Woman bathes houseboy with hot water for stealing

A woman bathe her houseboy with hot water for stealing, and she has now been arrested by the Ondo State Command of the NSCDC.

Woman bathes houseboy with hot water for stealing lailasnews

According to Punch Nigeria, the middle aged woman was alleged to have poured hot water on the boy and cut him with a razor blade for allegedly stealing some household items.

The State Commandant, NSCDC, Mr Pedro Awili, while parading the suspect at the command’s headquarters, Alagbaka, Akure, on Tuesday, said Abimbola was fond of maltreating the boy. He said;

“Abimbola inflicted series of injuries on the boy with a razor blade and poured hot water on him; she accused the boy of stealing her things.

“Our investigation revealed that the boy is from Benin Republic and the woman got him through his master in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

“She brought him to her house as a houseboy and paid N120,000 to his master. We are going to arrest the man in Abeokuta, because this is a case of a child abuse and human trafficking.

“The woman has been maltreating the boy. She didn’t allow him to go to school; she seriously abused the boy by beating him up for any little mistake he made. “

The suspect, Abimbola, admitted that she poured hot water on the boy, but added that it was not intentional. She said;

“He has been living with me for almost a year now and is found of destroying my properties – my car, clothes and many other things – and he also steals.

“I got him from one woman in Abeokuta and l didn’t know he is from Cotonou. I told the woman that l needed someone to assist me and not a child like this.

“When the boy came, l told the woman that he was too small for me to accept; she said that l should just manage him that she would bring another person in two months. Since that time, l have been calling her, but she hasn’t showed up.

“But what really happened was in self defence, it wasn’t intentional. He was trying to block me with an iron chair when the kettle l was holding which had hot water in it fell on him when he was trying to run away.”

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  1. All wat you are saying now is a big lie why u cant purnished him in another way instead of pouring hot water on him.. More also if u are the one that born him can u bath it with hot water, is not good at all

  2. This not human trafficking to me this is how dey do in their country they bring them here to work every year.

  3. All wat you are saying now is a big lie why u cant purnished him in another way instead of pouring hot water on him.. More also if u are the one that born him can u bath it with hot water, is not good at all

  4. Is the woman’s duty to teach this boy under her care now ethics morally, educationally, spiritually etc. To me she failed in her duties bcos a good name is better than riches. Bathing him with hot water and razor blade cut won’t change him. The police should teach her a lesson so that she will remember her duties.

  5. May be she did not av children that’s y she maltreating d boy that way. Imagine, l
    Pour him Hot water

  6. This is a big lie she just to defend herself from not been punished she must be punished
    Wicked woman

  7. Y not report to the police before beating ma what u did was bad,even if he destroy something that does not mean u should pour him hot water a house boy is also a human being can u do that to your son is bad

  8. Do you bring the boy to abuse him? Some masters and madam are not nice at all. The man in Abeokuta should be arrested immediately for child abuse and human trafficking.

  9. It’s true that she has to punish the boy if he misbehaves,but cutting him up and pouring hot water on him was uncalled for. The police should investigate well to fish out the person that sold that boy to her and her accomplice (if any). Child trafficking/slave trade shouldn’t be encouraged.

  10. Act of wickedness, she’s a woman she understands the pain in child bearing, and she did this to another woman’s child.
    She should be arrested and tortured

  11. Nawaooo!! Truly this is Nigeria, but I thank God for Our police for showing be concern and May God help the poor house boy for a quick recovery.

  12. U should have take him to the police station not taking Law in your hands
    Is still a child u should have punish but not with blade and hot water is wrong

  13. This is wickedness of the highest order, she should have taken the to the police not take matter into her own hands. She deserve to be punished

  14. The woman is lying through her teeth. Who was defending? The woman would have been a worse slave owner than her forefathers if she was born then. She just takes delighting torturing people.

  15. Story for the Gods. How is it so easy for people to harm others just because they are not related. This is why the country is like this

  16. Child trafficking/slave trade shouldn’t be overlooked, thats a wickedness, you can’t to that your child,

  17. What a heartless woman u are,if it was not intensional, what were u doing with a kettle of hot water at that moment

  18. Why taking lsw in to your hand y not take yim to the police or better still give him punishment he can bear not pour him hot water

  19. Firstly let’s consider the act here….stealing is really bad from the boy’s act but pouring a boiled water is not ideal at all…..flocking or reporting the book to the police should have been accepted than inflicting him with so much pain…..

