Woman cuts maid with razor blade for stealing baby’s food

A woman identified as, Folake Ogunrinu has been arrested by the police in Oyo state after she allegedly cut her her maid with razor blade for stealing her baby’s food.

Woman cuts maid with razor blade for stealing baby’s food lailasnews

According to Punch Nigeria, the nursing mother had accused the victim of stealing her baby’s milk, in a bid to discipline her, subjected the girl to torture by allegedly using a razor blade to lacerate her on the back and hand, leaving the girl with severe injuries.

An eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, while condemning the action of the nursing mother, said the maid ran out of the house to get help from neighbours when she could no longer withstand the pain from the torture.

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The eyewitness said,

“It pains me to see a small girl in such pain; it was a terrible scene. The woman accused the girl of stealing her baby’s milk and subjected her to such a horrible torture. According to the victim, the woman used a razor blade to lacerate her back and when she could no longer cope with the torture, she ran out of the house and the woman still chased after her.

“It was when the girl ran out that we saw what had happened to her and forcefully took her away and rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

“From what we were told, the woman gave birth to a set of twins some months back and I think the girl was brought to her by a church member to assist the woman for a year. As small as the girl is, the woman usually made her to do all the house chores. I wonder why the girl has still not returned to her parents.

“We reported the matter at the Sanyo Police Station; I just hope that from this incident, people will learn to keep their kids under their watch no matter the situation they are experiencing.”

A reliable source, who did not want his name in print, said the victim’s family had refused to press charges against the woman, adding that the family members were willing to settle the case out of court.


  1. Do good to others.the poor girl is hungry and she needed to eat.but the woman would’ve understand.

  2. The woman is a she-devil. How can someone have the mind to torture an innocent girl? Even her cries and pains didn’t move the sadist. Poverty is the cause of all this rubbish, because the girl would have stayed with her parents.
    My mom is one of those women who would rather go hungry and feed her child than to give her own child out to be used as house maid.

  3. The treatment people give maids it shocking…. If it was her child will she do that to her… This inhumane

  4. What an inhuman treatment as if another woman like U did not give birth to her.
    God save Us oooo

  5. Some women at times are heartless, the fact that she is working for you doesn’t mean you should be maltreating her anyhow.

  6. To stay with someone that is not ur blood is not advised because is hard to see good person this days is better to be with ur family and face it with them then going to help outside

  7. This woman is very wicked, if that maid is her daughter will she cut that way, this is why giving out your children for maids are not good, Madam please forgive her.

  8. Wicked woman one day her wickedness will land her into a serious problem that she will not come out from.

  9. Some people are so wicked and heartless why will use use razor blades to discipline a stolen young kid? Why.. Haven’t you steal milk when you were young did your mum cut your neck? I feel so shame to such women.. They girl should be taken to the police so that the wicked woman will be treated according to the law

  10. Haba…why just because of ordinary milk and u cut her back and hand with a razor blade,what if she steals your money….then you qill chop off her head.this is not right as in so annoying.

  11. That is unfair her master suppose to asks for the challenges that this maiden is facing maybe that made her to eat the baby’s food

  12. Head cutting is not the medicine for headache. The woman is very wick to have done that to her maid. I think blade should be tried on her body too to feel the sweetless. However, maid are u hungry to be taken baby food?

  13. Man’s inhumanity to Man…..Do unto others what you want to be done unto you……..culled from the Scriptures.

  14. For the woman to do such horrible thing to the housemaid means the girl means nothing to her

  15. Some women think that they become a mother when they give birth to their own children, they don’t know that how you treat another person’s child shows how motherly you are

  16. That is too harshfrom the nursing mother. You could disengage her from her duty. It is well with you people.

  17. She shouldn’t have done that….. After all, food is food and its meant for eating… It doesn’t really matter who eats the food.
    I don’t advise any one I know to give their children out as made no matter what… Even if it means hawking on street or even begging

  18. I just hope that from this incident, people will learn to keep their kids under their watch no matter the situation they are experiencing, and this woman should be punished, she must be out of her mind, how will she use rezo bled on another person’s child, that is wickedness

  19. That woman is a wicked,if is her daughter will she behave like that,that girl should just leave that house if not she will do more than that.

