Woman narrates how she was kidnapped, raped and forced into marriage

A woman has made shocking revelations on how she was kidnapped, raped and forced into marriage by a man she never loved.

Woman narrates how she was kidnapped, raped and forced into marriage lailasnews

The woman, Omowunmi Lameed, who has been married to, Mukaila Lameed, for ten years, is now seeking for a divorce.

Omowunmi had sought for divorce on the accounts of kidnap, rape, forceful marriage and threat to life by her husband.

The plaintiff appealed to the court, if her plea for divorce was granted, to further restrain the defendant from coming to her house or work place to harass or fight her.

She told the court:

“My lord, my life is at stake. My husband is after my life and he will not rest until he sees my end.

“My husband is irrational in his reasoning and crude in his behaviour because he’s not learned or sophisticated. As a literate, I feel belittled being married to such an uncultured person.

“My lord, my husband forced me into marrying him.He’s a driver and member of the National Union of Road and Transport Workers (NURTW). He’s actually one their leaders.

“About ten years ago, he consistently made love advances at me which I constantly rebuffed because he was the last person I thought I could ever marry.

“He later sent his thugs to me. They kidnapped me one faithful evening and carried me to his house. He detained me and refused to release me or let me go.

“He forcefully had sex with me that night; he was actually the one who deflowered me.

“All attempts made by my parents to get me out of his house proved abortive because of his connections and the threat to their lives. He told them I’m married to him and that they could do nothing about it.

“I became a patent medicine seller and vowed not to have any child for him. I, therefore, took drugs to avert pregnancy any time he slept with me, but I later jettisoned this idea because as a woman time was gradually no more on my side

“My lord, my husband has made my life miserable despite his promise to shower me with love and attention.I told him I wanted to further my education but he refused because he felt threatened.

“He’s in the habit of monitoring my movements as a result of inferiority complex and always feels uncomfortable any time I’m chatting or discussing with other men. He will beat me to a pulp and sometimes lock me up at home.

“He once misbehaved and after being found guilty was put behind bars for a few years. I felt he would return home a sober man but he became rather worse.

“We had a quarrel of recent; he stopped me from going about my business and locked my shop. This has automatically brought a stress on my finance.

“He has threatened to kill me any time he sees me with the opposite sex.

“My lord, my life is at stake, I’m not safe. I pray this court to dissolve our union and grant me custody of our only child.

“My other plea is that the court restrains him from harassing or fighting me in my new apartment or shop, “she stated.

The defendant refused to make an appearance in court after being served a court summon and hearing.

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Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Odunade dissolved their union and awarded the plaintiff custody of their child.

The defendant was mandated to give the plaintiff N5, 000 monthly as their child’s feeding allowance. He was also ordered to be responsible for his education and health care.

The court further ordered both parties to keep peace always.


  1. The court should separate them if that is what she want but madam remember say no marriage wen no get up and down

    • What is up & down? Did you not read that he kidnapped & raped her. Forced her to marry him. In a civilised society, he should be in jail for a very long time!

  2. She should be granted freedom from such a man and the man should be severely punished so that others can learn

  3. This woman is just realized this now….. the court should give her divorce….if that’s what she wants.

  4. Let the Court please fasten the case to Isuue her a divorce cert. to put her life in a safer condition

  5. I just don’t understand this woman. She said she was kidnapped and the parents knows her whereabouts. God knows everything

  6. The law should do something about that since she really need a divorce and punish him for such act so that it be a lesson to others

  7. I wonder how u refuse to report someone who rape you, not to talk of marrying him there are some hidden truth

  8. That man is wicked n very notorious human being therefore court should stop d man for harassing his wife in a public, n Jill him for abuse 5yrs

  9. No man should ever force a woman. Marriage is supposed to be due to love. The divorce will be granted.

  10. Sister go to the police once you have a chance woman there are people out there like you . you are not brave enough fool

  11. The court should dissolve the marriage in as much as I hate divorce once life is threatened am no longer in support

  12. The court should grant the woman justice and the man should be punished for rap and kidnapped

  13. The marriage should be terminated but its he court.. if what she claims is true, she is really going through alot

  14. The marriage should be terminated buy the court.. if what she claims is true, she is really going through alot

  15. She was kidnapped, rapped and was forced to marry him of which they had one child together.
    But come to think of this a kidnapped person doesn’t move around neither is their where about known talk more of having a shop. But thank God the court has granted your wish from the hand of your dictator

  16. The man is a brute if what she say is the truth. How can you kidnap,rape and force someone who doesn’t love you into marrying you,in this jet age. This is ridiculous.