  20. The police should work more on this case.. human trafficking… even the woman is very wicked what if it was your child…

  21. Wickedness is on the rampage. What was the reason for making such boy a houseboy? This is Child Abuse

  22. This is bad,The woman is wicked and heartless for doing these to the boy.she should be arrested for committing such pain to the boy.

  23. Wicked woman!! Flimsy excuse, so if her child has stolen she would have poured hot water in him? Let her be dealt will according to the full extent of the law jare

  24. The woman need to be dealt with…. The boy might find the habit of stealing from the fact that he his been maltreated by this woman.

  25. So woman, because he is a child that is why you want to kill her abi? let me tell you what goes around comes around .One day you will reap what you sow, God will judge you.

  26. The woman is lieing. Imagine her buying someone for #120,000 ah I think they should all be arrested

  27. That’s not the best way to stop him from stealing, the best way advising and praying for him not to bath him with cold water or using razor blade on him

  28. Wickedness! Why not reporting him to the police instead of pouring him of water, this is not fear enough.

  29. Do you say she used a razor to cut him ? That woman is a witch and she purposely pour that hot water on him, God will punish you evil woman

  30. In all sense this is child abuse, this lady should be vedicated no matter what, if it was her child she won’t do that no matter what

  31. Why would she carry out justice herself? What the child did was wrong but she would have reported him to the police instead.

  32. See grammar self the kettle you where holding fell in him. If is your blood will the kettle had fallen from you?

  33. What cruelty how cld you take a blade and tear another skin what kinda mind is dat oh God I don’t like stuffs like dis

  34. Please everyone should say no to child abuse . If the child should hve bring her son , she wouldn’t have done that to him. I hope Justice is served

  35. This is wickedness. Despite that fact that he stole that shouldn’t give her the impetus to bath him with hot water. There are other punishment options

  36. From her own story, she’s lying. Let her explain how the wound from the razor blade came about. She’s wicked and inhumane. Let the law take its cause on her..she deserves to be punished.

  37. What sort of stupid excuse is that,she was pursuing the little boy with the kettle in her hand.She would have taken the boy back to where she got him from if the boy was giving him headache.She needs to pay for her wicked actions.

  38. that is a sign of wickedness from the highest order from that woman. God will never forgive that lady o in fact police should jail her for so long

  39. Dat woman is just wicked, immediately they brought d boy to her she should have return d boy and moreover he can collect the boy and send him to school, or allow him learn a trade instead of using him as a houseboy.

  40. Big lie.. Which self defense.. You are maltreating him bcoz the master did not fulfill is promise..

    You will face the judgement

  41. This is wickedness and child abuse, how can a woman inflict such level of wickedness on a child, can she do it to her own child, this woman must not go unpunished, he must face the full arm of the law

  42. This is pure wickedness I guess she did it on purpose why on earth will you scold him like this can she allow this be done to her own kids she must face the law for the evil act

  43. Can’t believe the idea of child trafficking is still in existence….. Let the law take its course

  44. This is a serious case please let me be judge according to the law. This is bad in the society.

  45. Do you bring the boy to abuse him? Some masters and madam are not nice at all. The woman in Abeokuta should be arrested immediately for child abuse and human trafficking.

  46. People please let’s be wise while judging….the woman in particular could be saying the truth. None of us were there.

  47. This is wickedness in the highest order, please police should punish her for this .is very bad and inhuman

  48. This is wickedness in the highest order. If the boy had been her son she wouldn’t have treated him this way. Why didn’t she report him to the police. What a wicked world. May God give us the grace to train our own children.

  49. Nothing stops d fact that u ar very wicked, all dis things u ar saying ar rubbish, u poured hot water on a small boy nd u called it self defense

  50. The woman she is wicked for bathing the boy with hot water,she should be jailed,God will punish her for maltreating the boy.

