Woman caught hiding 4 expensive stolen Rolex watches in her vagina

A woman has been arrested after she was allegedly caught hiding 4 expensive stolen Rolex watches in her vagina.

The woman identified as Delajurea Brookens, 29, is accused of stealing the timepieces, worth a total of $108,000, after meeting 46-year-old Ramon Diaz at a club in Miami.

Woman caught hiding 4 expensive stolen Rolex watches in her vagina lailasnews 3
Woman caught hiding 4 expensive stolen Rolex watches in her vagina

Police say she went back to Diaz’s hotel room before swiping the watches, which were being kept in a velour bag, and making a break for it.

Diaz chased after Brookens and caught up with her as she was trying to hail a cab outside, arrest documents say.

When he confronted her she began hitting him around the head as hotel staff called the police.

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But when officers showed up and searched the velour bag, they were only able to find one of the watches – a $22,000 Hublot.

The other jewelry did not show up until a strip search in jail, when jailers say they found them stashed inside Brookens.

The precious haul included a platinum Daytona model which can cost upwards of $60,000, and another with a diamond bezel.

Brookens was charged with grand theft, cocaine possession, and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

Cops said she has previous convictions for resisting and officer and prostitution, and has the word ‘whore’ tattooed on her arm.

She has now been freed on bond.


  1. This is really crazy, because of money, she hide wristwatch inside her vaginal she must be punished. Shame on you

  2. Jesus chriat, DiaZ stealing rolex watch is a diagrace. She should be taken up by the Police. How come she was able to insert in d vigina self?

  3. This is modern day Robin hood but in the garbs of a lady……Jeez…..one of my acquaintances way back in school called Ahmed Robbër then,its just now i saw this i was filled with Nostalgia…..
    Very crazy Woman….should be locked up forever!

  4. This is terrible. Stealing to hide in your vagina. Aren’t you even scared of infection. That’s disgusting

  5. Ladies are so fund of stealing and putting it inside their vagina, why stealing the man’s watch after she’s paid for her services.

  6. Nothing a woman cannot do for money, I just wonder why they haven’t started using Thier pant themselves

  7. She is an expert and professional thief ,hide stolen watches in her vagina is work of expert thief like her,she must be punish for stealing and send to rehab for change of lifestyle.

  8. This lady is a real criminal all her actions shows that she did not start this act recently, she should really be treated accordingly.

  9. Ok! I think this is the craziest have read so far… OMG!!!! I CANT EVEN PICTURE IT… SHE GHAT GUTS MEHN!

  10. What!!! Just because of money, I wonder how a beautiful lady like you will be so desperate for money like this.

  11. She is a disgrace to her self…. It is better she change her way of life before it is too late

  12. The way things are going It’s like women are doing momore crime that me, either they are directly nor indirectly involve in it

  13. Jezz. Wonders shall never end. It so unfortunate people can actually do such a thing and go this extent. God have mercy.

  14. She is too beautiful for this kind character,why didn’t she tell the man to give her one than stealing it,na wa o

  15. So bad of her, destroying the virgina all in the name of money, chai, you’re real a disgrace to womanhood!

  16. Surprises and no surprises. Yes that’s what it will be to people. Quite unimaginable… however so real.

  17. Can you imagine the shame she has heaped on her self. With her whorish lifestyle she has no money to buy one for herself. Mtcheeww

  18. This woman out now as start to keep things in there vaginal when it not your pulse or pocket if you have any disease through the that now Who are you to blame

  19. How does she do it. She must have been practicing it for long. Bad girl change your ways before worst bad things happened to you

  20. The funny part is that she did not care of contracting infection from that act… Desperate girl that wants to impress others…. Don’t steal to impress

  21. You are super hot to involve yourself in these allegations levied against you. Please, promise it will be your last?????
    You are bigger than all these MA lady. Turn a new leaf, you gonna achieve greatness

  22. Thief na thief anytime and anywhere. Look at her face, the act of stealing is written boldly on her face.

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