  17. Too bad, his not your husband, the court needs to separate them before it leads to one’s death.

  18. She should be granted freedom from such a man and the man should be severely punished so that others can learn

  19. I think the allegation of Kidnapping and rape should be looked into, unless being a NURTW chieftain he is above the law as boasted.

  20. Some men are really dangerous. To think that this woman went through hell for 10 years and still continued staying with the wicked man is heart breaking.Thank God you’re finally free from him

  21. This is not good a I believe that everyone have the right to choose who he or she wants to marry.

  22. Going by what she said then no marriage ever existed between them. Who did he pay her bride price to? I pray he obeys the court order.

  23. She suppose to have done that since let court grant her freedom also even the man should be punished if she was caught because that a wicked act.

  24. This is not marriage but captivity if what she said its true. the man should also be jailed and the marriage dissolved.

  25. The worst thing anybody would be involved in is an abusive relationship. Thank God the court approved the divorce and granted the lady the custody of their son.

  26. I think it’s a court case and there should no be no delay in such a case . It’s a matter of life and death .

  27. Is her eyes just clearing out now after 10years together? The court should just separate them before she takes a drastic step on the matter

  28. Divorcing isn’t a good idea though because of the child,because the child will someday look for his Dad.
    Buh I think prayer would be a beta solution..
    A prayerful wife can raise a peaceful family

  29. that is wickedness but never regret shall because old things has past a way be hold all things become new

  30. Inferiority complex is a big problem……so is best adviced that one should marry never under duress.

  31. This a serious issue. She has really past through a lot. I will just advice her to walk of the marriage by the court order and leave the country

  32. I can feel her pains it’s not easy to be with a man you don’t love because what’s ever thing he does irritates you, the court should try and grant her appeal

  33. This is very serious….. The man s wicked and heartless I can’t be in this type of marriage. I reject it.

  34. The lady should be set free from this wicked man and allow to have her peace more so her parent were not in support of the forced marriage.

  35. The woman has really suffered in the hands of this man all in the name of marriage . The divorce should be granted and with an undertaking which the man has to sign if anything happens to the woman, he should be held responsible.

  36. The court should please and please do the needful. Since her life is threatened, they should separate please.

  37. I stand with her if really what she is saying is the truth and the marriage should be dissolved but again even if she will still married the one she love there will still be ups and downs

  38. There are so many cases like this woman’s in our country and the government should do something about these I’ll treatments. There should be education regarding things as these.

  39. I support the fact that if a man should maltreat and always beat his wife or forcefully have sex with her,the woman should be seperated from the man until he changes his behaviour.

  40. This is no longer marriage but manage and slavery. Court please dissolve the marriage and don’t fail to issue a restraining order against the man

  41. I think we should not be one sided in this kind of issue because we need to hear from the man side of the story too……well let the court take decision in their hand

  42. I think everyone has the right for decision making and she’s matured enough to know what she want

  43. This is the hieght of wickedness,many things are happening this days,only God will save us women ,amen

  44. Hmmm what a wicked world……. There won’t be any love in their home I advise you sue and divorce him

  45. what kind of marriage is this ……..forcing woman to subject to your sex urge is Rape,enslave the woman like this is not right .

  46. This woman is just realized this now….. the court should give her divorce….if that’s what she wants.

  47. The court should grant her her request since the marriage was not her wish to be married to him. He kidnapped her, raped her and forced her to be married to him. I see no reason for her to be in that marriage hence her life is under threat.

  48. What kind of nonsense is that. How can someone forcefully married to a woman that was not interested in him.it is unfair

  49. Does this kind of things still happen. He is a beast. To forcefully marry a woman make him less of a man. Please let her go and ensure nothing happens to her or her parents. While he is dealt with

  50. There’s nothing like force in marriage and even if he force you into the marriage why can’t you leave him when the marriages is a year or two you’re not been truthful into yourself on this matter congrats on your divorce

  51. Wot a pity,I pray DT no other woman will experience dis,but marriage is not something we force people into

  52. Court should grant her wish. The marriage was not based on love rather she was kidnapped, rape and force into marrying someone she doesn’t love. Haha, let her go please for crying out loud

  53. If truely her story is true that means the man is wicked and the is no even marriage b/w them before

  54. Good Lord, i can’t imagine the horror and pain she’s been through for the past 10 years of forced marriage.

  55. Good judgment by the court… But the woman really need to be careful and watch her steps, he could be planing something else

