Woman wakes up 72 hours after her heart stopped beating

A 26 year old woman, and mother of one miraculously woke up in the hospital, 72 hours after her heart stopped beating.

Woman wakes up 72 hours after her heart stopped beating lailasnews

The young mother who was not named, was taken to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University in China’s eastern Fujian Province. Her husband brought her to the hospital on his back at 7:58pm om New Year’s day.

The woman was unconscious and had no heartbeat.

Medics said she suffered from ventricular fibrillation, which is when the heart quivers instead of pumping blood around the body. She was eventually diagnosed with acute myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Mother of 44 has been banned from having more children (Photo)

The team of doctors performed chest compressions for 20 minutes before switching the young woman to life-support system ECMO – extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation – replacing her heart and lung functions with the device, Mirror reports.

In spite of all the efforts made by doctors, the woman remained unresponsive two hours later. Her pupils dilated, and her vital signs failed to return.

By clinical standards, the woman was dead, but the doctors refused to give up.

Doctor Zhang Minwei explained:

I felt that her illness happened too suddenly. At 26 she was still in her prime, and she had no history of diseases.

It was my opinion that we needed to create the conditions for even the slimmest chance of survival.

The patient was kept in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and various other instruments were used to regulate her bodily functions, including respiratory devices and renal replacement therapy.

Mother of 44 has been banned from having more children (Photo)

After 72 hours, a ‘miracle’ happened as her heart restored partial function. By January 7, it was beating on its own. She is now in stable condition and is able to eat by herself. She remains in intensive care as medics continue renal therapy and help her restore full function of her limbs.

The patient’s husband said:

We spent the past few days crying. Now we’re very happy.

We have a one-year-old son at home, too. This family cannot lose its mum.


  1. Miraculous God,his greatness is beyond our understanding. What doctors cannot do he can because everything is possible with him.

  2. This is wonderful and it’s the lord doing
    Am happy for the family
    May God continue to keep you guya

  3. 3 days in the land of the dead, Medically she was brought back to life, thank God your government has standard medical facilities for generality of it citizens.

  4. Only God can do this, this is the hand of God indeed, may his name be glorified, if not the lady would have gone finally, congratulations for life.

  5. That’s a miracle, God is wonderful, she will continue to glorify God, God gave her life again, glory be to God almighty in Jesus name Amen

  6. This is a miracle. It can only happen in a country where life is valued and not in Nigeria where the doctors are money conscious.

  7. That was really a miracle . Someone is dead when his/her heart stops beating and waking up 72hours after her heart stopped , it’s definitely a miracle

  8. God is indeed awesome. This is a big miracle. Some doctors are just very good at what they do

  9. What a great miracle. It was the Lord’s doing coupled with good medical facilities and a determined medical staff. Kudos to the hospital too.

  10. Glorious God, miracle worker did it…..
    May your healing be permanent in Jesus name. Congratulations to the family .

  11. God has really done a miracle for this family, for saving her life and for making their only child to have a motherly care

  12. God over everything This is wonderful and it’s the lord doing
    Am happy for the family
    May God continue to keep you guya


  14. What ever be the name of what she suffered from I don’t care but what I know is that she is fine, God be praised

  15. Thank God for keeping her alive at least her family will rejoice to the fullest may God grant her many more years on Earth she is indeed a special woman

  16. Glory be to Almighty God who really performed his wonders through this good doctor, the doctor needs to be awarded as they will take all glory to God.

  17. I especially on behave of the family want to thank the Doctors for not giving up on the woman.. She would have been a forgotten person by now. May God be praised

  18. Its nice to see that regardless of everything, the doctors never gave up on her. They decided to put her on life support… This is nothing short of doctors who had faith she could still make it . if na for naija, the doctor go just sey make them transfer her to the mogue straight

  19. Wow
    God Is indeed faithful
    He truly is the giver of life
    And he’s given this young lady and mother of one a second chance even after 3 days

  20. What!. 72 hours of a heart not beating. That’s 3 days, of been dead. God is wonderful. I hope she receives the best medical attention as she recuperates.

  21. No peer can take your life when God says it not time,he is indeed a miracle worker,welcome back to life ma

  22. Wow this surprise me,well but I know there is nothing impossible with God,the woman must be worshipful and prayerful

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