Woman arrested for ‘biting off another woman’s nose (photos)

A Texas woman has been arrested after she allegedly attacked an acquaintance and bit a large portion of her nose off in a drunken rage last Wednesday.

According to ABC 13, the 28 year old unidentified victim went out to a bar on Wednesday night with her next-door neighbor and Jessica Collins, 41, who was temporarily staying with the neighbor.

Woman arrested for 'biting off another woman’s nose (photos) lailasnews 2a

She said they returned to her home after the bar, and Collins demanded more alcohol and cigarettes.

According to the victim, when she told Collins to leave her property, she said the woman jumped on her and pulled her to the ground by her hair.

Jessica Collins then allegedly bit off a large piece of her victim’s nose and swallowed it.

Woman arrested for 'biting off another woman’s nose (photos) lailasnews
Jessica Collins, 41, (pictured in mugshot)

‘My friend was attacked by a mentally unstable person last week, when my friend asked her to leave her property, instead of leaving, the lady lunged at my friend, biting off her nose and swallowing it,’ a GoFundMe page set up for the victim reads.

A photo of the woman’s nose was shared to her GoFundMe page created Monday. Her nose is seen split in half and gushing with blood.

Woman arrested for 'biting off another woman’s nose (photos) lailasnews 2

The victim told the ABC13 that the only thing she can recall from the nightmare incident was the ‘taste of blood’ in her mouth after she claimed Collins swallowed her nose.

While in the hospital, doctors informed the victim she would need reconstructive plastic surgery in order to repair her face.

Doctors urged her to go under the knife within the next two weeks to avoid further complication – but the woman is not insured. The victim’s friend continued:

‘The doctor is requesting payment upfront,’ ‘The surgery costs $12,000, but there isn’t a price for the emotional and bodily damage my friend is enduring.”

The victim, who has since returned home from the hospital, told ABC 13 that she has been staying in her room because it is where she feels ‘safe’.

Collins was charged with assault-bodily injury for the barbaric attack and crime.

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