Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state (graphic photos)

A woman whose name wasn’t given, has been accused of pouring hot water on her step son in  Numan town, Adawawa state.

Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state lailasnews

The woman is reportedly yet to disclose the reason behind her action after her arrest, while her step son who she poured hot water on is battling with injuries he sustained from the incident. Here are photos below;

Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state lailasnews 1

Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state lailasnews 2

Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state lailasnews 3

Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state lailasnews 4

Woman pours hot water on step son in Adamawa state lailasnews 5

This is coming few months after a woman was arrested, after allegedly pouring hot water on a little boy recently in Jigawa. According to the report, the woman believed to be the second wife, out of jealously, allegedly scalded the little boy with hot water to spite his mother (her rival and their husband) in Buji Local Government Area of Jigawa State.


  1. The woman is a devil in human flesh. She shouldn’t be living among human beings. Justice must prevail

  2. She should be allowed to feel the same pain the boy is going true, she should just that she don’t die for another woman to treat her child this way. Carma is real

  3. This is wickedness,woman.this boy doesn’t know anything and you go ahead doing this kind of wickedness to him.fear God oo.they should also pour her water let her feel the same pain the boy is feeling

  4. This woman is heartless how can she pour this little boy this kind of hot water did she want to kill him. Some women are devil in disguised may she be brought to face the law.

  5. Some women are not fit to be anybody’s mother how can you purposely pour hot water on a little boy like this and you expect Gods blessings

  6. This is wickedness,woman.this boy doesn’t know anything and you go ahead doing this kind of wickedness to him.fear God oo.they should also pour her water let her feel the same pain the boy is feeling


  7. This boy is too small for this wicked treatment no matter what her reason could be. She should face the law.

  8. God have mercy, wickedness is rampant in our country, the woman ought not to do that, can she do this to her son

  9. This is what pure wickedness, I thank God thaty dad did not bring in another wife after the death of my mom, cause if he did I swear the woman go see hell

  10. The woman is an animal living in the midst of human being. How could she pour hot water on a little child like that. She need a very powerful deliverance.

  11. My God this ridiculous… how on earth should a woman do this?? And to think he’s only a child.. God mend broken homes and May every mother stay alive to take care of her child.

  12. I will advice that all Nigerian start practicing monogamy system of marriage . that is one man with one wife

  13. Jesus, this woman will never see her own child/children in her life time, imagine what she did to someone else child, God have mercy

  14. Most women are devil! Devil is a woman believe me! I can’t stop crying God come and end this wicked world.

  15. No matter what her step son has done she shouldn’t have poured hot water on him, the act is inhuman and Is unaccepted

  16. This woman should be jailed for doing this,
    It’s too much now,
    Definitely she can kill him
    Quick recovery boy

  17. No matter what this little boy did to her,she has no right to pour hot water on him
    What is this world even turning into
    The woman is so heart less, she deserves a very severe punishment for this evil act!

  18. What offence could this innocent boy commit that he deserve such hatred coz this is hatred because she wasn’t the one that gave birth to him.

  19. This is pure wickedness,she don’t deserve to be called a mother,whether he is your step son or not your relatives at all no matter what the kid has done,this treatment is uncalled for

  20. The child is innocent. If there is anything between the son’s mother and her, they should face themselves and leave the child out of their difference.

  21. Jesussssss christ of nazareth….God of isreal what kinda wickedness this woman has done hummmm this is terrible oooo hahahha she needs to be hanged


  23. God have mercy ooo! Which kind of woman Is that And What type of wickedness Is this? How can Somebody get heart to pour A small boy like this hot water. Perfect healing to him

  24. Children are suffering every day from step mothers, why are women so heartless? When will this wickedness stop.

  25. What kind of this world we are living him, pouring hot water on a child this is a wicked world

  26. Nawa oooo, this woman is extra ordinary wicked, can she do that to her own son, how can she do that to the little boy, may God forgive her, she should be punished for the sin she committed

  27. That woman is heartless! No matter the offense of this little boy. There are many ways to punish a child who did something wrong not this level of wickedness

