Woman in labor chose church over hospital, she wanted natural birth

A Twitter use took to the platform to narrate on how a woman in labor opted for church delivery rather than go to the hospital, just because she wanted a natural birth.

According to his report, the woman claimed she had her previous birth through Caesarean section, CS and would want the next to be a natural one so she could give a big testimony in church.

Woman in labor chose church over hospital, she wanted natural birth

The birth later got complicated and she had to be rushed to the hospital, where the baby was delivered through Caesarean section.

Read his narration:

Religion can make people daft. My family member who gave birth on Christmas day almost had her baby died because of her church. Her first child was through C.S and because she wanted to deliver the second one naturally, she went to a church the day she was due to labour.

This is sick. It was on Christmas eve and finally, when she couldn’t deliver, they transferred her to a hospital where they did C.S to her and the baby came out. It was at the point of death for the baby. The child had to be revived with oxygen and currently on drugs.

Just because she wanted to give testimony in church. Crass behaviour.


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