Woman allegedly burns husband and his girlfriend to death

A woman who allegedly burned her husband and his girlfriend to death, has been remanded in prison custody after being arraigned before an Oda District Magistrate Court.

Woman allegedly burns husband and his girlfriend to death lailasnews

Theresa Nkrumah, the 54-year-old woman will be reappearing before the court presided over by Mr. Kwesi Apiatse Abaidoo, on January, 8, 2019, after her plea was struck out. It was gathered that the woman allegedly burned her husband and his girlfriend to death, in an incident which occurred at Akyem Gyadam near Oda in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The suspect who realized that her husband with whom she had three children was flirting with Tiwaa and quarreled with them on several occasions, had on December 13, 2018 around 12:05 a.m, set the former family house Osam and Tiwaa were sleeping in on fire. Eyewitnesses disclosed that the house was razed down after an unidentified person poured petrol into the room, and lit a match to it.

However after the fire victims realized that the door had been locked from outside, they started screaming for help. Their shout for help, got the attention of residents of the area who broke down the door and quickly rushed the badly burnt couple to the Oda Government Hospital.

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Tiwaa died immediately she reached the hospital, however Osam was treated and referred to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for specialist attention the following day where he died.

While the body of 55-year-old Emmanuel Kwame Osam was deposited at the morgue in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the corpse of his girlfriend, Akosua Tiwaa aged 34, was deposited at the mortuary of the Oda Government Hospital awaiting autopsy.


  1. she wouldn’t have gone to that extent of committing that kind of crime ,its a painful thing but would have ignored.

  2. She is very heartless woman, God will punished her for killing two soul as a sport. May their soul rest in perfect peace

  3. Its very wrong to take laws into our hands,if she is not comfortable, she would have walked out or keep praying it works instead of such violence,loosing her husband,her life if sentenced to death and tagging herself a murder,causing harm to her children too

  4. She is heartless, what on earth can lead someone to burn someone with fire. Where is the fear God that makes us a Christian

  5. What the man did was wrong but that doesn’t give the woman the right to disfigure him, she took law into her own hands which is wrong, now she has to suffer the consequences

  6. The woman get heart.
    The man didn’t do well for flirting but the woman don’t have any right for taking their lives. May their rest in peace.

  7. Wonder shall never end in this earth, may their souk rest in peace, and to the dubious and mean wife, may the Lord almighty forgive u

  8. Wetin she gain now,mtchew Yhu should ask Yhur self what’s wrong with Yhu that Yhur husband is going after a small girl?

  9. I’m amazed at how people turn relationship problems to violence, its sad, better ways to solve such are available

  10. She should not have taking laws into her hands even though its so painful to see your husband being unfaithful. Where is the place of forgiveness

  11. That’s very bad why killing them is she with out sin, she should be imprisoned cause she’s a trait to the society.

  12. This woman is heartless how on earth will she set her own husband ablaze, wickedness if the highest order, maybe her husband deserved it..

  13. She was wronged…yes..but dat doesnt make her actions justified..
    I dnt think anything at all justfies murder…

  14. It’s all an act of Jealousy. Jealousy, if not checked could make people do things they would regret in the future.

  15. Yes the husband was wrong but nevertheless she went too far in her reaction. She never even thought of herself been in prison for murder or life threatening actions

  16. This woman is heartless how on earth will she set her own husband ablaze, wickedness if the highest order, maybe her husband deserved it…

  17. autopsy is not even necessary again. The woman is heartless, she could have accept a second wife to her husband, knowing her husband and that she cannot satisfy him at 54. Pity girlfriend though, but young girls please stay away from people’s husband

  18. Insane anger
    Stupid act
    If God forgives your sins how much more your husband who’s flirting
    You need to remain in prison

  19. Should have let God judge him instead of burning him and his girlfriend now you have to pay for what you have done.

  20. The deed has been done . she will face the consequence and this should be an eye opening to all the men flirting around.

  21. Well, that’s not a recent news. It happens now and then
    People will just be taking law into their hands

  22. But she went to extreme. She suppose to have left it for God to judge rather than killing cause she has brought a cause on herself.

  23. What does she stand to gain after setting them ablaze? Let her be sentenced to life imprisonment for murder pls.

  24. She really went far.. she should have control her temper or rather report the man to his family members. .I know she will be regretting her action now..I know is painful to have a cheating husband but there are many ways to handle it

  25. This is too bad. If he doesn’t want you, you park your things and go. Than killing them and subjecting yourself to bitterness

  26. This woman defines the real meaning of Wickedness. Why should you kill for whatever reason? May God save us from the hands of bad women.

  27. Seriously people just act without thinking . to the extent of taking a soul . no pity at all.. GOD Will forgive you

  28. Must this happen every day.we all need to study God’s word daily.setting them fire is never the best option.

  29. That’s too outrageous to do, even though the husband is wrong she should resolve to taking laws into her hand and killing on the long run. She should be punished severely.

  30. This woman is very wicked and heartless, even if she caught her husband with another woman that is not enough reason to burn them alive.

  31. He who have ear let him hear, although she went extreme but is a big lesson for cheaters and those that feel is better with sugar daddy.

  32. She over reacted in anger and the price she has to pay is the highest price of all because this is a first degree murder case
    It’s good to control one’s anger

  33. Very sad what a bad decision you could have settle it with him and find a solution but not for you to burn them all now you must be killed also in life we should always know how to control our anger that’s a sign of maturity

  34. Why is it that some people do not think before taking action? That cruel act of hers will now make her children suffer because the father is death and mother will be going to jail… To bad

  35. Look at what her anger has caused her. She went too far out of bitterness and anger. Her action is not acceptable and the law must take its cause on her and give justice for the murder. If she’s that angry over the affair, why not quit the marriage or like wise report the case to the husbands family to deal with the matter. Such a pity she had to end up in jail for a long time.

  36. Hahaha, this is too much, why taking law into your hand. Look at where jelouse landed to. You urself deserve to die..

  37. Very unfortunate for them. Infidelity is a time bomb. The person passing through shock and trauma can do anything to get revenge. Don’t take actions when angry

  38. She took it too far. Burning is not the solution. Why will burning be in her mind instead of making her man to stay with her.

  39. I am not sure she her biological daughter cos if she is, she will not set her ablaze no matter the offence. She should be use as a lesson for others to learn.

  40. She shouldn’t have done that… Now what did she gain for doing that….. But y will a married man bring another women in d house.. It not right at all.

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