Woman narrates horrifying experience at ritualist den

A woman identified as, Oyebade Funke, has narrated her horrifying experience at the den of suspected ritualists in Akure, Ondo state.

Woman narrates horrifying experience at ritualist den lailasnews

The victim was reportedly abducted last Thursday, 27th December, 2018. According to her, she escaped from their den by a divine intervention.

Speaking with Omo Edema Communications, she explained that she went to collect a new ATM Card at the her bank Akure, when she fell into the hand of a commercial motorcyclist who called her by her name and claimed to have once lived in her father’s house a long time ago when she was still a little girl. This made her greet him cheerfully before entering his motorcycle. She said;

“We left the place, heading towards my destination; a guy just shouted ‘brother’ and began to greet the bike man long time as if it had been long they saw last. The bike man apologized to me as he stopped to greet the guy. He eventually asked where the guy was going to and he mentioned market square area which fell on the same road with where I was going.

“The bike man pleaded with me to allow the guy sit behind my back on the motorcycle since he was not going far. I accepted them without suspecting any evil”, explained the victim.

She said the bike man asked her of address and she mentioned the area and also asked where she was going from the bank. She said as the guy sat at her back and they were moving, she lost her senses immediately.

According to her, she discovered she became weak and the bike man headed for a different direction entirely.

Funke said when it was around 3pm, they came in and began to attend to the captives one after the other. She said they brought in calabashes; one with a cover taped with a red piece of cloth while other calabashes were empty.

“I had concluded that was my end. But when the ritual got to my turn, they placed the calabash on my head and placed an empty one in front of me. I did not vomit blood. They questioned me again that who was behind me, but I could not respond to them.

“I heard them say my head refused to harbour evil. Another person among them said yes if she refused to vomit that would still not stop the parts of her body from being used for some other things. But one among them said they had no buyers of parts of the body for now.”

The victim said while they were saying all these, one of them who was behaving like their head now instructed them to push her out that nothing whatsoever was useful in her. According to her, they other people were very furious at her and said since nothing was useful, they would not make a dual loss. They collected from her the forty thousand Naira cash she had withdrawn from the bank before she was picked.

According to her;

“they blindfolded me again and returned me exactly the way and manner they brought me.”


  1. Kidnapping is now the order of the day in Ondo state. God will continue to protect and guide us all

  2. Sister thank God for your life o, my childhood friend Monday is missing up til date we have not seen. He left for Abuja from Minna since last two years his wife in Abuja did not see him, his families in Minna too have not seen him since then

  3. I really thank god for not allowing does people’s to kill you and sell your part for money retuals, next time i hope dis we be inform of lession to you

  4. I think God has really been faithful to this woman because its not by her power nor might its by his grace

  5. Thanks God for His grace over your life.. Be warned. Any power that is not the power of the most high God is scam.

  6. Praise God, Hallelujah. This can only be by divine intervention. May his grace continue to sustain you in Jesus name, Amen

  7. All thanks to God for you. Lets be vigilant and sensitive as individuals. Our heads and any parts of our body shall not be useful to all this ritualist in Jesus Name. We shall be exempted

  8. See story wonder’s shall never end all this thing happen in Nigeria because of lack of job opportunity government should make job vacancy for our youth

  9. I thank God for her life, in fact, God really preserved her, may God deliver us from evil people in Jesus name. Amen!

  10. If not for God this poor soul would have disappeared from the surface of the earth just like that. Thank God for his divine intervention.

  11. Glory be to God, thank God ur head was too strong for them….. He who wants to use another person for money will end up becoming a victim, their day will soon come

  12. At least they did not kill her she has so much to be grateful for. The police should try to find a way to tracķ them down.

  13. Thank you Jesus he has done it again in her life,,may your name be praised forever, we have to be very careful on the motorcycle we enter, God pls save your children on thus wicked world

  14. This is a wonderful testimony, the Lord really delivered you from the valley of shadow of death, and you own him a big thanks. When God says no,who can say yes? May his name be praised for this great work.