  51. My question is that is she the biological mother of the boy, because she can not be pass through labour pain and do such to the boy

  52. What would she have done if the boy had died? People should learn not to take laws into their own hands. We have the law enforcement agents for that purpose.

  53. What accident
    She is a very wicked person
    So the razor cutting and other formbof maltreatment and him not been sent to school
    Are all accidents
    She is a witch

  54. D woman must be very wicked. If another person treats her own child like dat how will she feel. She can’t even send d boy to school.

  55. May someone else do that to her children too. She must not be feeding the boy at all. Even if he stole, it is her fault. She should be dealt with.

  56. These is why is bad to leave a child under someone’s care,basically these are the scenerio that are attached to it

  57. The woman deserve some punishment,what you know you cannot do to your own child why would you do another.women especially should take caution

  58. This is a cruel act on the young boy. Child abuse shouldn’t be tolerated in our country. Justice should prevail on her

  59. I strongly believe this is a case of child labour and human trafficking. The woman should go down for it.

  60. All these people commenting didn’t read before commenting. It was a mistake in self defense. The woman that trafficked this boy should be arrested

  61. This doesn’t even make any sense….if they treated her son like this did committing d same crime would she be happy????

  62. First this is a case of child trafficking and child abuse . The woman and the person that gave her the child must face the consequences . Imagine using razor on a child, that is wickedness

  63. Hmmmmm this woman can kill even her husband that’s extra wickedness what.if Iam ur husband u will leave my house that very today

  64. This is just wickedness, am very sure your children are guilty of this same offence, what have you done to them besides if you been given him meat as suppose he will not steel the meat. Please the women should face her punishment

  65. And what about the razor blade marks, that was not intentional too? Maltreating is maltreating, if he has been stealing since why not send him back, will u cut ur own son with a razor blade and pour him hot water for offending u. As a woman, we are suppose to protect and not destroy kids…That act is barbaric

  66. This is child abuse and it very bad.. please the government should raise up and do something about this case so that others like D’s will learn

  67. Lack of fear of God, if this woman have fear of God, she would have think about the outcome of what she did….. She must face the law

  68. Liar you intentionally poured him the hot water. If you had fed him well, will he steal food items? Wicked soul

  69. O my God! This boy is too small for been a house help for God sake,which work can this little boy did for you now.

  70. What she did was totally wrong, the boy its still little, if he steals he should be punished not pouring him hot water.

  71. Bathing him with hot water and razor blade cut won’t change him. The police should teach her a lesson so that she will remember her duties.

  72. If the boy was trying to run, the hot water wouldn’t have touched all his body like what i was. You poured it on him because he’s blocking your way but to be sincere, this little boy doesn’t have respect at all, how can he be blocking his madam….. If this woman is telling the truth

  73. You are telling lies. How can you be holding a kettle of hot water when you scolding the boy ? It means you want to use the hot water on him.
    Pls. let justice prevailed, she must not go unpunished

  74. Your are nothing but a wicked, and conscienceless , why Dont u call the woman to come and collect the boy back since u know he is not of good character,

  75. Shouldn’t have taking orders into her hands, at least should have send the boy back to his parents and do away with him rather the abuse charges she has attracted to herself. She should face the consequences of her poor decision.

  76. This is not right, some women are wicked.There are other punishment she can use than using hot water, this is dangerous

  77. Poor boy,injustice to the lowly ones in this system of things,I just wish the boy is being taken care of health wise by the government and not just punished the woman..The boy was a victim of poverty..

  78. She doesn’t have to go to that extent of judging by herself,that’s too much..haba, why do we have the police,she should have reported to the police

  79. Just imagine yourself is a self defense ok what about the razor is it also a self defense? I wonder why some women are so wicked and heartless because he is not yours.

  80. This idea of giving ones child/children to love with Someone you don’t know or are not related to as house help is a modern day slavery nd child abuse. Parents should try their best nd train their kids themselves, and d best way to start is to have the number of children you can comfortably take care of

  81. The houseboy really misbahaved, but the woman would have reported the houseboy that bathing him with hot water, it is wickednedd

  82. All these called madam of nowdays are very wicked.while can’t you send him back to his parent,can do this to your own child wickness is not good o God is showing us.

