Woman in coma for 14 years gives birth at a nursing home

A woman who has been in coma for 14 years, got pregnant and gave birth at Hacienda Healthcare, a nursing facility.

This has led to Phoenix police launching an investigation into the possible sex abuse of the patient.

Woman in coma for 14 years gives birth at a nursing home lailasnews

The woman stunned workers when she went into labor on Saturday because they didn’t even know she was pregnant.

The woman has been in a vegetative state at the Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility in Phoenix for at least 14 years after a near-drowning incident.

An employee at the facility, who didn’t want her name or face being used, said staff could not believe what was unfolding inside the victim’s room.

“How could it happen? And just anger and sadness, and sick to my stomach,” the employee said. “None of the staff were aware that she was pregnant until she was pretty much giving birth.”

In a statement, Hacienda HealthCare said it would also conduct an “internal review” to evaluate patient safety.

“As an organization, Hacienda HealthCare stands fully committed to getting to the truth of what, for us, represents an unprecedented matter,” spokeswoman Nancy Salmon told Arizona’s Family.

“We are already conducting a comprehensive internal review of our processes, protocols, and people to ensure that every single Hacienda resident is as safe and well cared for as possible. Anything less than that is unacceptable to our team, our company’s leaders and the communities we serve.”

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  1. Omg! Is this another immaculate conception? Abegi, someone must have been molesting her while she sleeps

  2. This is unbelievable.
    I wish investigation shall reveal what actually happened.
    Wonders shall never end

  3. Hmmm wonders would never end. How is this possible, does it mean she had been pregnant for 14 yrs or was raped and impregnated in the health facility?

  4. How come ? Does that mean the pregnant also spent 14years also before been delivered. God is so good

  5. What a wicked world we live in..they took undue advantage of the sick woman..i pray the wicked man is brought to book.congrats on the arrival of the baby .

  6. Aha! Things are happening under heaven o. Who now impregnated her? But how did it happen since she was in coma.

  7. This is a serious matter, how did she get pregnant because a person on her state of being for 14 years couldn’t have sex acceptably, is it that she was raped

  8. “A woman gives birth after being in coma for 14 years”Are we in another planet?can someone please enlighten me how such could happen?

  9. It only God that save you there because the woman doesn’t know him her self pregnant God help us and thanks God we see child and mom

  10. I can’t stop laughing.. So a man continually had sex with a lifeless woman. This is abuse, this rape because this woman was defenseless and had no awareness f what was happening…I bet a work there did this. A DNA test will answer the obvious question

  11. Let the police make a proper investigation in other to find the criminal and he should be punished.

  12. This can’t happen on planet Earth…how can she be attended to everyday n no one knew she was pregnant till she went into labor….na wa o..they abandoned her for nine months?abi she was 14 years pregnant??

  13. How comes this woman was sexually abused during her time in coma the police should continue investigating who is behind this rape.

  14. May God have mercy on our people I wonder how she got pregnant considering the fact that she was in coma for 14years

  15. Dose it mean she is pregnant before going to coma? No.. Who is then responsible for the pregnancy

  16. This is a very strange development, the hospital management should be held to explain this mysterious acts

  17. Nawa? How comes?a woman in coma gave birth,after 14 years something is wrong , when?where?and how? God have mercy and deliver us .what is happening this one is a serious issues that needs God intervention

  18. I’m in complete shock, my mouth wide open. God is always wonderful. may His name be praised. Congratulations to the woman.

  19. Definitely, someone must b responsible for d pregnancy. Abi na she want born d next Christ wey dey comeback?

  20. How is it possible ? Except she has been abused sexually but even in coma is it possible that she get pregnant. Anyway they should investigate it well and bring the culprit to face Justice

  21. A proper investigation should be carried out to really know what happened. How did she pregnant and who got her pregnant? The woman has been in their care for the past 14 years and for that the health care center is responsible for her.

  22. It’s just so unbelievable they should investigate this matter very well, but how it be that someone in coma for good 14years will suddenly be pregnant and put to bed. Glory to God almighty for his mercies enduret for ever.

