or? what exactly is the work of the ministry of women affairs in this country cos so far i havent seen ant tangible thing they do to better the lives of the ordinary woman on the street, rather they all are more concerned about their budget and allocations which finally end up in their pockets. what will it cost the ministry of women affairs to offset the bills of this woman and give her some more money to have at hand for the well being of her and her new born babies? Naija though

  16. The ministry of women and children affairs should help this woman out of this
    Living in a room and parlour with five kids

  17. Thank God for a safe delivery, remember my dear that there is no problem that God cannot solve. He gave you this children he will also provide what they will feed on. Government should please come to their aid.

  18. What is d work of d ministers of affairs if not to take care of situations like this, Nigeria is not coordinated go to other countries d differences are very clear. All dsam congratulations my dear dat God who gave u dis blessing will not forsake u, he will surely provide because children are gift from God almighty.

  19. I’m a mother. I know how it is to take care of one, how much more four….. Govt please do something….. ATleast a job… Cos giving her money won’t even solve the issue

  20. congratulations the children are blessing from God don’t worry God will send you help. and I wish the government will respond to you and your babies

  21. Congratulations to the family!!!! Enormous responsibility! Huge expenditure….,they will have to take it one day at a time starting from the little they have,hopefully helpers from all over pitch in to help,Welcome darling princesses! God bless you all.

  22. Congratulations on your save delivery I pray that God will help you and sustain you..and may God send helpers to you..I understand it not easy

  23. Teachers are meant to be paid well enough to afford such things on their own . We can’t just ignore teachers in our society . I hope someon or the government intervenes

  24. In my opinion tho…I’ll say..some parents should be ready first financially before thinking of having a baby…well I understand things change tho.. But some countries with reasonable government would be the one to take responsibility of such miracle babies…but no..not our stagnating Nigeria

  25. Children are gifts from God. It’s also the responsibility of government or philanthropists to come to her aid in a situation like this.

  26. Congratulations! Your blessings is on the way,
    Don’t worry your helper will come to your aid. Just have faith on God. We are praying for your family.

  27. The gift of God comes with riches, rest and it adds no sorrow to it. Government please come to her aid. This is not an intentional conception, it’s just God.

  28. Congratulations madam, please the government should really help them, it wut be easy for her dis are the case government should help out for not spending money on unnecessarily.

  29. Government should please find something’s to do babies that some riches wanted and not see congratulations to the couple

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