Woman facing physical and emotional abuse from her husband cries out

A 26-year-old Benue woman  by the name Rosalyn, who is currently passing through what can be likened with hell in her husband’s home, has cried out for help after enduring years of physical and emotional abuse from the husband, whom she claimed married her when she was just 19 years old.

The news was sheared on Facebook by a lady called Mimi Atedze, and the woman wants Nigerians to come save her from the hands of the devil she calls her husband.

Woman facing physical and emotional abuse from her husband cries out lailasnews2

Woman facing physical and emotional abuse from her husband cries out lailasnews3

Woman facing physical and emotional abuse from her husband cries out lailasnews4


Read what the woman shared below:

Good day, my name is Rosalyn.from Benue state I need help so I don’t take my life. Because that seem to be the only option now. I got married in court at the age of 19 because I was pregnant and because I didn’t want to bring shame to my parents, I got married and it has been the worst decision I ever made.

I have never had peace.i have been abused emotional, physically and psychologically..I have no say,at that time I couldn’t visit my parents, even when I was pregnant for my two kids, he treated me like I was nothing.

I did Cs and he threatened me to tell the doctor to discharge me because he didn’t want to waste money,I ended up having infection on my incision area( a flesh eating disease) it nearly killed me.He refused to put me in school as promised nor pay for me to learn a skill..I was being punished for everything, it was like I was walking in eggshells. he locked me outside till 3am with my newborn baby inside the room crying for hours because I asked him why he came home by 12am. He goes out to drink, club,cheats with many women.

One day, I asked him a question and he beat me up in front of his mother,then it happened again and again .I ran to my parents house but I was told to go back because divorce is not good and that he’ll change..But he never changed, at times he won’t talk to me for weeks nor buy food or eat the food I cook, he’ll abuse me and call me and my family names.

I keep baring everything until last year august when I found out he was sleeping with my kid sis who’s 16. She told me that they’ve been having sex three times a week for 2 years,she got pregnant and they aborted it..I was devastated..I was shocked,I was in pain.

I wanted to run away with my kids but I had nowhere to go to,I had no money, no skill, no degree..So i stayed bearing it all..He still hasn’t changed.he use it to rub on my face instead..I have developed a terrible high blood pressure at the age of 26, as a result of his constant abuse.

He keeps tormenting me and beating me up.. Threatening me with a knife, I ran away to Lagos for some weeks.. Came back and this morning, he starts beating me for no reason… I need to leave this marriage.. I need to get my life back. I need help.

This woman needs help, we therefore call on meaningful Nigerians to please come to her assistance before it gets out of hand as abuses of this manner eventually has a sad and sorrowful ending.


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  1. This are the many reasons we advocate for the girl child education. Believe you me if this woman was sufficiently educated with good level or knowledge of education, I don’t think she will stay too long in that shit called marriage. By now she would have sue his ass or better still walk away to a better life opportunity than been depended on a worthless man. Some men don’t deserve a good woman or better still to even marry.

  2. Please my dear the only advice I have for you is that quite the marriage and treat yourself
    And those people that are giving their children out for early marriage please and please stop it, you don’t know what she’s facing . let this child abuse stop

  3. So sorry,,if she is actually 26yrs of age and she’s looking old like this then ,she need to work on her physical look so the husband will love her again… Lol..just advice

  4. My dear your parents doesn’t love you if they actually asked you to go back to that man because they don’t want you to divorce.a man that impregnated your kid sister,if I may ask, what are you still doing with an animal like that?it is very unfortunate there is no law that protects the rights of women in Nigeria.the Nigerian Senate should pass a law protecting female rights.a number of women in Nigeria are enduring physical and emotional abuses in their marriages because they are scared of the after effects of a divorce..most men in Nigeria leaves the responsibilities of taking care of their children to the women when they are divorced and this act of wickedness exposes this women to hardship which threatens them and the lives of their children….the nigerian Senate should please do something about this.

  5. I don’t even know what to say…well, just finish wat u av started… since u noticed all these his behavior.. y didn’t u escape it..so now he has impregnated ur sis…u people shld kukuma marry one man together. He can’t be beating d two of u together na…if he tries it…d two of u girls…should join hand and beat him up very well. infact plan him…and tie him up…den u beat d hell out of him… nobody will ask him to stay…he will run. Am I communicating?

  6. So marriage na by foosse,chalky pack your things n go joo even your parents not like u ,if not they will fin something to do that idort ,call him self a man ,cohcorch,MUTUMUBANSA

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