  83. that was too much. Just for stealing ? Police should be informed . Just because it is not her own child. May God keep our mothers alive and to be able to take care of us. amen

  84. Let that woman be punished severely
    This is an issue between two countries
    The boy is a foreigner and should be treated with love

  85. This is wickedness. If she was tired of the boy, she should have returned the boy yo where she took him instead of inflicting wound

  86. We hear. This is pure wickedness. If he were to be her biological son would she have treated her in such a manner. She had the option to reject him right away.

  87. Maybe it happened by accident.it is well oh.this woman sounded wicked somhow.i pray 4 this matter to be resolved amicably.

  88. I bet you, if it was her own child she would not have done nothing I mean nothing to him.
    If truly the boy stole from her the punishment was too far jur

  89. Wicked world, if it were her son DAT stole ftm her will she tear him wt razor n pour him hot water? I cn imagine d pain d little boy went through.
    I think she just accused d boy to defend her dilly act.

  90. Pouring hot water on the boy and using razor to wound him was too bad a punishment

    You should have handed him over to the policemen

  91. I cannot jugde the woman reaction towards the child because we do not know how bad the child attitude is toward the woman to have made her cut him with razor blade

  92. Some women are heartless and wicked, ones the child is nkt their own, they can even kill the child out of bitterness. She should be jailed

  93. That woman is really wicked, how can she do such a thing to her house boy. If that house boy of hers was to be her son will she have poured him that hot water? Let’s treat our neighbors or or who ever that is close to you with love and care because we don’t know what tomorrow may be or bring about

  94. Tamper justice appropriately next don’t take law into your own hands report the case to law enforcement agent, that is why the police are their.. Thanks!

  95. That’s Child Abuse
    She should better send the child to his parents than doing such evil.
    What a poor boy

  96. Very wicked a woman. She should be severely dealth with and face the law. How on earth could you start cutting a boy cum bathing him with hot water ? Is he a chicken or slaughtered cow ? May God forgive her wickedness.

  97. This Is Very bad I Must say, why Don’t you flog Him normal flog, can She treat her own child like this? Why are some women wicked? God have mercy oo

  98. If the young boy was your grand child will you treat him the way you are maltreating this boy? If can manage his exuberance while not send him back instead of wanting to destroy him?

  99. What’s all these? All in the name of money. This case shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is total wickedness

  100. Please recall that one togolese cook stabbed his Nigerian boss to death. Most of these boys are devils in disguise, the woman must have over reacted probably because she was blocking what the boy planned for her, who knows, its only God that’s the mighty witness, he will take controls of this case.

  101. Some people act like they are God among men
    How would a well minded person bath someone with hot water

  102. I agree with you adeniyi… Is not everyone that would get married and marriage is not by force… If not for kids, am not sure I myself would get married

  103. People can be wicked especially women,what on Earth can someone do,to deserve this kind of punishment,I tire,may God have mercy on you

  104. Her evil act has caught her,her cup is full,she should be duly punished si that she will learn her lessons

  105. okay, he is a thief and you are a witch woman.
    civil defence should do every thing possible to lock her up.

  106. All lies, he was trying to block you with an iron chair, what rubbish, and what self defence are you even talking about, so the kettle fell on him as in he’s a baby who is so small that the kettle had to fall on him, I don’t believe this woman, she has to pay for her crime.

  107. Why not teach the child the implications of stealing? Will bathing him with whatever stop him from stealing? If he’s her child will she kill him? There are certain ways to punish cbildren. This is too extreme. I’m not a mother yet but I’m a teacher. I work with kids and what she just did brings out rebellion

  108. I perceived that this woman is telling big lies. From the look of thinks, the woman has been mistreating him. She deserved to be arrested.

  109. Isn’t this boy too small to be a houseboy?
    Why would a woman who should know how womanhood is do such to a kid?

  110. This woman is so heartless indeed that’s someone’s child for Christ sake she should better face the law for her act of wickedness

  111. This is a bad attitude, it could have been better you reported first than pouring him hot water

  112. That’s bad now how could she pour hot water on someone like that, I think she should be punished for the act.

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