  28. The boy is just a little boy . No matter the offense he might have committed , pouring hot water on him is wickedness . I am glad theboy is receiving treatment already from the picture

  29. Such woman should be killed by hanging because she deserved not to leave or even see the following day, she’s so wicked

  30. This woman is too callous. She just wanna ruin the boy’s life and future. She must be dealt with like seriously. Wish the boy quick recovery

  31. That woman need to be hang not jail because she can be free later his can someone with a heart do this to a little child why because of man or what this is total rubbish I cannot called this jealousy its either they hang her or do the same thing to her so that she will feel the pain of that child

  32. How can someone do this to a child,that woman is a monster and she must be punished ,haba.why are people so wicked ,can she do this to her own child ?

  33. This act is so wicked. how wil she have the mind to pour hot water on the little boy. For her to do this means she can also kill the boy if care is taken

  34. Oh what wickedness on such a young child. What could he have done to deserve this wickedness? Let the woman get extreme punishment for this.

  35. This is real Wickednes..i couldnt look at the pictures twice, she should be punished for this wicked deed

  36. Been jealous of fellow woman does it have anything to do with a child. People should leave wickedness alone. This is a sacrilege.

  37. This woman is extremely wicked. How could she pour hot water on her stepson? I pray he recovers quickly.

  38. Why being this wicked to this little boy who did nothing to you. If you are not happy being second wife, why then did agreed to marry your husband? Stop you wickedness and jealousy and change your ways for your own good

  39. This is very bad, her intension was just just to cut short the life of this small child, why should she do this to this child.

  40. This is wickedness how on earth can a woman pour hot water on a kid, she is heartless and need to be punished

  41. What kind of heartless woman is this ! The jealous between the child’s mother and her rival has to stay inbetween them,such an innocent child does’nt supposed to be involved this is child abuse.Anyway this heartless woman has to be jailed with very difficult purnishment.

  42. The boy is too small for this kind of punishment that woman is a wicked soul she should be severely punished

  43. What a wicked woman. They don’t need to know the reaon behind her action because it’s pure wickedness. She should face the consequences by the law

  44. How can a living human being do something like this to a little child. She is a monster. Make sure she feels the pain this boy is feeling at this point in time. Wicked woman… Punish her severely.. Make her cry day in day out

  45. Why is that some people are naturally wicked? How could she do such an evil thing to the innocent boy. Maybe because she has not got any child. It’s very bad.

  46. This is very cruel. Infact the son is still a kid and I must say that no offence the kid committed is worth this punishment

  47. This woman is very wicked and heartless. She is supposed to be pour hot water too to feel the the innocent child is passing through. Evil behavior.

  48. Haa!!!! This is act of wickedness, no matter what happened the boy is a small boy for goodness sake….. The woman should be punish please.

  49. What is mothers turning in to no matter what the child did it not up to the level of pouring hot water his is wick

  50. This is wickedness in the highest order why would a mother or someone expecting to be a mother treat someone else child in this manner.hmmm the problems of polygamy

  51. Jesus Christ, this is heartless human being.. What did the child do to you? Nothing.. She should not go unpunished

  52. later when their generation begin to suffer, their ladies go barren they will say it devil and you are worse than Devil himself… You will surely reap what you sow.. Quick recovery son you will be better than her biological children..

  53. I dont think she have a child, this is my judgment, let her be tie and pour hot water to her also…
    I raise!!!

  54. That woman is wicked and should be treated in a very wicked way too they should pour her boiling water also to no how it pains b4 arresting her

  55. All these women.If you know you’re not ready to take care of the children of another woman, why get married to their father only to start unleash wickedness on the innocent children. This is inhuman and I hope she rots in jail.I hope the child survives this

  56. That woman is wicked and should be treated in a very wicked way too they should pour her boiling water also to no how it pains b4 arresting her and should be dealt wit

  57. This woman is a disgrace to woman hood and not fit to be called a mother. This is total act of wickedness

  58. This woman is very wicked. God will punish her for this. nonsense. no matter the offense, he does not deserve this

  59. This is wicked of the highest order.. Whatever the little child did.. He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment

  60. This is evil may God judge u what a wicked world. I know it just a little mistake the child has done before u pour this wick art on him

  61. I thank God for the life of this small boy who suffered from the jealousy of his step-mum. May God heal u completely and may that evil woman receive her due punishment too.

