Woman boards international flight using her toddler’s passport

A woman was cleared to board a flight from the UK to Germany using her toddler’s passport after she forget to take her own passport.

Lenesha Riley, 33, was flying from Luton Airport to Berlin with easyJet when the mix-up happened.

Woman boards flight using her toddler’s passport

Unbeknown to Ms Riley, she’d picked up her son Josiah’s passport instead of her own.

Neither airport or airline staff noticed the error, and it wasn’t until Riley was stopped by border agents at the Berlin Airport that she realized her mistake.

German officials eventually allowed Riley to enter the country after a family member sent her a picture of her passport, but the stranded mother then had to fly out a relative to bring her the correct passport so that she would be allowed to fly home, the outlet reported. It cost her an extra £186 ($243).

“It is most definitely a security risk,” she told the Independent. “It’s scary to think who else could get in and out of the country using a different passport.”

A spokesperson for Luton Airport stressed that “security was not breached.”

“At no point was security at the airport compromised, as all passengers and their luggage must be screened as required by the Department for Transport,” the spokesperson said. “Airlines will typically check the passport of a passenger before boarding an aircraft. We’re working with EasyJet to understand what happened on this occasion.”

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