Woman seen shaving her armpit hair in a public transport (Video)

A shocking video footage shows a woman shaving the hair in her armpit while in a public bus ride.

The video of a woman quickly shaving her armpit in a public bus filled with strangers has caught the eyes of many as the woman goes about her business not minding where she was.


The woman can be seen reaching into her handbag, getting her shaving stick and using it to clear out the hair in her left underarm as she raises it up for a clearer view.

The unidentified woman who was sitting alone in the front seat blew on the blades of the shaving stick, in an attempt to clear out the hair stuck in-between the blades after she had finished shaving.

Watch the video that looked like it was taking by the bus’ security camera below.

Even though ladies are encouraged to shave the hair under their armpits because it is believed to look dirty and unattractive, it is however not a norm to do the shaving in a public place and have your hair flying all over the place.

Many people will find this act very offensive but the video doesn’t reveal the reactions of other passengers in the public bus.

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