  15. Evil doers, they will never stop but God is greater than then. One day they will meet their Waterloo. I congratulate Funke

  16. Wow GOD is really ur protection an he will continue to guard,kiddnappers god will never ma u succed

  17. When God by your side my sister no one and nothing can against you.. Thank for your life. And make sure you do thanks giving

  18. Election is fast approaching so kidnapers and ritualists every where especially those with an innocent look and lion heart

  19. God really saved your life…every one should start prophesying into their lives, my head shall never harbour evil! IJN amen.

  20. This is indeed a miracle that you came back alive our government should do more to in stopping this evil people

  21. Glory be to God! Your head has oil …the grace and mercy of God at work .my cousin was also in captivity of kidnappers 4 almost 2yrs..anytime they want to kill him, they will send him on an errand.. until Alh came to (Lag) frm Kano to buy them…n he escaped as their truck broke down . He left house with Laptop that day n he told ppl at home he was goin 2 Alaba int mkt.

  22. I Thank God for saving you it was God so my dear go closer to God if not Almighty Jehovah you could have been a forgetting story.

  23. God protect us from the evil hands of the devil. Thank God her head didn’t accept the ritual. We all should be careful this season coz they have a lot of ways in which they are kidnapping people

  24. This is good news,amazing, well all this ritualist in nigeria will suffer for what they are doing,it is do wrong of them,the country is not safe

  25. This is really the hand work of God.. Thank God for your life… God pls protect your children this season

  26. All glory to God Almighty, you are save from evil, I pray God should continue to hide and protect every one of us

  27. Hmm…thank u Jesus for delivering your daughter….and for those ritualist they will end up sucking thier own blood

  28. Thank God you alive everybody what’s to make money either in good way or the heard way everyone needs to be careful

  29. This is really horrible, this is why it is good to be very cautions. She wouldn’t have allowed the man to enter the same bike with her at the beginning but thank God she survived.

  30. Though hand joined in hands, the wicked will not go unpublished says the word of God. Jehovah will expose all such people soon if they don’t desist from these wicked acts.

  31. God will not allow our enemies to use our blood or that of our loved ones for ritual in Jesus name. Lady thank God for your life.

  32. Glory be to God almighty she was not used for ritual, when God is by your Side, no man can be against you

  33. I rejoice with you, because God is on your side, the evils of men will find them out soon, God will surely intervene.

  34. This evil trend is appealing, it’s becoming more sophisticated day by day without any clear hindrances from the law enforcement agencies. May God deliver us from this bad people.

  35. All thanks to God Almighty for saving your life. And from your experience and story one need to be extremely careful because these evil people uses so many tricks. Go for Thanksgiving dear

  36. my dear your story is a testimony and you must go for a thanks giving because GOD loves you.

  37. Thank God she’s safe
    The kidnappers and ritualist rate is becoming alarming
    God have mercy
    We will never be a victim

  38. Glory be to God, this how she would have died of ritual killing. One has to be very careful as there are ritualist everywhere.

  39. The lady needs to be thankful to God for being on her side, how many people are that lucky? She need to go for thanksgiving to appreciate God for this miracle

  40. May you or any of us never go through this experience again.. God will keep us under his wings everywhere we go

  41. That’s God on your side my dear. This calls for us to be prayerful and commit all our endeavors to God, as rituals is the order of the day

  42. Thank God for sparing your life from those blood thirsty, money monger ritualists.. God will surely expose their evil activities

  43. God has really done a great thing in your life, I’m so happy with you, may God keep saving us from all these evil doers.

  44. Well, there had been prayers for your return. That was the hand of God. Congrats on your release from bondage. You should always give thanks to God for saving your life.

  45. Wow!!! The lord is good
    That’s the lord intervention
    I pray nemesis will caught wit them
    Killing innocent ppl for money..God pls save your children… Thank God for you sis

  46. Thank God for sparing your life from the hands of those kidnappers. We need to be over careful these days

  47. May God help us. Her narration will also be a clear head for others. Not accepting someone you never know sit behind you while on bike. And again most especially ladies, they also look for easy ways. That should also be a lesson.

  48. I am glad your head did not harbour evil… God is wonderful they didn’t find any use for you… May his name be praise may those evil does die before their time

  49. May God save us from evil people, only God knows the number of people that had gone through these wicked people.

  50. You should thank you star, because you are very lucky to return from such places/den of the ritualist. Though it worth expressing how horrible the den looks like. Thank God for you are alive.