  23. 14 years ah, she need to give thanks to God, she can even give birth,this also a surprise. God is great

  24. Who then impregnated her, thorough investigation should be carried out because it looks like a case of sex abuse. We welcome the new baby to the world

  25. This is strange. I’m hearing it for the first time that someone in coma can conceive and give birth. The culprit must be fished out.

  26. How can a woman in a coma for 14 years get pregnant in the first place? Somebody definitely sept with her within the hospital. A thorough investigation should be carried out to unravel the mystery surrounding her pregnancy first.

  27. Congratulations.my God is wonderful.14years in coma and still she did not die and still give birth.God is great

  28. This is kinda weird. Someone must have been having sex with while in that state. It’s well sha

  29. This is amazing. After coma then child birth. Someone most have helped his ministry while she was in coma

  30. This is unbelievable! How did the child survive the dormant womb? God is full of wonders. The staff in the hospital should be investigated and DNA test should be carried out with immediate alacrity.

  31. God is so wonderful, after 14 years in coma she and the child still survived…. All glory to God

  32. I believe someone from somewhere has been relating with her intimately and so, proper investigation should be carried out.

  33. Wonder shall never end, that means one person have been haven sex with her on that situation there

  34. what led to the pregnancy, I think they is more to the story and the police should make further investigation

  35. Well thank God for safe delivery, but those responsible should check and find out what actually happened here. If you’re pondering what I’m pondering, this is abuse to the highest order and the person responsible for the act should be caught and severely death with.

  36. Wonders shall never end
    Who would have committed this bastardly act
    Have sex with someone who is is in a vegetative state…
    This is so capable of ruining the image of that hospitality
    They should get to the root cause of this

  37. Waooo am just surprise for what has just happen, may be she was pregnant before being drown
    But there’s nothing God can’t do
    Nevertheless thank God for her save delivery

  38. How on earth could that happen a woman in coma for over 14 years gave birth, someone must have raped her in the health facility, please the police should do their possible best to find out who is responsible for that.

  39. 14 years in coma, still got pregnant and gave birth while still in coma. Please am not getting it.. Who was responsible for the pregnancy? There is more to this story that demands more clarifications.

  40. Highly sexified world. Imagine having having sex with someone in coma when there are thousands of prostitutes who will give consent

  41. They must have abused her secretly.. And those health workers have possibly done it.. This should taken with all serious consideration!

  42. Wonderful, hnmmm coma plus pregnancy, how could that be?
    The person who did that should be brought to book

  43. How can a woman in coma for 14years be pregnant, then who impregnated her,more hidden things are attached to this,let thorough investigate be carried on..

  44. How is that possible? That shes been pregnant and nobody noticed is the stomach not growing big that its only when she into labour they found out!? Hmmmm that’s so wrong I pray they find who is behind this

  45. wow unbelievable this is a mystery……i cant believe this story u mean been in coma for 14 years??

  46. If she has been in coma for fourteen years, there is no possibility of her getting pregnant without being sexually molested in her unconscious state. There should be proper investigation for effective evidence.

  47. Wonder shall never seize to amuse me, how possible? Or should I say how come she became pregnant in coma..

  48. Perhaps someone made love to er while in comma , this issue should be investigated properly, I believe the hospital has their CCTV working.

  49. Well I doubt but if it is real, that means our God is great nice work also from the medical practitioners

  50. So who is responsible for the pregnancy if this woman no doubt it may be one of the doctors

  51. If the woman has been in coma for fourteen years, there is no possibility of her getting pregnant without being sexually molested by someone. Due investigation should be carried out for effective evidence.

  52. Wow… The person responsible must be a very terrible person. Raping someone who is in a coma… The hospital should fish out the person by all means

  53. Things are really happening, so a sick woman can also be a victim of sexual abuse. I think that the sick woman didn’t know when someone had sex with her in the nursing home as she was in coma. Proper investigations need to be done.

  54. Is this another form of miracle conception and mixed up…. How can she be pregnant without been notice or seen with some pregnancy signs….. Is vividly and obviously clear that she was been slept with secretly…..

