Woman exposes abusive ex-husband who is a Pastor

A woman, after leaving her abusive ex-husband who is a Pastor, has taken to her Facebook page to narrate her ordeals in his hands for 9 years.

According to the woman identified as Erdoo Apollos David, she got married to the man as a virgin but he constantly accused her of infidelity and once stripped her right before her children and neigbours.

Woman exposes abusive ex-husband who is a Pastor lailasnews 3
Woman exposes abusive ex-husband who is a Pastor

She wrote:

Yes I think this is just the right time to say this…I have been married for the past eight now getting to nine years to a very abusive man,I have tried all I could to make my marriage work but it kept getting worse by the day…

He beats me in the presence of his mother,brother my sisters and the last that broke the Carmel’s back was to beat me and strip me naked before my children and neighbours. I guess you are all asking what would have warranted that right?

Well then let me tell you because i bought a sim card without his permission…are you all surprised…he accuses me of infidelity and does not trust me even though me married me as a virgin.

Yes am saying this on this platform to let the whole world know that domestic violence is real and could happen to just any body…where the red flags not there they were,but off course who would have thought that a pastor will do such a thing…well I was naive and he took advantage of that…

Therefore I plead with every lady out there who is thinking do I stay or leave. My advice is this leave so you can live to tell your story. Cheers to all the strong women out there …#iamasurvivour#

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  1. This is too bad of the pastor, if you are an infidel, he would not have met you Virgin

  2. What then is he preaching to his congregation? Only God knows who is truly serving him in spirit and in truth

  3. A man that raised his hand to beat a woman is not worth dying for, I prefer the woman lives the woman so that she won’t go to her early grave.

  4. Yeah, she truly is a survivor who lived to tell her story. I think other women should learn from this story and be very careful while choosing a life partner.

  5. This is high level of domestic violence and should not continue. The bible even recorded it that many are called but few are chosen. That he is a pastor does not make him the will of God for you, we need to be very careful before entering into marriages.

  6. That is very good of her……. May God save us from these fake pastors oo who cannot even practice what they preach, if at all they will even preach the right thing

  7. This thing the man is holding against you for me he is having another person outside that he wants to bring in but he don’t really know to tell his wife now he wants anything that he will hold against you to say that you’re not faithful to him as a wife

  8. I have said it times without number that domestic violence is on increase while women are in silence managing the marriage. My advice, leave so that you can live to tell the story.

  9. Some are just called pastor, a mere man is better than them.
    Please dear woman say no to domestic violence, run for your dear life.

  10. That man should go and deal with him self first blf answering a pastor he has anger in him and it will destroy him soon

  11. Pastor indeed,does he read his Bible at all?I doubt.thank God for your life madam,pls don’t go back

  12. Another pastor hmmmmm I think this people should be check before being ordeal . their temper when it come to women . nothing to write about.

  13. The man is not a true man of God, imagine how would he go about it if a member take this kind of matter this him. May God save us from all this animal that call themselves man.

  14. Let’s not be discouraged with what is happening in churches. Women who are strong to stay I commend you, but under an abusive man is not healthy in any sense at all.

  15. Even pastor na human been although some one them are not call by God, some na there mama call then y some na poverty others na friends so dnt die their pls move on with you life

  16. the man is not a responsible man
    What is he teaching his children?
    This is the kind of things that kids after seeing, when they get matured, they will eventually refuse to get married.
    And the man is a pastor for crying out loud
    Very shameful

  17. What then would he preach to his congregation. He has let the devil use him and now insulting the anointing he carries.

  18. Na wah o even men of God….. This is indeed bad o I pray God to guide me in my choice of a husband.

  19. This is very bad for a pastor to be doing this to his wife.What will he be preaching to his member as a pastor?

  20. So pastors just earn title but lack every thing to justify it you can’t find even an atom of love in them

  21. Oh my God a pastor again! This world is turning into something else we all should be careful with the people we call pastors please

  22. He is just a pastor by calling not a man of God. No man in his right senses will strif his wife naked in front of his children no matter what.

