Woman confesses to son 27 years after kidnapping him

He Xiaoping, 48, from Nanchong, in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, confessed to kidnapping the boy 27 years ago, to local authorities recently. Police have been investigating her story ever since but are unable to open a criminal case based solely on her claim.

Xiaoping claims she was not able to have her on children as she lost them in infancy. So when she approached elders in her village for advice. They told her that the only way she could have a child of her own was for her to raise one from another family.

Woman confesses to son 27 years after kidnapping him Lailasnews 1

In 1992, He Xiaoping went to the city of Chongqing with a fake ID card and found a job as a nanny for a one-year-old boy. She claims that after working for three days, she took the boy back to Nanchong with her. She named him Liu Jinxin, after her second son.

The boy is now 27 but during all the years he’s been with Xiaoping, no one has ever come looking for him. In 1995, after the birth of her daughter, the former nanny thought about returning the boy to his family but feared that she would be jailed. She thereafter decided to keep and raise him as her son.

She said in an interview with Chongqing Evening News

“I know I have done bad things,” . “But I have always treated him as my own son, and he has treated me as his real mom.”

He Xiaoping said that she was finally inspired to confess her crime by a TV documentary showcasing an old woman who had spent the past 50 years searching for her lost son. The show moved the woman so much that she told her son the truth and turned herself in to the police.

Xiaoping told reporters that although Liu Jinxin isn’t convinced that she is telling the truth, he has left Nanchong shortly after hearing her confession and started working in Guangzhou.

“I never thought she was not my mom as she was so good to me. I don’t really care if they can find my biological parents or not,” he said.


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