  51. O dear Lord. This people devise New methods and means everyday. It’s good this awareness is created so that everyone can read, learn and be watchful while praying to God for his utmost protection.

  52. God of divine intervention, thank you for the life of this woman. I thank God for your life, just like that you will have been erased from the surface of the earth but God of mercy says no, its not yet time and stood in gap for you. Hallelujah.

  53. Thank God for His protection and for setting confusion in the camp of this wicked men. Baba God I with you o.

  54. Thank God for saving your life, my prayer is that God him self should arrest those evil men for they don’t know what they are doing.

  55. You are indeed lucky to be alive. I thank God for your life and for his rescue upon your life from ritualist. It can only be God. This is how some people die everyday in the hands of ritualists. Next time you have to be very careful especially when boarding this commercial motorcyclist. Thank God for everything.

  56. Thank God for your life dear you are very lucky..evil everywhere God will catch them and disgrace them someday…their cup go full

  57. With the way things are right now everybody is a suspect. Nobody should be trusted. Thank God for your life.

  58. God!

    This isnt funny experience o!

    In fact I sing on your behalf: Jesus you love this Funke too much ooo!
    Too much Oo!

    Excess love look!

    Your head will never carry evil again forever in Jesus name. Amen!

  59. Kidnapping for rituals has been on the increase in Ondo and Ekiti state axis of southwest in the last few years, it became rampant from September, my prayer goes to victims that are not so lucky as Funke.

  60. Glory to God that your did not harbour evil… Government should intervene this kidnapping is getting out of hand. Congratulations to you

  61. What an awesome end of the year testimony, glory be to God of all possibilities. She must have learnt her lessons by now. I rejoice with you.

  62. Thank God for you, people pleas let’s all be careful this season. Times are hard but these guys are mean and cruel. May God continue to protect us

  63. God pls help us with this ritual killings this coming year,especially this fourth coming election period,the thing is already out of hand

  64. Thank God for your life, indeed you are serving a living God, keep serving God, you head has refused to be used for rituals, celebrate God for your life

  65. Hmm madam funky keep worshipi g that your God. Akure young men needs Christ…thank God for your life. You shall live more years to come

  66. It is well with you, just go for thanks giving. I wonder why some people are like this. All in the name of making fast money, they forget humanity.

  67. Mehn, she’s very lucky. It must be God.
    We need a kind of government that will address the issue of security and kidnapping very sternly.

  68. Woman, its God’s intervention, he just decided to show you mercy, you should give him thanks, and those kidnappers will surely get caught one day.

  69. Firstly we thank God she was save,secondly I want to beg bank managers to employ good security service, thirdly I want to beg our youths to stay away from anyone you don’t know even though he said he knows you it can be a trap just like our sister here,lastly I want to beg a government to please upgrade our security services by providing them with new equipments to be able to safeguard our citizens.

  70. That’s God way of saving you, thank your star for not betraying you go out and give your testimony and I pray soonest the kidnappers will soon be apprehended

  71. Thank God, it’s good to know your God and hold him firm. Not going about polluting yourself.

  72. Thank God for your life dear you are very lucky..evil everywhere God will catch them and disgrace them someday.

  73. My dear you are extremely lucky that you were not killed. Go and give thanks to the Lord for your life.

  74. Thats another strategy they are using in kidnapping innocent people for rituals , may God save and protect his children from ritualist

  75. This is an eye opener, o Lord please deliver your children from this satanic people, go and do Thanksgiving for it is only God that delivered you from death

  76. Hmm, praise God that you eascap from them. And it sounds also as a warning to you and all the Nigerians

  77. I thank God for your life. God is indeed a miracle worker. These ritualists are very heartless and can’t pity people. I’m glad that God gave you victory.

  78. When God is behind nothing can arm you,indeed its was God at work ,thank God nothing happened to her ,may God be praised.

  79. To God be the glory, saving you from an untimely death. I hope our government are hearing and seeing all these things.