  62. All these step mothers are very heartless no matter what the child does she dosent have to right

  63. See pain’s that is letting this boy going through, may God heal him quick in Jesus name,
    But the woman should not go unpunished.

  64. The woman is a devil in human flesh. She shouldn’t be living among human beings. Justice must prevail

  65. This is completely inhumane act and child abuse in disguise. What will a child of such age do to you that will warrant you pouring hot water on him. Let her face the wrath of the law squarely and also get her comeuppance.

  66. Heyyyyy this woman is very wicked that small poor boy how could she out of jealousy that’s crazy she should be punished severely

  67. Wickedness in practice.
    This is a permanent mark and pain
    This child will grow up like this
    I pray he forgives this woman

  68. Chai… This woman can kill. He will grow up with all this scar and will never forgive her. Heartless bitch

  69. Oh my God!what kind of offense has that little boy committed will makes her boiled water and poured it on him. What if it was her son? Will she pour hot water on him? Haba! Straight to jail. No need for Court

  70. This little boy! Why are people so wicked and stone hearted. She should rot in jail because this is attempted murder

  71. How will a woman who craves to have or has children of her own, keep her eyes wide open without blinking, pour hot water on another woman’s child. Does she know the pain that child is going through? The pain the child will feel when the burns start healing, the tingling sensation he will feel when he will have the urge to scratch, and when he does scratch the wound opens up again because he won’t be able to control it. I can imagine the pain this child is feeling because I have experienced it. That woman should be punished for inflicting such pain on this child.

  72. Oh my God what kind of wickedness is this. God why will you refrain your anger from such people

  73. Why is some mother wicked lik this remember wat ever u does they will also do it for u weather good or evil

  74. This is very bad, she is a very wicked step mother indeed and she should be punish, the poor young would be in pains….The should be charge for murder

  75. This is an act of wickedness. Nothing justifies her actions against this little child. She should be made to pay for her actions

  76. Why are some women so wicked, when you know you won’t accept the man’s child why did you marry him. She needs to be punished in the same way for her to go through the same pain her step son is going through

  77. Haaaa
    This is wickedness of the step-mother, she should be punished for such deed, it just unfair to maltreat

  78. Jesus can’t even look at the pictures, what could such a little lad like him committed to deserve that.

  79. This is wickedness of the highest order, just because it is not your child, it is not good at all, I wish the child quick recovery

  80. The woman is very wicked and heartless. No matter the offense the little boy committed, he should be treated as their own son

  81. What kind of woman is dat is it because it was not her biological son look how she changed d skin of dat boy

  82. Haaa, but why did dirty things happen in my country naa why would you pour hot water on small boy like that Walahi I want you dead

  83. Wickedness… What could have been the offence of this little soul that warranted hot water. May God deliver us from the hands of the evil ones.

  84. This is wickedness at it’s peak, she has deform the child. She should be dealt with mercilessly. This attempted murder.

  85. This is too much and heartless

    And she will be claiming to be mother one of these days

    Wicked soul

  86. This is nothing but pure wickedness… Maybe they should pour hot water on her body too so that she will understand the level of the boys pain.
    Until they implement an eye for eye form of punishment, some cruel act will not stop

  87. This is wickedness and heartless. Why pouring him hot water for which offense seriously she suppose to feel the same way

  88. Jesus! The little child is actually a baby and I swear, he did nothing wrong. The woman should just be killed as she’s not fit to be a woman.

  89. How heartless this boy could as well be your own biological son I don’t know why the heart of man is desperately wicked.

  90. She is yet to give her reason behind the attack,what a stupid statement take this woman to court and charge her for child abuse and attempted murder

  91. O God some women are do wicked o, no matter what this little boy has done to her bathing him with hot water shouldn’t have crossed her mind na. Thank God the boys is getting better

  92. That woman has gotten to the highest level of wickedness and Needs face the highest level of justice.

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