  55. Hmm this is strange, does it mean that why she was unconscious someone slept with her outside her knowledge, or is it her husband on visit, the hospital management has a lot of query to answer

  56. How is that possible woman in coma got pregnant and put to birth was she still in coma whilst in labour? This is incredible they should try and find the person responsible for that pregnancy

  57. 14 years ! Isn’t that too long to keep someone . Someone must have raped her , i hope whoever it is will be caught

  58. Someone in comma for 14 years can’t get pregnant without getting laid down with. Someone must be responsible and it’s surely not an outsider or visitor

  59. Thats miracle, been in coma for good 14 years and she gave birth but who must have impregnated her in coma

  60. And who got her pregnant in the first place they took advantage of the fact that she is in coma that’s too bad the hospital must get to the root of the issue

  61. Hnmmm wonders never cease to stop. The hacienta healthcare really has a big mystery to unravel. Who could have impregnated a woman in coma fy 14yrs

  62. Who could have been responsible for this
    How could she get pregnant
    Although probably its the baby that resuscitated her
    Congrats to her

  63. They need to Carry out proper investigation to find out who impregnated her. After all she is not the Virgin Mary.

  64. The woman was in coma for solid 14years that is not my worries, my problem about this news is how did the woman got pregnant, who is responsible and did the pregnancy not show before delivery.. Am confused please

  65. They need to conduct DNA test for child to know who is responsible for the child. That’s unbelievable, in coma for 14 years. Its means she is now in another world.

  66. This is confusing, she is in coma for 14 years and she is pregnant..Who made her pregnant… Na wa oo

  67. Wonderful what has the world turned into?Please there should be a serious investigation on that issue.

  68. It’s unbelievable!! Been in coma for the last 14years without being in contact with the outside world and yet pregnant. This information needs to be really investigated on to get the truth of what happened.

  69. Very confused about this, how can a woman pregnant without being meet? Was it angle pregnant or spiritual pregnant ? This is unbelievable scenario.

  70. Wow!!…how could such thing happen, someone in the hospital must have had sexual intercourse with the lady.

  71. Wow, a man still went into the health care facility to get her pregnant in her state, it’s a miracle she has delivered, thank God for her

  72. Who must have done this wicked thing, pregnating a woman in coma who is not capable of caring for a child

  73. This is nowhere close to strange or spiritual scenario. There’s some evil man in that hospital. Who have taken it upon himself to have a canal knowledge of a woman in comatose

  74. This is absolute negligence on the part of the health care personnels. How are they going to explain the pregnancy and who is responsible

  75. Whoever is responsible for the pregnancy is simply heartless and wicked. The matter should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrator brought to book.

  76. Nothing someone will not hear! Comma for 14years, who now took advantage of her situation until she became pregnant. Oyibo self like sex Sha. They don’t mind whom they are doing it with.

  77. Jesus , Shey God wan send another savior to this world how can she be pregnant all of a sudden .
    Ha this one loud o . except person piss inside her to wake her up . This is God doing here very spiritual

  78. Someone in comma, am sure one of the staff or doctor should be able to answer some few questions

  79. Wow it is a good news and also a bad news she gave birth a good news he did she got pregnant a bad news

  80. Full story please because am lost 14years in coma and still gives birth without anyone knowing she was pregnant, her stomach did not show one bit or what

  81. Wow that’s god’s miracle
    The baby must be a blessing to his or her family and also the purpose of the mother’s survival

  82. This is shocking who could be responsible for the pregnancy and how come they did not know she is pregnant

  83. What a sexual assault the woman in comma must has been receiving. The clinic staffs have some question to answer.

  84. I know for a fact that it’s not possible for someone to be pregnant for 14yrs and it will be absurd for it to be someone from outside ……to me I believe the impregnation was from someone working in the place???

  85. This is surprising. A DNA test should be conducted on the baby and all the male staff in the organization….

  86. This is so hilarious.. who’s responsible for that. Well, congratulation to her for ease delivery

  87. This is a serious case, how could this happen. Investigations should be carried out properly on this issue.

  88. The hospital should be sued, so a proper investigation could be conducted, what a tragic story, I mean how do they want the woman’s family to rwact to this absurdity

  89. This is super story, 1 she was in coma for 14years and She was Pregnant for good nine months inside the coma and no staff knew about it. Common what you’re looking for in sokoto is within your shokoto find the culprit.