  56. That man is an animal. I wonder why she would forced her, raped her and still went ahead threatened to kill her. I’m glad the marriage has been dissolved. The woman will start a new life

  57. If truly the man is tormenting her is better court separate them than for her to loose her life on a man that is not wordy to be her husband

  58. The court should do something tangible to her cause she’s suffering how can a man be treating a woman like that besides he should be accused of kidnapping and raping

  59. If this is actually true, then this man in contest in very very wicked and the woman should be granted justice.

  60. If he married her by force as she alleged, then that marriage should be dissolved because marriage no be by force. Dem no dey steal wife.

  61. Court alone can’t settle this, that man is obsessed and might end up killing u and killing himself, woman watch ur back

  62. Although hard to believe that you were raped, forced to marry him even have a child for him. Then after ten years you now speak out.

  63. The court should reason with the woman because if they did not she will eventually kill the man by herself.

  64. This are strong aligation and may not even be the truth, let the man speak and then we will know the truth

  65. Most of this thugs take law into their hands and misbehave because they have a connected god father. With the marriage been dissolved I just hope the man will leave the lady and her family to live in peace.

  66. He forcefully sleep with with been a virgin and now Genia after your life.. What a cruel world…authority should know this he should be call to order

  67. these life will are into is civilized to trouble upon trouble what a wicked life for a kidnapped to kidnned and forced to marry and they need to divorce so that that lady will be allow to choose her choice

  68. Why did she keep this long to speak out. She should be granted freedom so she can live her life to the fullest

  69. Wow I think this really bad in this modern world where there is rule of law this is too much on this woman police should have hand in this please

  70. Hmmmmm, this is really bad. Women in this part of the world are really suffering. He should have been jailed for kidnap and rape. Thanks for dissolving the so called marriage


  72. If what she narrated was true then the man should be sentenced to life imprisonment. The man is irresponsible

  73. But some men. Can be useless, but that serves him right, the woman shouldn’t go back to him any more.

  74. Hmm so women are in hell all in the name of marriage, God, pls court separate them let her go in peace before he will kill her

  75. Why must she be in the marriage why she is not haply married for some years with out going to the human right until now she was never serious

  76. Did you just know or feel that he is not good for you after ten years you have been with him, I don’t really believe this woman, court should do the necessary thing.

  77. We agreed they raped you and kidnapped you but they can’t force you to married the man must be jailed for life

  78. So this type of things still happen in this golden era, court should do something as a matter of urgency

  79. What do you expect from a thug like him. Is a good judgement by the court and this will bring peace to the woman now. She deserves better and good life. This is a lesson that we should speak up to the authority when under captive or being held against your will. The law is always there to protect us as the victim.

  80. Pls the court should dissolved that married before that man will kill her. The man should be punished severely.

  81. In the first place, this was a human right abuse, the man should be arrested, marriage is not by force, though as learned one you should have known what to do when this happened far back ten years, you should have reported to the human right office and they would have taken action

  82. But come to think of this a kidnapped person doesn’t move around neither is their where about known talk more of having a shop. But thank God the court has granted your wish from the hand of your dictator

  83. I really want to accept her story. But for 9years you never complain, until now probably you have a good work doing and probably seeing a man better than him. Because am finding difficult to believe the story.

  84. Her husband is very heartless but come to think of it for 9 good years she did not complain until this moment

  85. I really think she should have love him after all this long years it seems the man is not loving enough.

  86. I think her parent doesn’t take the right measure earlier, they should have report him to the authority

  87. Is it by force to marry. Please let her go. It supposed to be an agreement between the two of you.

  88. There should be a way that they can be separated from each other..thats so bad for the woman

  89. She’s going through a lot…. I feel for her.. Let the court terminate the marriage and free this woman

  90. She most be hiding something apart from that
    Abi how will you be raped then forced to marry without anyone in your family knowing

  91. O matter the kind of lord husband shows he doesn’t change the fact that it is called molestation I’m punishable by the law

  92. What kind of marriage is that, if what she just said is true, then that man is wicked and heartless, he should even be locked up in prison for all his wickedness on her

  93. One don’t have to kill herself under one man that was before nothing like for better for worst now. Leave him before he kills you because he’s not a man at all.

  94. After the lady’s narration which I didn’t want to believe until the end I think the court took the best decision to grant her her request and end the union
    But she must be well guarded else the man may end the whole family

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