  80. God is great there is no one like Jesus, please too every one always pray before going out most especially this period of celebration. If not for God where would she be now. Let five God his glory.

  81. Ritual killings everyone because of desperation for wealth that won’t last. Well, congratulations to the woman, it could only be the Lord’s doing so let’s return all glory to God almighty

  82. Kidnapping is now the order of the day in Ondo state. Boys if you don’t stop the act of kidnapping and look for jobs you all won’t see next year, you will die like fowl, Thank God for preserving your life

  83. Oh Merciful and wonder working God all glory to you Father Father. there cup will soon full and disgrace shall be theirs.

  84. Testimony!! Thank God evil did not fall on you and continue to serve the God you are serving wholeheartedly.

  85. Hmm that was really horrible ooo
    God was really guiding you..
    He helped you out of the den of the ritualist
    All glory must be returned to him

  86. The rate of insecurity in d country is high our govt should look into it. God save us all. Tank God for ur life ma.

  87. hmmm, kidnapping is obviously a bad act, thank God u are safe, may God continue to protect you now and always

  88. Thank God she was killed,ritualistic most times actually end up killing their victims. Thank God for life am so happy for her atleast she would enter 2019.

  89. Thank God for her life… Kidnapping everywhere… People are now afraid to go out… May protect us from all those evil doers


  91. She’s very fortunate, thank God no harm came to her, i feel sorry for her. The most thing is that she is safe.

  92. This is kidnapping, oh God send justice to all of them in their coven! Amen thank God for your life lady, it’s not your time to die.

  93. The lord your serving is a very big God and you have something to do with him , give your life to Christ , know him, fellow him and work with him , you survived for a purpose not ordinary, may the lord be praised

  94. Thank God for delivering her from their evil hands and plans.That state beds to be worked on by the police and sss to rid it of evil doers like that

  95. Kidnapping is too much this days all because of money ritual, may God lay his wrath on them all.
    Thank God for your life babe, God’s protection on you

  96. We all need to be careful this days as kidnapping has become the order of the day. Thank God u we’re not killed

  97. Election is close by. Politicians will be using people for rituals. God really saved you. Next time wise up

  98. You should appreciate God for saving you from the hands of the wicked today and what so ever God should exposed them amen

  99. I thanked God for her the spirit of her parents don’t leave her even protect her to have the story to the world to serve as lesson to the rest.

  100. Thank God your alive to give your testimony..we pray for those that are still in the hands of this evil people

  101. Government should do something about this ritual issues, it’s getting out of hand. May God continue to keep us safe.

  102. What more and really important is giving thanks to God first, yes what will you expect at a ritualist den, abeg go church and praise the most high jhor

  103. Thanks God for you being alive. Many people have died through kidnapping. The devil planned otherwise but God is faithful

  104. My dear you need to give thanks to the lord cause he really save you, if not him
    It could have been another story o

  105. Wow!!!…..Thank God for your life my sister, this is a huge testimony, So many gone like that without a trace. Please be careful next time my dear.

  106. Thanks God u are save, I praise God for ur life and my and my relatives may God continue to save us from evil peoples

  107. It’s only by His mercy that you were preserved in the den of the kidnappers, may He alone be glorified forever

  108. You were only delivered by God because I think He loves you dearly and you must serve Him all the days of your life.

  109. Madam just thank the almighty God that you come out alive to even testify…………….. I wish you speedy recovery……………

  110. God really save us even in the hands of our enemies they shall continue to plan evil but their plan will alwys fail. thank God for ur life

  111. I thank God for your live well saved! May God continue to be with us all and protect us from all this evil people

  112. Wow thank God for a sucessful excape its not an easy task you did great may God protect you from the hands of ur enemy

  113. The police should try to find a way to tracķ them down this thing is becoming too much. Sister thank God for saving your life

  114. Indeed is only God that can remain redeem he’s indeed merciful love him if only we will accept the fact that he is lord

  115. I must confess that this is indeed a divine intervention for you to be delivered in a unique and special way, there wasn’t any struggle on your side at all. You have to be forever grateful to God for this deliverance.

  116. The sort of evil tactics these ritualists apply these days calls for fear and strong caution
    Our head shall never harbour their evil in Jesus name

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