  90. How did it happen,how did she even get pregnant is it even possible. God is great hiw wonderful works are unexplainable at all.

  91. Does it mean that she carried the pregnancy for fourteen years? Well the man that took advantage of her could as well do same to a dead person. what a wicked world.

  92. Is of two thing…It is either she was sexual abused before the drowning or she was abused by the staff in the hospital…may God help us in this end time

  93. This is incredible, being in coma for 14 good years and still got impregnated and gave birth. Unbelievable

  94. This is just so weird. How could someone in coma get pregnant and deliver a baby. …woiod love to hear back what the investigation brings out about the result.

  95. How would they not know if she’s pregnant, didn’t it show? I’m seriously confused how it happened.

  96. OK na, she recovered from the coma after pregnancy??? There should be CCTV naaa. Congrats woman

  97. Okay who is the sick idiot responsible for this one now?
    How can people do this… please conduct a DNA test

  98. Investigation must be carried iut to find out who is redponsible for that pregnan how could some one who is fourteen years in coma and give birth thi so pitty

  99. What an insult,something smells fishy in this matter,authority should please investigate to find out who is responsible.

  100. This so terrible. Some people are really heartless. Who could put such woman in that kind of condition knowing her situation? I pray the person won’t go scot free.

  101. The hospital should be queried for lack of experience how can someone in coma give birth that means she has been repeatedly raped in the hospital by a staff………….

  102. This is unbelievable! How did the child survive the dormant womb? God is full of wonders. The staff in the hospital should be investigated and DNA test should be carried out with immediate alacrity.

  103. It’s really annoying, how did she get pregnant, they use her illness and abuse her for it, it unfair they should find out who did dis

  104. What is this world really turning into.someone got impregnated even while in a coma state! God have mercy on us

  105. The story is unbelievable who then got her pregnant DNA test should be conducted to determined whose child is it

  106. This is the wonders of Gods power.God is indeed wonderful. The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow

  107. The easy part of this is that a dna test can be conducted and all those who where is charge of her care should be checked.

  108. The staffs if the hospital are to held responsible, how will someone in coma be pregnant right under their nose

  109. This Woman might be reaped ooo… How can a woman in coma be pregnant not just Coma but for 14years. The health care personnel and the security should look into it.. This one are we to call it miracle baby or what.. A DNA should be carried out..

  110. Thats unbelievable, how possible is that? Some one must have snicked something in her womb.

  111. This Woman might be reaped ooo… How can a woman in coma be pregnant not just Coma but for 14years. The health care personnel and the security should look into it.. This one are we to call it miracle baby or what.

  112. I like the review effort being mentioned, to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself again. I hope the person behind the oregnanacy is captured

  113. Some guyz can be mean and wicked.How can you have the mind to have sex with a woman in Coma.A woman in vegetable state.I hope they conduct proper investigation into this matter

  114. It means that someone in the hospital has been molesting Her in that state which eventually results in to pregnancy. The investigation should be conducted very well because it’s someone that have access to her that could do this.

  115. Such a very irresponsible fellow must have been molesting her while she sleeps. The question now is; did she wake up from the coma while in labor? or she’s still in coma while giving birth?

  116. Someone who is in the coma for 14years gave birth. Who is responsible for the baby . Well, I wish her the best

  117. This story is not completed i dont get it rather…how a woman in coma for 14yrs giving birth…hoe she took in…and how she managed the pregnancy all this while am confused..al thesame congratulations to her and the new baby…God is a great God

  118. She was in coma for good 14yrs, got pregnant and no-one knew until delivery? Come-on, did she tie the pregnancy or what? You people should say the truth ooo

  119. Nawaaa ooooo
    How on earth did she conceive????
    Are you even sure she is on coma ?????and did she deliver the child
    This is Nigeria movie

  120. Super awesome , does that mean that the baby was inside her womb for the past 14 years. God is so wonderful

  121. She was in coma for good 14yrs, got pregnant and no-one knew until delivery? Come-on, did she tie the pregnancy or what?