  20. This woman is wicked, even if the girl’s family are willing to drop the case, she should still be punished so that other people like her will learn

  21. The manner people treat their maid is just appealing, how can a mother who knows the pain of having children use razor on someone’s child oh, God have mercy.

  22. Why would the maid steal baby food?is there no food in the house for her to eat..the madam went to far by cutting her with razor blade

  23. Am not surprised at all, I have seen people treat their step children worst than this not to talk of maid. But one thing they don’t understand is that what goes around comes around.

  24. Because of baby milk , this woman did this to a child???
    Under no circumstances… no matter how bad things are … none of my family memeber will ever help anybody out .. tufiakwa

  25. Is the woman out of her senses, how can she do this kind of thing as punishment to her house maid, didn’t she see her as a human being .

  26. The woman should not forget that one her own child might be a victim of circumstances and end up as a maid and be treated the same way her mother treated others cos karma is real.

  27. It pains me a lot to see young girls of nowadays leveraged all because they are under wicked people.
    Most people, not even minding that the person is a human being, they treat them like they are inanimate.
    God help our generation
    As for the woman, she should be punished severly not minding that she is a nursing mother

  28. This is called Child Abuse, the woman’s children should receive same that is if she had any, I wonder how she could have the heart to do such thing to someones nine months suffering.
    God have mercy

  29. She did not feed the maid very well. Because had it been that the maid is feed very well she won’t have stole baby milk. Wicked woman

  30. If you can’t live peacefully with a maid please don’t hire maid,some people are just too wicked.Maids are humans too for Christ sake

  31. This pure wickedness. What kind of family is this no matter how poor someone is, have the courage to defend your child.

  32. Thos is so bad….it is child abuse and this should serve as a lesson to parents who always give their children out for financial reasons

  33. What nonsense is that?? This is an act of wickedness.. Subjecting a maid to such torture because of baby food, why bring if you can’t take care if her as your own … If God is to repay you for your deeds against Him, Ma, you wouldn’t survive it … Love others the way God loves you

  34. This is what I called act of wickedness, child abuse, if it were to be her daughter will she do that to her

  35. That woman is so wicked. Even if the girl stole the baby food does not mean that she should put her under such pains and torture. In everything we do we should always think about tomorrow because tomorrow as we see, is very pregnant as they say

  36. Why is the world like this if she stole the baby’s food can’t she sit her down and advice her?

  37. Can she treat her own child like that wicked woman she should be dealt with very well so that people like her type will learn and change too

  38. She did it because she’s hungry, maids are humans also, if her daughter drinks her baby’s milk will she cuts her like that?. I don’t think so.

  39. That’s very bad, a maid is not a slave just that they are not opportune to make it on their own that’s why they work under someone. They should be treated fine like every other person.

  40. Maid are still human and so should be treated as such. Been up today does not guarantee u ll be forever.

  41. Police biko jail this woman so that all this kind wicked act go stop or rather reduce, its pains me to read about all this kind of wicked act been done to little chid

  42. What a wicked madam. If she had given the maid food she wouldn’t have stole her baby’s food.

  43. The treatment people give maids it shocking…. If it was her child will she do that to her… This inhumane

  44. She has forgotten that table turns and if her children find themselves in such situation they should know it was their evil mother that caused it. Treating a maid as if she does not have family, am so sure the child stole the baby food because she was starved. It is glaring with this that she suffers the girl normally

  45. this is horrible. what kind of wicked act is this, even if she steals your baby food or lets say your money, why will she go to that extent to punish her. its good that she is arrested. this woman is so heartless

  46. So much evil, how can a woman who call herself a mother can do that to a child, simply because she is not your child. She should be dealt with, wicked and heartless woman. This one is not a mother at all.

  47. All these viral news of maid being maltreated, government should better do something about it or enact a law or pass a bill before they will be killing maids all the name of madam

  48. This is wickedness.. Why not give her a mild punishment. Why bloody. Thank God for exposing you. Hope will take care of your children by yourself.