  23. Thank God you left him before things got out of hands. They use pastoral something to do shady stuff.

  24. What then has he been preaching to his members? These are the people that will be counselling Young couples and he’s involved in domestic violence. Thank God you left while you are still alive

  25. We all should be careful with the people we call pastors, The bible even recorded it that many are called but few are chosen.

  26. It’s good to advice people in line with your Faith and believe. But when you want to marry pray and ask God to give you a good man, dontnuse your head to choose

  27. Married as a virgin does not mean you cannot cheat. We have heard your story I hope your housband would say his’.
    But I say no to domestic violence!!!!!

  28. Sincerely speaking, religion has nothing to do with our personality. And we can never hide our true qualities even when we are spiritual. Am glad you left him, now your stories shall ring in hears for them to learn

  29. Domestic violence is something that should be totally kicked against , a man that beats his wife lacks wisdom, he is now one flesh with his wife through marriage, so how can you be beating yourself

  30. That man is a beast in human form. How can you beat your wife because she bought sim card without your permission

  31. The man beat his wife is not a good thing
    But you as a pastor when your member church coming to your about situation what are you telling him. Is not good thing

  32. Who could have taught a man of God can do this well am not surprised it’s just a title you have spoken well walk away don’t stay in an abusive marriage

  33. I won’t be surprised if the man was the one who called God, cos a real pastor who God called won’t behave that way.

  34. A man that is abusing his wife I wonder what he use to teach young people that are about to wed during consuelling, may God help us

  35. This man is not a christian talk less of being a pastor. He need jesus even you the woman coz you’re not still pure I guess

  36. That’s very bad of him. How could you beat ur own very wife so to say and stripped him naked in front of your children and neighbor. It doesn’t make any sense

  37. Why are you exposing him now when he has been abusing you for 8years and you kept quite all this while, how true is that

  38. Truly you are a survivor! Its better you live to tell the story than to Leave and there won’t be any story to tell.,…

  39. Marriage is not due or die affairs, if the man begain to hit you and you can’t take it please take a walk , before you die the worst part that his a pastor what did he teach his member

  40. This is a sad experience dear, I pray that God will help all ladies going through this situation. Thank God for you who survived.

  41. May God have mercy on him, how could he stripped his wife naked in front of his neighbors and kids that’s too much that man should be punished

  42. That u are a Virgin does not make u anything is god that gives make she self check her self well before saying anything

  43. It seems they is lie in this talk u said u dont have children and then u said he naked u in the presence of ur children how come the children

  44. Same advise i have for all the women at there who are a victim of domestic violence, marriage is not a do or die affair, alot of women has lost their lives just because they decided to stay back for their kids. Say No To Domestic Violence!!!

  45. It is too much for all this pastors spoiling Gods name for nothing God will punish them one by one

  46. Even a pastor who knows more, beating a woman is animalistic and such men shld be made to serve a jail term

  47. Pastor or not dose not stop any woman beater,good you have left the marriage to save your head,shame to him

  48. Why could this be gotten from a man that calls himself a preacher of the Gospel, what then does he tell his congregation
    Well,he should be detained and his case should be treated very well

  49. Kick against domestic violence
    Our woman power should be put in action
    A pastor raising hand against the wife is already cursed

  50. she truly is a survivor who lived to tell her story. I think other women should learn from this story and be very careful while choosing a life partner.

  51. She should have voice out her marital problems while she was still married to him …saying it now will look as if she is trying to spoil his image as a pastor

  52. His just a very fake pastor and a beast. But you should have seen all this coming even before the marriage though. All the best.

  53. When it comes to physical violence, I will advise the woman to leave. Even court separate marriage when physical violence comes in.

  54. A Pastor for dat matter ……..
    And I belief he goes to his church to preach against such domestic violence, still goes home to beat up his wife.
    Who knows if this dude is really a pastor

  55. My dear to leave is better for me before you die in his hands a so called pastor that will not leave life of emulation is not a good pastor even before is kids nd neighbors not that’s unacceptable

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