Woman makes shocking discovery in Eggroll

It is common place for you to meet something surprising in your snack in this part of the world, from some eating beans in meatpie and loads of shockers, a Nigerian woman has gotten her stunning snack.

She was left traumatized by the experience.

Whether for economic reasons, or sheer wickedness, some sellers leave their customers dumbfounded with what they place in-between their snacks.

The first time I saw a snap of beans in a pie, I thought it was a prank or something, till I got my own bite of a mysterious snack.

A Nigerian woman has now taken to social media to share a snap of what she found in an eggroll she bought.

For starters, Eggroll is boiled Egg wrapped in a mass of dough and deep-fried. This Egg roll is often sold as street food in west Africa.

Well, that was what this young lady was expecting, only for her to find another snack, neatly placed in the eggroll…well, it is no longer what it was meant to be….we introduce, the puffpuff roll.

Whatever that means, this young lady didn’t enjoy it one bit, and said she was left traumatized by the experience. See her post below;

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