  122. My goodness how on earth did this happen? Is there no CCTV? Hmmmmm too bad. God bless Nigeria

  123. It’s mean that people were talking advantage of her there. Now that she have a child no one will care for her again.

  124. These whites are good in making up stories…they trying to bring another Mary kind of kind of birth.

  125. How is that even possible self… 14years before or after. Someone in that hospital must be responsible for this pregnancy simple

  126. Dog eating the bone that was tied around it neck, police should hold the management of that hospital.

  127. Seriously that issue need to be investigated thoroughly how can someone in coma be impregnated instead of finding solution for situation. Too bad.

  128. Wonders shall never end. How will someone that is in coma for 14 years deliver without knowing she was not to talk about putting to birth. Anyway, thank God for safe delivery.

  129. Lol..in coma for 14 years, became pregnant and gave birth. How? Persons had been really doing blow jobs in her.

  130. The matter should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrator brought to book. This is abuse, this rape because this woman was defenseless.

  131. This is abuse, this rape because this woman was defenseless and she know not what is going on. DNA should be carried out in that hospital staff and to the baby to know the real father.

  132. Wonder’s will never cease to end, but she should have come out coma too, since she can delivered

  133. This is really disgusting to the ear. Someone should be jailed for this. Because people dont just get pregnant from staying idle.

  134. Wonders shall never end, should we call that a miracle or what? How come she got pregnant, who impregnate her, am just confused but congratulations to her for the new baby.

  135. If this is not a miracle then I will render the whole health care center unprofessional and negligence,how would they notice any symptoms in the patient body and how could this baby survive since the woman is unfunction for 14 years,this most be a miracle

  136. How will someone who is not in good health condition get pregnant?? I’m surprised oh

  137. Someone must have sexually abused her for her to get pregnant. There should be proper investigation on the matter

  138. This news produces a mixed feeling. Who could have gotten her pregnant. Thank she was delivered safely.

  139. This is so weird
    Who ever did that needs rehab and need to be arrested, that’s a sick thing to do

  140. They should do a thoroughly investigation because how will someone will just give birth without knowing when she have sex with someone.

  141. Don’t really understand,she has been pregnant all this while? Or someone in the hospital is responsible.. Well if it brought her back to life after a long while and baby is doing OK. To God be the glory

  142. Some one must have been having sex with her in her vegetable state. They should find and bring that person to books.

  143. Is this a miracle baby or some one some where use to come and abuse her while on the lifeless situation if the police can do something about it is better

  144. That is serious, how can a person in coma for the past 14 years be pregnant and gave birth. Who is responsible for the pregnancy? A thorough investigation need to be carried out.

  145. This is bad. Someone must have been taking advantage of her but how can this person have the heart to sex a dying woman. Lord have mercy some men are indeed beast

  146. That means the health Care center is not doing it’s work because obviously that women is being molested right under their nose. They should investigate and punish the offender

  147. God is wonderful, there is nothing’s that is not possible before God, congratulations, may give you strength to take of the baby

  148. Unraveled mystery. What on earth can make that happen if not that someone is taking a carnal knowledge of her

  149. Wornders shall never end, how could someone in coma for fourteen good years gave birth this needs a serious investigation.

  150. You can imagine d nurses never knew she was pregnant, they are not telling d truth, dis woman has bin in ur coursestudy for years.
    Who is not tell d truth now

  151. Obviously someone was taking advantage of her condition to abuse her. Am sure the abuser didn’t even know she was pregnant, if not he might have killed her or done something. The case needs to be investigated and the culprit brought to book.

  152. How could somebody in a coma for fourteen years got pregnancy, somebody must have taken her advantage to impregnate her, thorough investigation must be launched to unravel who did it

  153. This is indeed an unprecedented matter to the health care centre for a woman that has been under their care for 14 years to be pregnant without tjem knowing and who was even responsible for the pregnancy. Thorough investigation need to be carried out.

  154. This is so unbelievable, how did the baby survive this woman’s mysterious condition, may God have mercy on us all

  155. Lol nawa ooo these is strange ooo
    How can someone that is in comma just get pregnant like that
    Is she the next Mary mother of Jesus..
    Nawa oo… Someone is responsible for this ooo

  156. I never knew people who are in coma could conceive though…..this case is just so complicated or they don’t have enough security at the place she was kept?