  49. May God have mercy on you. Wickedness. Parents you people should know the kind of people you give your children to and if you can’t take care of them don’t born them.

  50. Woman God is watching you had it been your maid feeds well you will not talk about milk you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to kill over baby food.

  51. An under age should not be used as housemaid. People should always treat their housemaid with courtesy and respect because they were born like your own children. What this woman has done is total wickedness.

  52. This is so bad! The woman should be jailed. How can a mother and a nursing mother at that be so cruel and unreasonable.

  53. I don’t understand why people can be this wicked and evil.. Why go to this length to show discipline

  54. There is so much wickedness everywhere. How will she feel if it were her child it was done to. What goes around comes around and to think she is a mother treating someone else’s child with such hatred. Hope she pays

  55. She’s is just doing it because it’s not her child
    Without even being merciful
    It might even be the girl was hungry
    So bad of her of her to do such to a maid

  56. I pity the girl cause is not easy being a maid which I once did though am not being treated bad that much but she have to go to her parents from the hospital even if they are poor it will be better for her

  57. Maybe she’s not giving her enough food that made her to go for baby’s food but cutting her with razor was not an option

  58. This is horrible.
    parents should learn to keep their children within themselves no matter how hard the situation may be.

  59. How can a mother do that to another person child all because she’s working for you because of your baby food you want to destroy someone child also they child parent is at fault how can you leave your child to work for another family all because of money the poor is is suffering and the parent his the one enjoying the money gush this child labour must stop

  60. this is how crimes like goes on unreported,imagine the victim’s parent want the case to be settled out of court

  61. This is wickedness. So many women are like this, when they see such acts, they will condemn it, but in their homes they do worst things to their maids or even children

  62. This is how bad some women are, but when they talk about wicked people they mention me and call women mother’s and care givers, which care

  63. Stealing and licking milk is rampant with children even she herself did it when she was small. She is heartless if its her own child will she give that same razor blade treatment to him or her.

  64. May such never hapn to ur own children in Jesus name. But u will surely suffer for ur wickedness. Evil woman

  65. This is total wickedness, how can you treat a young girl like this. No matter what she does tearing her with razor is wickedness. She should be reported to human rights.

  66. I don’t think she did it,but Even though she steal your baby’s Food, that doesn’t mean you should razor to cut her, that’s a develish act in you, that means you can also kill her,some people are just too wicked,thank God the girl run for her life

  67. Please let’s justice prevail the girl should leave the house cause one day she will kill herooo she doesn’t feed her well even if she does is a normal thing to do that

  68. What meaning of rubbish because your maid drink your baby milk so you decide to cut her with razor blade that very bad ooo

  69. Some people are just wicked, treating your fellow human being like another thing because they are less privilege.

  70. You dont punish that way. She could have beaten her or other way round. Cutting her with blade is wickedness can you do that to your kid.

  71. This woman is a devil incarnate in a human form. How can she be so heartless to this extent? What on earth would warrant a full sensed human being to do this to a fellow human.

  72. See what this night woman did, forgetting that this is someone’s child. She deserve to be punished

  73. This is too much.. Although she’s a maid, but maybe she’s hungry that’s y she decided to drink baby milk

  74. The maid has really suffered. The woman is truly very wicked. What’s in baby’s food that’s worth the blood of a human being.

  75. If only she feeds her maid she will not steal from the baby foods, let God judge the woman that is wickedness

  76. This is pure wickedness. There many other ways to discipline her without resorting to mutilating her.

  77. This is wickedness maybe she was hungry out of fustration she ate the baby food but no matter her offence does not warrant this inhuman act and she is also a mother

  78. That woman is a heartless woman, assuming she was feeding the girl well she wouldn’t have steal her babies milk,the woman herself also steals her own baby milk almost everybody is a guilty of that act that woman must be punished

  79. For her to steal milk shows that she was starving, Madam please don’t be heartless it might be your own child out there tomorrow.

  80. This woman is a devil, can he do his own child like that just because of ordinary milk,
    The woman should be jailed or punished for it, and after the girl is OK she should vacate the house


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