  157. I would have said it’s a miracle but who will be so sick to have done this to this woman having been in vegetative state?

  158. 14 years in coma, she has no access to go outside then how come she gave birth after 14 years in coma, strange things happening

  159. Who get her pregnant,nawaoo let them investigate their staffs through DNA test for all their male workers

  160. That is very wicked of the perpetrator, the person just took advantage of what happened to her. It is very bad. Thorough investigation must be carried out to know the accused person that impregnated her

  161. A woman who was partially dead was abused sexually by those around the facility otherwise, the holy spirit wouldn’t have done the work of man.

  162. Patience was in your hospital for 14years and you guys didn’t know who got her pregnant and also a f she’s pregnant or not,,, seriously the issue is very complicated

  163. That is wickedness… I can’t believe if the woman is pregnant for 14 good years…there must be someone taking advantage of her…

  164. This is very serious… how on Earth will someone sleep with a woman in coma.. because she couldn’t get pregnant without sexual intercourse.

  165. It is great, this is just miracle, the hand of God is really involved, l therefore join the family and friends even well wishers to praise the name of our living God.

  166. This is serious. How on earth did someone on coma for 14, year give birth, or was she rape or something.

  167. Hmmmmm things are really happening a woman in a coma for 14 years gave birth is surprising congratulations

  168. If she was in a vegetative State for 14 years then it’s definitely a case of sexual abuse. But how did her stomach not increase for the past 9 months??

  169. Which man in his right senses will take advantage of a woman in that state? I pray the organization gets to the bottom of the matter.

  170. But pregnanted her i pray the wicked man is brought to book.congrats on the arrival of the baby .

  171. This so unusual and be investigated, people should have respect to humanity how can you rape someone on sick bed

  172. All thanks to God for keeping her save but wonders shall never end on this earth 14years Is not a joke

  173. This story is somehow, who impregnated her, and who is the father.
    Coma means unconscious of what happens to you how was the sex conducted or did they used artificial insemination

  174. How do one explain this?Am very sure sombody has been molesting her while she is in coma.Or could it be she has been pregnant all along ???Many questions but no answer.

  175. Someone must av been abusing her sexually, Dat is inhuman, I wish d culprit is brought to justice

  176. Hmmmmm…z she another virgin Mary? Lolzzzzz
    The woman can give account of that, they should investigate well a ooo

  177. The person that did this to her is a miserable sick pathetic sexual he goat that has no conscience from his MOTHER’S WOMB

  178. This is really deep, how can someone do this to a woman in coma and expect good things to fall in place.

  179. This is shocking and unraveled how can she be pregnant after been in coma for 14 good years. How did she get pregnant and who impregnated her some questions that need answers in this case. Please they should investigate and find out who is responsible for this barbaric act.

  180. They had better unravel the misery of her pregnancy because someone is definitely responsible for it and it is one of those working in that nursing home

  181. I believe she was taken advantage of within the period of 14 years of her coma that eventually led to her pregnancy. It’s also a good thing that she didn’t loose her life.

  182. This is a funny and wicked act.. that man who is responsible must have been a goat. May God give forgive him. Thank God she made it

  183. Am stunned. It’s obvious one of the staff took advantage of the poor woman. I hope the child is okay though.

  184. This woman need to go for thorough examination to ascertained if thus is not a case of sexual assault. This is rather strange.

  185. This is serious oo because this matter need to be investigated with much care and attention to the woman

  186. No big deal, they know what to do,get every male working there blood sample and conduct a DNA test with the baby sample but being in coma howvwas she able to push

  187. Wow! The merciful God has heard her voice of supplication, I congratulated her on her safely delivery.

  188. The mysteries of God is unquestionable and unexplainable. This only could have been God at work.

  189. How can someone rape a woman in comma because she had no knowledge of the incident at all. A DNA would fish out the culprit

  190. Was she pregnant before she went on comma or it was during the comma period that she became pregnant,if it the later,then the doctor shd be ask some questions o,am really confused on this case,we need to be cleared on this

  191. Is her body system still responding?, how possible could this be and who is responsible for this mess?.

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